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Nowadays, there is a growing awareness of social learning. This is the result of the 2015 public opinion poll on the item “re-learning.”

Fiscal 2015 Public Opinion Survey “Relearn” Survey Results
From 2015 “Public Opinion Survey on Education/Lifelong Learning”

After graduating from school and once becoming a member of society, 49.4% said that they had studied or would like to study at universities, graduate schools, junior colleges, vocational schools, etc. This is a figure for all generations over the age of 20, but the awareness of people in their 30s to 50s is particularly high, with 63.7% of people in their 30s, 63.1% of people in their 40s, and 58.2% of people in their 50s saying, Yes, I want to learn.”

Fiscal 2015 Public Opinion Survey “Relearn” Survey Results
From 2015 “Public Opinion Survey on Education/Lifelong Learning”

The most common reasons for this are “to deepen education” and “to make life meaningful in the future”.

Against the backdrop of the increasing need for learning to deepen such knowledge, the increasing importance of creativity due to changes in the social environment, and the current situation in Japan, which is said to have a shortage of innovative human resources compared to Europe and the United States, KDDI has decided to In September 2019, we started the “Liberal Arts Program for Business” together with our group company, AEON, which develops English conversation classes.

KDDI is taking advantage of the ever-evolving communications, such as the launch of 5G, to improve and transform various areas of life. Education is part of that.

The “Liberal Arts Program for Business” is a video lecture (VOD) for business people, and you can study with videos at your favorite time using smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.

In this program, you can study a wide range of fields such as the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and arts. In the liberal arts, we aim to acquire decision-making power, insight, and a multifaceted perspective backed by a wide range of knowledge by learning a wide range of fields and acquiring a wide range of knowledge. These are the general educations that form the basis for thinking about how to live life.

Learning “liberal arts” is the key to opening up the future

“Liberal Arts Program for Business” is a program produced and distributed by KDDI, AEON, President, and NHK Enterprise. We will provide on-demand video lectures by a diverse group of lecturers called “frontrunners of knowledge.”

Let’s take a look at some actual courses.

● “Why do business people need liberal arts?” / Mr. Shu Yamaguchi

Shu Yamaguchi is an independent researcher and CEO of Leibniz Co., Ltd. He serves as a non-executive director and strategic and organizational advisor to various companies. In the Liberal Arts Program for Business, he serves as a business-wide advisor.

Advisor Shu Yamaguchi
Mr. Shu Yamaguchi. He is an advisor for this program and also gives lectures himself.
“Why do the elites of the world train their ‘aesthetic sense’? Many bestsellers such as

The theme of Mr. Yamaguchi’s course is exactly the core of the “Liberal Arts Program for Business.” “In this age of VUCA, liberal arts knowledge is needed,” he said.

“VUCA” is a collection of the concepts of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, and refers to an ambiguous era with many changes and high uncertainties. In this era, it is not only effective to seek the correct answer by relying only on conventional business science such as management and marketing. You can touch on Mr. Yamaguchi’s idea that it is necessary to acquire a wide range of education in order to preach the importance of an attitude of finding problems.

The setting of the themes for the entire program and the selection of personnel are also based on this view.

● Practical method of “hypothetical thinking” derived from design / Mr. Kenya Hara

Designer Kenya Hara
Kenya Hara. Representative Director of Nippon Design Center Co., Ltd. He worked on the opening and closing ceremony programs for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, and has been active as a board member of MUJI since 2001.

Kenya Hara, one of the leading figures in Japan’s graphic design world, will be the lecturer in the category “Design and Logic.” The role of design is related to a wide range of education, and the essence of design is to discern the essence of things. In order to discover new Japanese values ​​that should be communicated to the world from a designer’s point of view, Mr. Hara has developed a project called “Low Flying”, in which he walks around Japan on his own feet. He gives lectures there, incorporating the realizations he has gained.

● “Three Viewpoints of the 21st Century ‘Marx Revival'” / Kohei Saito

Kohei Saito, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Kohei Saito.Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo Economic thinker/Marxian economist

In 2018, Mr. Kohei Saito, who was the first Japanese and the youngest person ever to receive the world’s most prestigious Marx research “Deutscher Memorial Prize”, will appear in the category “Structural Analysis of Political Economy”. Although the world has become more convenient with the development of technology, the working environment has deteriorated and people’s desires are uncontrollable. He says it comes from Karl Marx’s “Capital”.

At the start of the service in September 2022, there will also be “Anatomy of History”, “Mind and Work”, “New Developments in Sociology”, “Genealogy of Philosophy and Ethics”, “Socioeconomics of Life”, “People and Architecture”. A total of 10 categories, including 63 lectures, will be released, including the story of the story and the power to live that literature feeds, and new lectures will be released every month after October.

What is the significance of KDDI’s involvement in the liberal arts?

Why did KDDI, a telecommunications company, decide to offer the “Liberal Arts Program for Business”? We asked Daisuke Kaneko, who is in charge of this program at KDDI, about the background and future prospects.

