I’ve seen Workman’s new autumn/winter products! For girls, functional outerwear, camping gear, etc. Aiming for the strongest cost performance with PB price deferred declaration-Travel Watch

2600m2and the 2022 autumn/winter hands-on exhibition, which was the largest ever

On September 14th, Workman held a new product presentation for Fall/Winter 2022 in Tokyo. At the exhibition hall, which has become the largest in the past, many items such as the second item of camping gear for families, #Workman girls who are attracting attention in autumn and winter, and new products of WORKMAN Shoes are exhibited. There was also an exhibition corner for golf-related products that aim to reach 4 billion yen in 2024.

A stage event was also held at the venue, and Mr. Tetsuo Tsuchiya, Managing Director, who gave a presentation, announced that the price of PB products will remain unchanged until the end of August 2023. The target products are 260 items out of the top 300 sales of PB products from January to August 2022. Even in the triple whammy of the weak yen, high raw material prices, and soaring transportation costs, the company plans to maintain prices by standardizing materials, off-season production, increasing production volumes, and accumulating small cost reductions. In the second half of the stage event, the results of the workman coordination general election planned on SNS were also announced.

Mr. Tetsuo Tsuchiya, Senior Managing Director of Workman Co., Ltd., said that it is his mission to do his best for regular customers who buy without looking at the price tag.

Entries for the Workman Coordinate General Election are in two categories: “Workman Girls” and “Tough Cute”.The person wearing it is a charismatic workman clerk who actually thought about the coordination

A catalog was presented by Akiko Yamamoto, a stylist.

Various new products for 2022AW.From apparel to shoes, accessories and camping gear

This poncho is very popular among ladies.In fact, it is a convenient item that can be used in various ways.

Let’s take a quick look at the new autumn/winter products. First, let’s start with the “Ladies Diatec Warm Blanket Poncho” that caught our eye in the ladies section. This product was worn on stage by Akiko Yamamoto, a stylist who took the podium to announce the results of the Workman Coordinate General Election. There are 3 colors.

3900 yen for web limited products.Transforms into a poncho when it’s chilly, a blanket for the office, and a cushion for storage.

When the body is put in the front pocket, it transforms into a cushion. It is said that this is a healing pocket.The point is that it comes with a storage bag.

The “FLAME-TECH Women’s Camp Overalls”, which has been treated with anti-melt processing to reduce holes caused by flying sparks, is also a new product that is attracting attention. With 10 large and small pockets, you don’t need a bag. It seems to be useful in the camping scene and the outdoor scene.

Easy to wear and stretchy.It is said that it is the definitive version of the ladies salopette.

The large pocket on the back side does not require a backpack

Web-only products that cannot be picked up at stores

SOLOTEX material knits are on sale from the end of August.The functionality that is difficult to lose shape is selling

A checkered pattern is newly added to the “water-repellent light pleated skirt” that was a buzz last year. Scheduled to be released in October

Women’s waterproof safari shoes (1500 yen) also available in limited colors

Waterproof safari boots side gore with ankle hold (1900 yen)

Tassel moccasin shoes (1900 yen)

There is also a corner where you can wear Workman’s golf wear and experience shots

Neck warmers, golf gloves, etc.

37 golf-related products planned for spring 2023

Evolving workman premium suit

This SOLOTEX reversible work suit jacket was worn by Managing Director Tsuchiya who gave the presentation.

Fall/Winter 2022 new item “URBAN WORKWEAR jumper using SOLOTEX” (2900 yen)

“SOLOTEX premium suit jacket” (3900 yen) and “SOLOTEX premium suit pants” (2900 yen)

Left is “Premium Stainless Collar Coat Using SOLOTEX” (4900 yen), Right is “Reversible Waterproof Cold Weather Coat Using SOLOTEX” (4900 yen)

There is one featured item in the backpack. It is a limited model “BASIC backpack 2” that uses waterproof fabric for the popular BASIC backpack. It has a generous two-chamber structure and uses YKK’s innovative woven zipper. As the name suggests, it has a basic shape, so it is recommended for people of all ages. As an added bonus, the cost performance is excellent.

