Exhibit details at NEC Mobile POS “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022” released | NEC press release

At NEC’s exhibition booth, we will exhibit the concept centered on “mobile POS”, which is the cornerstone of store DX for restaurant operators. Introducing a wide range of collaborative services and examples of restaurants that have introduced the service.

The main message of NEC’s exhibition booth this time is, “Why is your DX not progressing? It may be because of your ‘specialty POS’.”

Make customers smile. There is a “subscription type POS” so that you can focus on such DX.
Please feel free to experience it at the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you there.

  • More food from Japan to all over the country! More food from around the world to Japan! “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022”

〇Exhibition “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022”
Date: September 28th (Wednesday) to September 29th (Thursday), 2022 10:00-17:00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, East Halls 1 and 2[Booth number: 1G-27] Participation method: Pre-registration required (* Admission is not possible with an invitation only)

*Please see the official website for details of “FOOD STYLE Japan 2022”.


  • What is subscription-type POS (NEC mobile POS)?

“NEC Mobile POS” is a subscription-type POS cash register app that has been introduced by more than 1,200 companies, mainly major food and beverage companies. In addition to basic functions as a POS cash register, it facilitates cooperation with various external services that take advantage of cloud-based services such as real-time sales/master management, credit/electronic money settlement, and point services. .
Since it is a subscription type, you can use the functions of the latest version released according to changes in the times and social environment at a fixed price. In addition, compared to other companies’ subscription-type POS, it is characterized by the possibility of cooperation with many external services and nationwide support.

A subscription-type POS (NEC mobile POS) that has been in service since 2014 and has been refined in the market over a long period of time. We will continue to contribute to further strengthening store services and improving operational efficiency.

Please see below for details on subscription-type POS (NEC mobile POS).

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