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The Japan Women’s Professional Soccer League (WE League) has applied to join the WE League for the 2023-24 season.Cerezo Osaka Sakai LadiesI have approved the admission as below. The outline of the club and the results of this year’s examination are as follows.

Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies
Corporate name: Cerezo Osaka Sports Club
Name/abbreviation: Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies/C Osaka Sakai
League: Nadeshiko League Division 1
Hometown: Osaka City, Sakai City
Home stadium: Yodoko Sakura Stadium

2023-24 WE League Admission Screening Results
Examination outcome
Number of applications for membership: 2 organizations
Number of approved admissions: 1 group (Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies)
*The name of the application group other than Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies will not be disclosed.

2023-24 WE League entry criteria (excerpt)
・At least 50% of the executives and employees who make up the operating corporation shall be women. (Must be achieved within 3 years from joining)
・At least one person involved in decision-making should be a woman. (Director or above is desirable)
・5 or more Pro A contract players and Pro B/C contract players[最低年俸270万円(消費税別)]Sign a contract with 10 or more people.
・The coach must be JFA S-class (or S-class equivalent) or JFA A-Pro instructor qualified. Or those who are taking an S-class qualification training course. (However, limited to women)
・Own an U-18, U-15, U-12 team. (However, possession of the U-18 team is within 3 years from joining. U-12 can be replaced by school or clinic)

Kikuko Okajima Chair Comment
This year, we have accepted applications for membership from two organizations and have proceeded with the screening process. First of all, I would like to thank everyone involved in the two groups who applied for membership. Cerezo Osaka Sakai Ladies is expected to play an active role in the WE League because it was evaluated that it meets the entry criteria in this examination, and because it has produced many top-level players, especially in the development age group. It can be said that it is a club that can From the 2023-24 season, 12 clubs will play league matches. Currently, we plan to continue the “WE ACTION DAY”, in which one club without matches is conducting activities to promote its philosophy. Going forward, we will continue to discuss the ideal form of the league and future plans with various parties, aiming to make the league even more attractive.

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