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Her daily life is always with the light of the sun

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Image of Parkre_1
Jacket ¥ 532,400, Shirt ¥ 249,700, Necktie ¥ 31,900 (all tentative prices) / Louis Vuitton Client Service (Louis Vuitton) Hat / Stylist’s own

A uniform-like look that shines in the soft sunlight that shines through the clouds. The mood that evokes the journey that is the essence of Maison resonates with the lifestyle of a park ranger who walks like an adventurer. A loose jacket and shirt with a tie painted with flowers. The lively yet poetic design shines even more in beautiful nature.

to protect what is important.Patrol the lakeside day and night

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Parkle image_2
Sweater ¥ 355,300, Skirt ¥ 273,900, Socks ¥ 36,300 / Chloe Customer Relations (Chloe) Backpack ¥ 47,300, Bag cover ¥ 15,400 / And Wonder Shoes ¥ 23,100 / Keen Japan (Kean) Bandana ¥ 550 / Jantique Hat / Stylist’s own

Featuring melting glaciers and droughty land in the front, and lush mountain ranges in the background, the intarsia knit reflects the thoughts of creative director Gabriella Hearst, who has a keen interest in climate change issues. She is self-aware of the tragedy surrounding the natural environment and wants to wear it with her determination to create a hopeful future.

Take a break in nature.Because this is the most relaxing place

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Image of Parkle_3
Jacket (with same material belt) ¥88,000・Sweater ¥42,900/Ralph Lauren (Polo Ralph Lauren) shirt ¥24,200/Jantique pants ¥148,000 (reference price)/Pred PR (Colville) belt ¥20,900 /Margaret ・Howell Socks ¥ 24,200 / Sazabi League (The Elder Statesman) Sneakers ¥ 22,000 / The North Face 3 (The North Face) Sunglasses ¥ 27,500 / MK Lab (The Bedford Hotel)

The trouser style with a safari taste is layered with a wool tweed jacket with a herringbone pattern for a modern update. The star-spangled banner pattern on the shoulder adds a playful accent.

If it’s for the mission, sometimes I run with all my might

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Image of Parkre_4
Coat ¥ 240,900 / Boots ¥ 130,900 / Tod’s Japan (Tod’s) All-in-one ¥ 53,900 / Eleve Body belt ¥ 30,800 / Doll (Fumie Tanaka) Hat / Stylist’s own

A park ranger who runs dashingly in calf suede lace-up boots. The coat she wears has many layers of fringe that flutter in the wind, making it an eye-catching item even in the grandeur of nature. Despite her solid form, her warm tones and soft texture impresses her friendliness and kindness, and she emphasizes her existence that always struggles for animals and nature.

Strolling around the park with your beloved horse is an exciting moment

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Image of Parkre_5
Jacket ¥ 737,000, Knit ¥ 170,500, Pants ¥ 346,500, Boots ¥ 313,500, Socks ¥ 56,100 (all planned prices) / Miu Miu Client Service (Miu Miu) Shirt ¥ 47,300 / Acne Studios Aoyama (Acne Studios) Glasses ¥ 23,100 / Mkelabo (The Bedford Hotel) Bag ¥ 27,500 / Gentique

On the day you ride your buddy, wear a vintage-like jacket and belt-detailed boots. Wearing masculine attire that stands apart from safe elegance, she strides through the woods.

At the end of the line of sight, the beloved birds and the scenery to protect

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Image of Parkre_6
Jacket ¥ 286,000, blouse ¥ 171,600, body suit ¥ 143,000, belt skirt ¥ 269,500, pleated skirt ¥ 264,000 (all planned prices) / Burberry Japan (Burberry) Binoculars “Leica Ultrabit 8 x 42 HD-Plus” ¥ 328,900 / Leica Customer care (Leica) hat/stylist’s own

Sometimes I wear a checkered setup to enjoy the lovely mood. Looking through the binoculars, you can see the trees and plants swaying and the birds flapping their wings. Her enchanting scenery unravels her heart behind the bowtie.

what day will it be tomorrowTalk with plants and ponder

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Image of Parkre_7
Best ¥ 96,800 / Showroom Session (Shishi) Raincoat ¥ 192,500 / Sleeve ¥ 24,200 / PARAGRAPH CO.LTD. Gramicci) Backpack ¥ 19,800 / Descente Japan Customer Service Center (Marmot) Shoes ¥ 23,100 / Keen Japan (Keen) Socks ¥ 22,000 / Sotheby League (The Elder Statesman) Hat attached to backpack / Stylist’s personal items

A well-thought-out layered and sophisticated color scheme that achieves a not-too-rough, one-ranked outdoor style.

[Interview with Betty Reid Soskin]Betty Reid Soskin, a park ranger who was active until the age of 100, talks about her thoughts on work

A daily life that cherishes nature and connects people. Image of Parkre_8

There is an American woman who was the world’s oldest park ranger from 2007 to 2022.She met so many people in the national parks and loved her job so much


I became a park ranger when I was 85.There was no hesitation because he was old

Park rangers are called nature conservation officers in Japan, and their job is to patrol and survey mainly to protect national parks. On the other hand, in the United States, the term “ranger” refers to a law enforcement officer who works in a park, and the general understanding is that a “park ranger” is a person who plays the role of a guide who provides nature commentary at the visitor center in the park. .

Betty Reed Soskin, who retired this spring at the age of 100, is the most prominent figure in the park ranger world. She spent 15 years with NPS at Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, California.
“The park was originally a site called the Kaiser Shipyard, where ships were built during World War II. It was established as a historic park in 2001 to honor the women who worked here during the war. However, in addition to explaining the purpose and history of the park, my main mission as a park ranger was to talk about my experiences during the war.”

Before taking the job, Mr. Soskin worked as a staff member for the California State Legislature. At that time, he started working at the park after retiring from the state legislature due to his involvement in the NPS project.
“Working on the project to establish the park was a great experience and made me want to work more for this place. I didn’t feel like that at all.More importantly, I had a lot of stories to tell, and once I started working, I became more and more obsessed with this job.I was so happy when I put on the uniform for the first time. Every time I wore it, I could feel that I was entrusted with an important mission, and I loved the Ranger uniform.”

Ms. Soskin works at the park five days a week, and the bus tours she guides through the park are a huge success. They were always fully booked two months in advance.
“Visitors have always listened to my stories with great interest. The story of how many Japanese people lost precious moments in their lives in Japanese-American internment camps during World War II. I often talked about the Port Chicago disaster, a wartime accident in which more than 200 African Americans died. I could talk about it.I felt great significance in telling people that there were people who suffered even if they weren’t on the battlefield during the war.”

Parks are accessible to everyone, which is why they are important to society

When asked, “What do parks mean to you?” he replies, “It’s an irreplaceable part of my life.”
“Throughout my years working as a park ranger, I have made many friends and met fascinating people. I love parks as public spaces. You can deepen your understanding of various things.It’s not limited to people in such a wonderful place, but it’s accessible to everyone.It’s important for society, and I think it’s something that should be protected. I am

Even after retiring, he is still active as a volunteer. Online, he recounts his own experiences during his wartime and park ranger days.
“By talking about what I have seen and heard in my life, I think the park rangers have taken on the role of a ‘storyteller’ who talks about the history and my own experiences in addition to being a guide in the park. I hope that various stories will be handed down in places where people gather.”

* Abbreviation for National Park Service, the United States National Park Service.


Betty Reid Soskin
Betty Reed Soskin ●Born in 1921, from Michigan. Until this spring she worked as a park ranger at Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park. He is also known as a community activist and was honored by former President Obama.

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