[Media Coverage]Video advertising initiatives in collaboration with BASE FOOD were published in Meta Business Partners Success Stories

In response to the challenge of increasing the effectiveness of SNS that Base Food had, our company said, “In order to achieve the goal, we will verify the conversion lift survey (*2) and the brand lift survey (*3) in parallel. as a solution.

As a result, it was recognized that both the brand and direct response indicators had improved, and in addition to meeting the set targets, the “video advertising initiative” itself, which was a collaboration between Base Food and our company, was a success. (*Four)


*Detailed efforts with Base Food can be found at the link below.

“Partner’s Cocoable + Advertiser’s Base Food Performance Branding”
~Improve your performance and brand metrics~
(Source: Meta Business Partners Success Story)

(*1) Based on the nutrient display standard values ​​for one meal, all nutrients, excluding lipids, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, and sodium, which are concerned about excessive intake in other meals, are equivalent to the standard values ​​for one day. Including more than 1/3.

(*2) Conversion lift survey: A survey that compares users who have been exposed to advertisements and those who have not, and investigates the improvement in the return on advertising costs (net increase in conversions/sales) of those who have been exposed.

(*3) Brand lift survey: A survey that compares users who have been exposed to advertisements and those who have not, and investigates the improvement of brand indicators (recognition of advertisement recall, willingness to purchase, etc.) for those who are exposed.

(*4) Reference: Survey results (brand lift survey, conversion lift survey)
23% increase in “advertisement recall” (performance measurement: using brand lift research)
12% increase in “brand favorability” (performance measurement: using brand lift studies)
3.4% improvement in “Brand Awareness” (performance measurement: using brand lift survey)
21% increase in “Incremental conversions” (Measurement of results: using conversion lift studies)

■ About Cocoble Co., Ltd.
We are committed to customer results and contribute to sales, and we are developing digital marketing support as well as marketing and operational support for e-commerce businesses.
In SNS advertising, we support many advertising operations such as direct response branding.
We have maximized customer satisfaction by providing advertising solutions based on our knowledge and achievements.
In addition to selecting and operating the most suitable distribution media according to the characteristics of SNS media, we offer one-stop services ranging from the planning, production, and operation of high-quality creatives that are the key to success. We provide advertising support.

Cocoble Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Cocolable Inc.
Established: April 2011
Head office: Hulic Shibuya 2-chome Building 6F, 2-7-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Michinori Mori
Capital: 50 million yen
Business description:
・Digital marketing support business
・EC support business
・In-house EC business (cross-border commerce/domestic commerce)

■ Inquiries regarding this matter
Cocolable Co., Ltd. (Person in charge: Ishige)

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