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Logos Corporation will release the second collaboration item “#pokemonpicnic” with “Pokemon Center” on September 23rd and October 8th. In addition, it will be released at 10:00 on September 21st and October 6th at Pokemon Center Online.

A total of 20 types of outdoor goods depicting Pokémon living in nature. In addition to the “four-fold cushion seat”, “pop shade”, and “soft cooler” released in the first series, there are also “carry carts” that are convenient for carrying camping goods, and “Agra chairs” that allow you to relax on a wide seat. , a lineup of new items that are easy to use in various outdoor scenes. In addition, we will develop items that can be used not only in outdoor scenes but also in a wide range of situations, such as “LED lanterns” and apparel that allows parents and children to enjoy link coordination.

Products released on September 21

Sales store: pokemon center online
・LOGOS carry cart #pokemonpicnic (24,200 yen)
・LOGOS spread bench #pokemonpicnic (4180 yen)

Products released on September 23

Sales store: Pokemon Center/Pokemon Center Online
・LOGOS folding table #pokemonpicnic (3630 yen)
・LOGOS pop shade #pokemonpicnic (10,450 yen)
・LOGOS recliner chair #pokemonpicnic (6050 yen)
・LOGOS Agra Chair #pokemonpicnic (7150 yen)
・LOGOS soft cooler 15L #pokemonpicnic (4950 yen)
・LOGOS 4-fold cushion seat #pokemonpicnic (1540 yen)
・LOGOS LED lantern #pokemonpicnic (6380 yen)
・LOGOS roll paper holder #pokemonpicnic (1650 yen)
・LOGOS Soft Run Tumbler Set of 2 #pokemonpicnic (1320 yen)
・LOGOS stainless steel mug #pokemonpicnic #riverside (1650 yen)
・LOGOS stainless steel mug #pokemonpicnic #camping (1650 yen)
・LOGOS kids sweatshirt #pokemonpicnic 130 (6600 yen)
・LOGOS sweatshirt #pokemonpicnic M (7700 yen)
・LOGOS sweatshirt #pokemonpicnic L (7700 yen)
・LOGOS hoodie #pokemonpicnic M (8800 yen)
・LOGOS hoodie #pokemonpicnic L (8800 yen)
* “Pokemon Store” is scheduled to start accepting reservations on September 23 (released on October 1)

Product released on October 8

Sales store: Pokemon Center/Pokemon Center Online
・LOGOS leisure sheet picnic #pokemonpicnic (4620 yen)
・LOGOS leisure sheet pair #pokemonpicnic (2970 yen)
* “Pokemon Store” is scheduled to start accepting reservations on October 8 (released on October 15)

In addition, distribution of collaboration videos has also been decided. On the “Pokemon Official YouTube Channel” from 10:00 on September 20th, “Kyanako” from the LOGOS official YouTube “Osologos” and “Tama” from the official TikTok will appear and give detailed lectures on product introductions and how to use them. On the “LOGOS Official YouTube Channel”, from 20:00 on October 8th, Kyanoko and Tama will be delivering a picnic using “LOGOS products and collaboration goods.

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