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~Information on same-day delivery/air and land consistent delivery matching service that supports 3 temperature zones (room temperature, refrigerated, frozen)~

Rufi (President Yasuaki Watanabe, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which provides the delivery matching service “Hako Bridge”, will be holding “FOOD STYLE Japan ” will be exhibited.

Rufi (President Yasuaki Watanabe, Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which provides the vehicle matching service “Hako Bridge”, will be holding “FOOD STYLE Japan ” will be exhibited.
From December 1, 2021, “Hako Bridge”, which is useful for solving delivery problems, and Japan Airlines (= JAL. President Yuji Akasaka, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will form a business alliance to launch an air-land integrated delivery service “Hako JET” that connects air routes and land routes. (HakoJet)” offers a “new delivery” by speedy same-day delivery to ultra-long distances.

[Exhibition overview]■ “Box Bridge”

For corporations who want to request delivery, we match a delivery vehicle in 3 minutes on average (within 1 minute at the fastest) for a light vehicle, and then perform vehicle arrangement and delivery on a one-stop basis, enabling smooth vehicle arrangements from urgent delivery to regular delivery. .
In addition, we specialize in temperature-controlled delivery, and can handle everything from room-temperature products to frozen products.
With the aim of providing services based on the concept of the fusion of “analog and digital”, we accept orders not only on the web but also by phone and fax. You can check the location information of the delivery vehicle and the delivery progress in the same way as the WEB order.
This time, on the occasion of the “2024 problem”, we will propose solutions to issues related to vehicle procurement and delivery efficiency.

Service page:

■ “Hako JET”

This is a service provided by Rouffy and Japan Airlines (JAL) that allows you to make bulk arrangements for land and air delivery. For land routes, matching arrangements are made for the most suitable vehicle, and flights for which air routes can also be secured are selected through system linkage. The matching delivery system is the only service in Japan that supports not only room temperature but also cool (frozen/refrigerated) delivery. In addition to the speed of nationwide same-day delivery, we are able to maintain the freshness of food when transporting refrigerated and frozen products by using dedicated equipment.
In addition, we are able to respond to the urgent needs of medical sites where time is of the essence, and we are able to provide ultra-high-speed nationwide delivery of medical equipment.
Even special medical equipment can be delivered on the same day from Hokkaido to Okinawa to solve problems that occur suddenly. In addition, for products that require refrigeration, we use refrigerated/freezer vehicles equipped with temperature recorders to ensure strict temperature control and maintain quality.
This time, we will propose same-day speed delivery nationwide based on the concept of “service that connects regions and regions”.

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[Overview of the exhibition]

Name: “FOOD STYLE Japan”
Date: September 28th (Wednesday) to 29th (Thursday), 2022
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight East Halls 1 and 2
Official website:

▼Box Bridge Site
*By registering as a member of Hako Bridge, you can use Hako JET.
(Free membership registration)
▼ Hako JET Page
▼YouTube video explanation
[Outline of Roofy]Trade name: Roofy Co., Ltd.
Business description: “Emergency” and “regular” delivery business, home delivery business
Date of establishment: April 9, 1996
Head office location: 3-8-3 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Yasuaki Watanabe, President and Representative Director

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