The Keiji e-Sports Federation announces the holding of the “2nd Kansai Corporate E-Sports Tournament”! The final match will be held on November 23rd (Wednesday) at Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA e-SPORTS ZONE!

BTX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, President: Masahiko Hashimoto, hereinafter referred to as BTX), which operates the Keiji e-sports federation, participated in the “1st Keiji e-sports competition” held on April 30. As the second step, on November 23rd (Wednesday), the Kyoto e-Sports Promotion Council (Representative: Japan e-Sports Association, Tokyo Chuo Ward, Representative Director: Ogata Ogata) will co-sponsor the “2nd Kansai Corporate Competition eSports Tournament”.

The first tournament was a great success, with 12 teams from 10 companies participating despite the situation where it was difficult to participate as a corporate team due to the corona wreck. We were able to close the curtain. Participating company teams deepened mutual exchanges and received many requests for the next event.

The 2nd tournament expanded the area of ​​participation of companies to the Kansai area, and the purpose of the competition between companies was to create a sense of unity within the companies suffering from the corona disaster through e-sports, as well as to revitalize exchanges between participating companies. The event is held with the aim of revitalizing the local economy. The second tournament has been decided to be held as an event sponsored by Kyoto Prefecture, so the finals will be streamed online so that many people can watch the exciting battle.

This tournament will double the number of participating teams to 24 teams, and qualify for the team competition tournament. Even if you lose in the first round of the qualifying round, you will have a chance to participate in the final round in the repechage match. The main event will be a tournament with 8 teams competing for victory. Prizes (travel vouchers) are available for the winning team. The winning team will also challenge an exhibition match with Puyo Puyo professional esports players.

The live commentary on the day of the tournament will be cast by the official professional license holders of the Japan Esports Union (JeSU), “TOM players” and “Piponia players”, who will liven up the tournament.


Scene of the 1st Keiji e-sports competition between companiesScene of the 1st Keiji e-sports competition between companies

TOM playerTOM player

Piponia playerPiponia player

【competition summary】

1.Tournament name: The 2nd Kansai Inter-Company eSports Tournament
2. Date and time November 23, 2022 (Wednesday / holiday) Qualifying 13:00- Main battle 15:00-
3. Venue Sanga Stadium by KYOCERA e-SPORTS ZONE
4.Recruitment software rules PlayStation 4 “Puyo Puyo eSports”, Puyo Puyo rules
5.Eligibility Companies or organizations with headquarters or offices in the Kansai area
6. Competition method Tournament of team competition / 2 wins in all 3 games. There is a repechage for losers.
7.Team Formation Up to 3 people per team
* In principle, the same company or group will form a group of three people, and if the number of participants is insufficient, two people will participate.
It is also possible to form a team of (Team formation with one person is not allowed)
8. Recruitment participation number 24 teams (8 teams are scheduled for the main game)
9.Participation fee: Free
10. Tournament organizer Keiji e-Sports Federation (KEF)
11. Co-sponsored by the Kyoto e-Sports Promotion Council (Secretary: Japan e-Sports Association)

12.Tournament support Kyoto Prefecture, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefectural Board of Education, Kameoka City Board of Education
13.Special Sponsor Mouse Computer Co., Ltd.
14.Tournament cooperation Viva & Sanga LLC

[How to enter]

We are accepting entries from any of the following:
・Keiji esports federation official website:
・ Entry URL:
・QR code:

[Entry period]

・September 1, 2022 to November 15, 2022.
When the number of participants for recruitment is reached, the entry will be closed.
After that, it will be on the waiting list.

[Entry conditions]

・Companies/organizations that are willing to accept appearances on SNS, media, etc.
・Companies and organizations that can support regional revitalization and regional contribution
・Companies/organizations that can promote SDGs, LGBT, etc.
・Companies with an environment in which they can participate in competition
・Companies and organizations that can support participating teams
*Anti-social forces and related companies/organizations are not allowed to enter.

<< looking for sponsors >>
The Keiji E-Sports Federation is looking for sponsors and organizations that agree with the purpose of the “Kansai Corporate E-Sports Tournament”. Let’s start a new movement of e-sports x business from the Kansai area.

The Keiji Esports Federation aims to energize companies and organizations in the Kansai area, revitalize the region, and contribute to society through the Kansai inter-company esports tournament.

・Keiji esports federation
・BTX Co., Ltd., Kyoto Secretariat, Keiji e-Sports Federation
56 Nishinokyoto Nakagocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi TEL 075-823-3550 Person in charge: Hashimoto, Tsujino, Tanase

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