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artist’sxiangyuand “PERMINUTE” designerYoshiki HanzawaButTogether with about 20 students from the 1st to 4th year of Bunka Fashion College’s Advanced Fashion Specialist Department, we created a project to pick up trash that has fallen on the Shibuya River and its surroundings and make clothes from that trash. one shot. The work that is the culmination of this project, which has been worked on for more than half a year, was exhibited at Ebisu KATA for five days from September 2nd. We will deliver the state of their exhibition and their next ambitions.

artwork works

A QR code that shows the material description and the place where the garbage was picked up

A total of 6 finished clothes. Below each mannequin is a QR code and a description of the trash used to make the clothes. By reading the QR code, it is possible to see the main places where garbage was picked up on Google Map. The walls were lined with artworks made from soil and trash, and in the back space, images of actual trash picking up and cleaning trash were projected.

Cigarette butts, a top made of wool, and a skirt made of cardboard that was often found in the Ebisu area. The joints between the cardboard boxes are not sewn, but are joined together with strings made from cardboard boxes. Although it is a difficult task that takes time, the skirt was completed with the student’s strong belief that by making it entirely out of cardboard, the quality would be higher.

Human psychology can be read from garbage

Clothes made from plastic bottles. The plastic bottles are cut into strips and woven by hand. The three-dimensional dress was created through trial and error, with different thicknesses depending on the type of PET bottle.

Craft Boss PET bottles are easy to cut and knit! Mr. Shan Yu explains passionately.

The garbage lined up in the center of the exhibition is decorated so that you can see the changes in the garbage depending on where it was picked up. Garbage around SHIBUYA STREAM is in the foreground. The Ebisu area is in the middle, and the back is in the direction of Hamamatsucho Station. These are not all the same garbage, but if there is a convenience store nearby, there is a lot of lunch box garbage, and since there are frequent garbage cleaning activities in the Shibuya area, it seems that there was a lot of new garbage that had been thrown away recently. . Furthermore, if you go to Hamamatsucho, you will find things that seem to have been illegally dumped. It seems that people’s behavioral psychology can be read from garbage. Because they actually picked up the garbage, they can explain the origin of the garbage (the place where it was picked up) and the entire process of making it into a material.

In a sense, it is a primitive way of making

Tops are car seats and iron cords.The skirt is made from blue sheets, plastic bottle caps, and vinyl umbrella bones.

The top is an aluminum can.the skirt is made of sheeting

For these works, I didn’t draw any patterns or design drawings. “In a sense, we are using a primitive method,” says Hanzawa. Due to the characteristics of the material, there were many incompatibilities and failures between the materials, but the energy, knowledge, and imagination of the students were thoroughly pursued, and the work was completed with more value than I had imagined.

Where will the second round of this project go? Mr. Xiang Yu and Mr. Hanzawa say that their big goal is to reach the Nile River. I would like to pay attention to his future activities.

[RIVERSIDE STORY Shibuya River Edition]

A project to pick up garbage that has fallen in the river and its surroundings and make clothes from that garbage.
The first is the Shibuya River edition. Shibuya, where the cityscape changes every day.
The Shibuya River runs quietly through this town. With the urban development around the station, part of the river has become a culvert, so even people familiar with Shibuya often don’t know where it flows. If you walk along the stream from the starting point of the river, which is close to the exit of Shibuya Hikarie, you will find used coffee cups, sandwich wrapping films, cigarette butts, etc. I see it. There are many convenience stores near the river, and you notice that there is a lot of garbage that you can get there. Maybe the type of garbage that falls depends on the environment surrounding the river? I came to think that the movement of people coming and going around the area and the origin of the city, in other words, the contours of the culture rooted in the area, may be revealed from the garbage that is lying on the ground.

artist. In 2016, she graduated from Bunka Fashion College with an Advanced Diploma in Fashion. Started artist activities in 2018. She continues to make her own costumes, and continues the creation using work gloves, which she started when she was a student, as her life work. In 2021, he appeared in the movie “Spaghetti Code Love”, and also played the theme song “LIFE!”
Instagram: @xiangyu_dayo
YouTube: @official xiangyu

Yoshiki Hanzawa
Born in 1992, from Fukushima prefecture. She graduated from Bunka Fashion College’s Advanced Diploma in Fashion and Kokono Gakko. In 2016, she started her own brand, PERMINUTE. Runway debut for her Spring/Summer ’18 collection. In addition to being a fashion designer, she is also involved in advertising visual direction and fashion direction, and is active in a wide range of expressions.
Instagram: @_per minute_

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