[Video][Highlight]WRC World Rally Championship 2022 Round 10 Rally Greece Power Stage – Sports Navi “J SPORTS MOTOR SPORTS”

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Guest: Mitsuhiro Kunisawa
MC: Emiri Fujimoto
Date: September 11, 2022 (local)

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The FIA ​​World Rally Championship, WRC, is as popular as F1 in Europe and South America, where rallies are popular.
WRC races are run on public roads that are closed to traffic, called SS (Special Stage).

Unlike the circuit race, the SS runs one by one and starts after 1 to 3 minutes. A number of SSs are held over three to four days, and the total time of each SS determines the winner on Sunday, the final day of the competition.

The SS is held on roads with various conditions such as tarmac (paved road), gravel (unpaved road), and snow, and the course varies greatly from rally to rally.
Between the SS and SS, you must drive on public roads and follow the traffic rules in the moving section (liaison) like other general cars.

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