Web-only new product for Fall/Winter 2022, BASIC Backpack 2 is 2,900 yen

The A4 size fits perfectly and feels good for commuting to work or school.

The “Durable Water Repellent Travel Shell” series is perfect for outdoor trips such as camping. There are three products in the lineup: warm jackets, warm piste, and warm pants. Lightweight, compact, and stretchable for easy movement. Good to wear inside a tent.

Exquisite color development is also attractive.Recommended for matching with friends and couples

Workman started selling children’s clothing in 2020, but the junior line will be further enhanced in the autumn/winter 2022 season. We have a lineup of items that are likely to be active in outdoor activities such as camping with tough fabrics that are resistant to stains. Limited to online store.

New color navy border appears in “BAG in rain jacket”

“DIAMAGIC DIRECT windproof and cold jumper” will be released in late September

The center “washable fusion down junior hoodie” will also be released in late September.

There are also new products for outerwear with excellent functionality for adults. At Workman, half of hit products such as FUSION DOWN, INAREM, and FLAME-TECH are said to be originally developed materials. Among them, the new material FUWATECH is the definitive version of the lightweight cold weather material, and will be deployed in 12 products in the fall and winter of 2022.

FUWATECH insulation cardigan (2500 yen).Soft touch and heat retention are popular

The new product “INAREM AIR Warm Jacket (2900 yen)” is a hot item made of super lightweight and highly breathable material. Coordinating with INAREM light warm pants

Packable design that can be folded into the left inner pocket

Workman’s pronoun brand, Aegis (AEGIS) waterproof and cold weather suit (4900 yen).For fishing and winter leisure

A new mustard color is available for limited production in the cold weather rain jacket PERFECT (3900 yen)

Although it is not a new product, there are various items made of merino wool, which is known for its moisture absorption, quick drying and high heat retention.

Attractive price range that you can have as many as you want in different colors

Workman’s camping gear has been in full swing since February 2022. The first series, which received a great response, achieved 2.7 million gear items and sales of 4 billion yen. The simple dome-shaped tent “BASIC Dome Tent for 1 person (4,900 yen)” is said to have sold 40,000 units. On this day, many second products such as tents, shelters, and tarps for full-scale family camping will be exhibited. Workman’s camping gear continues to be a sales channel that is limited to the web and limited to store receipts.

“3M Thinsulate Inner Sleeping Bag” (3,500 yen) is a web limited item and will be released in early November. Sized to fit the FCS01 BASIC sleeping bag

FLC02 aluminum cot (5800 yen) that does not spread easily will be released in late November

FCC07 aluminum low chair (2,500 yen) that prevents fire from spreading.A lightweight model with an aluminum frame will be released in late October

Wide folding square grill (5800 yen) will be released in mid-October

The durable water repellent tooling shelter (tent for one person) is scheduled to be released in early November at 14,800 yen.

FTE13 durable water repellent one-pole shelter (17,800 yen) will be released in early November

The durable water-repellent pyramid shelter (for 3 people) costs 19,800 yen.An item that combines the mobility of a one-pole tent and the livability of a pup tent.

The long-awaited family tent is now available.The durable water repellent 3-room shelter (for 4 people) is 27,800 yen and is scheduled to be released in early November, and this is also scheduled to be released in early November.

According to Senior Managing Director Tsuchiya’s presentation, Workman plans to sell 6 billion yen in 2023 and 10 billion yen in 2024 as a sales plan for camping gear-related products with the strength of horizontal development of 40 types of unique materials. In addition, all “#Workman Girls” will be expanded as a complex store with “WORKMAN Shoes” in the future, and 23 stores are planned by March 2023. Nearby, on October 14th, the department store will open for the first time at Tokyu Department Store in Kichijoji. It was also announced that from February 2023, it will enter the “women’s innerwear” category as a new category.

Finally, there are various products that are familiar with the product corner of “# Workman’s Dim Channel”.A glimpse of Workman’s deep charm

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