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“Giorgio Armani La Prima” is the “perfect bag” pursued by designer Giorgio Armani. This season’s new work has appeared in this model that has been popular since its introduction in 2019.

“Giorgio Armani La Prima” is an icon bag of Giorgio Armani born in 2019. When creating the original bag in 1995, Giorgio Armani said, “The ideal bag is one that is small but still has enough space to hold things. It’s feminine yet somehow masculine. It must be gorgeous, but not glamourous.” The finished bag combines a simple form with an exquisitely long shoulder strap.

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“Giorgio Armani La Prima” faithfully reproduces the design of the original model while adding updates to functionality and detail design. “Giorgio Armani La Prima”, which never fades over time, is the “IT BAG” that Giorgio Armani thinks of.

This season, a model with a special processing on the leather and a richly expressive finish joins the Giorgio Armani La Prima family. Patent and lacquer processing are applied to the calf material in multiple layers to give it a unique luster. The simple design of “Giorgio Armani La Prima” emphasizes the beauty of the material, giving it a presence that will become the main part of your outfit.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted in 3 steps, just like the previous model. The inside of the bag is divided into 3 compartments and equipped with accessory pockets. It also comes with a compact mirror that uses the same color leather as the bag. In addition, the front of the bag has a subdued gold-colored “GA” logo that subtly emphasizes the brand. By matching the metal fittings and color of the handle, the entire bag has a sense of unity.

In addition to this, there is also a model that is embossed on calf leather and finished like a crocodile material. Check out the latest Giorgio Armani La Prima collection, which continues to evolve, at your nearest Giorgio Armani ladies boutique.

[What is Giorgio Armani]The brand was born in Milan in 1975. The designer is Giorgio Armani. He revolutionized the fashion world by announcing an epoch-making jacket called a soft-tailored unconstructed jacket, and since then has continued to propose an essential style that eliminates pretentiousness and an elegant, modern and sophisticated design. increase. Today, Giorgio’s Armani suits and dresses are worn by celebrities around the world and are often seen on the red carpet.

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