“In May 2022, KDDI came up with a concept called ‘Satellite Growth Strategy.’ It shows how we can contribute to society and expand our business centered on 5G communications. Among them, there is the area of ​​​​”education”, and KDDI has been working on education-related initiatives together with group companies AEON and KidZania.

Daisuke Kaneko of KDDI
Daisuke Kaneko, Education Business Promotion Department, KDDI Service Headquarters

“In such circumstances, I decided to work on a new educational business. It started about two years ago.In the midst of the corona disaster, the future is uncertain and it is difficult to predict the future. , what we want to achieve by providing an educational business.The goal that came out of that was to “realize a society where each person can discover their own potential and survive toward their own future.” And I thought that liberal arts was very important as an education to live flexibly in a chaotic world.”

It was there that he remembered Shu Yamaguchi’s book on liberal arts that he had read before.

“It is the people who are the core of business, and the article describes the liberal arts stance of trying to understand people’s activities and thoughts, and how top overseas universities place the greatest emphasis on liberal arts for that reason. For example, Harvard University does not have a faculty of law or economics.The undergraduate course is a course to learn a wide range of “education.”You can acquire specialized knowledge after completing a liberal arts graduate school, law school, or business. School is about that.

I thought that by learning various fields of education, I would be able to grasp the current situation from multiple perspectives and obtain new knowledge. However, I made it a course where you can concentrate on studying the liberal arts for business people.”

Daisuke Kaneko of KDDI

In addition, President Corporation and NHK Enterprise, which have created the “Liberal Arts Program for Business” together with KDDI, have roles that make the most of their respective characteristics.

“KDDI controls the balance of study areas. For example, I am considering whether the balance between the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences is balanced, and Mr. Shu Yamaguchi gave me advice. PRESIDENT, which has a reputation and track record in the fields of online and books, and NHK Enterprise, which has a proven track record in the production of a variety of video content, including educational programs, will select personnel, compose, and visualize. We thoroughly discuss whether the theme fits our service concept.”

Unique Features of the Liberal Arts Program for Business

There are many such online video courses for adults in the world. Kaneko says that since KDDI was a latecomer in this field, it incorporated a variety of unprecedented innovations.

“There are four major characteristics. The first is that the courses in the ‘Liberal Arts Program for Business’ are original courses designed for business people.” In some cases, the lecturers who appear this time have talked about such themes in the past. I am producing it.

The second is the selection of personnel based on the advice of Mr. Shu Yamaguchi and Mr. President, who have deep knowledge of the business genre. Producers and directors of NHK Enterprise Co., Ltd. have also joined there, and we are researching and discussing various genres. We invite not only those who have a wealth of achievements, but also young people who are doing advanced research and proposals.

Instructors of the Liberal Arts Program for Business
Diverse Lecturers of the “Liberal Arts Program for Business”

And third, a high-quality video experience. NHK Enterprise, which was in charge of video production this time, has the experience and skills of creating countless educational programs, as well as the production and composition know-how. We take pride in the videos that are easy to understand and interesting to watch without getting bored, which are not found in conventional online courses for business people.

High-quality lecture video of the
4K recording in a space with depth beyond the framework of conventional business courses.With easy-to-understand illustrations and abundant material and image videos, you can enjoy watching it like an educational program.

And the fourth point is that one course consists of 20 minutes x 3 books for 1 hour. We have created a high-density production so that working people can spend their valuable time in terms of visuals and content, but we have made each one compact so that you can watch it during your commute or in your spare time. I am

Providing sustainable education with a focus on communication technology

The “Liberal Arts Program for Business” started with a focus on theme setting, personnel selection, and video quality.

Kaneko says that the challenge for the future is to have students learn continuously. And she is trying to put it into practice with the power of KDDI’s technology.

“For example, ‘recommendation’ is an algorithm that analyzes user attributes and viewing history data and allows you to ‘broaden’ and ‘deepen’. Recommendation functions are also available in video distribution services, but the conventional ‘this work’ People who saw Do you like this one too? Instead of recommending similar genres or works by the same director, we provide a recommendation function that allows you to more effectively expand your awareness by watching an unexpected course after a certain course. intend to do something.

Add an image to recommend or convey the image of the community

In addition, we are thinking about a “community” where members can see what others are learning and communicate with each other. It depends on the situation of Corona, but we are also planning to hold a real lecture.

In addition, we have made it possible to support the continuous learning of users by reducing the monthly usage fee to the price of about two business books.”

Kaneko says that through this program, he hopes to create a society in which Japanese business people are updated so that they can compete with the rest of the world.

In the “Liberal Arts Program for Business”, you can easily experience high-quality lecture videos without regional differences, and anyone can aim to update as a business person.

KDDI will use 5G communication as the core to bring about innovation in various areas related to life, from education to corporate DX, finance and entertainment. Contributing to a more convenient and better future with a focus on communication technology.

Liberal Arts Program for Business

* Information on KDDI products and services posted is current as of the date of posting. Please note that information such as product and service charges, service details and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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