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Versatile road bike that makes everyday fun! Vado SL 4.0 EQ

Bikes have a strong image of fat bikes and minivelo bikes, but in fact there are excellent cross bikes that combine the goodness of road bikes and city riding. This one from the West Coast-born is exactly that. It’s 40% lighter than a regular bike, so you can ride it like you’re flying, and it’ll be your reliable companion when you want to go on a long trip.

Versatile road bike that makes everyday fun!  <Specialized> Vado SL 4.0 EQ”/><span style=If you connect to your smartphone with the e-bike dedicated app “Mission Control”, you can freely customize the assist level setting and select the assist mode setting from eco mode, sports, and turbo. 418,000 yen, range extender[option]49,500 yen, helmet 6,050 yen (Specialized / Specialized Japan)

A cross bike is a crossover that has the elements of city riding while maintaining the light riding feel of a road bike. The tires are a little thicker than those on the road, so you can ride without worrying about bumps and have plenty of room to climb hills. In addition, the steering wheel is flat, so you can ride in a comfortable posture not only in nearby areas but also when cruising around town. The “Vado SL” introduced this time is an e-bike version of such a versatile bicycle.

When you ride it, you will be surprised by the lightweight design of 17.08 kg (M size). Considering that it is not uncommon for fat tire e-bikes to exceed 30 kg, this lightness is a masterpiece. It’s light enough to run smoothly on flat roads without assistance, so driving when using the motor is exhilarating. The in-house developed motor smoothly doubles the power you row, so you can reach the maximum assist speed of 24 km / h in a few seconds.

Another thing worth mentioning is the excellent battery. Although it is an in-tube type, it has a large capacity design of 3.2 Ah and a maximum cruising range of 130 km. Moreover, if you attach an auxiliary battery (sold separately), the cruising range can be extended by 65 km. This versatility that you can rely on for everyday use and outings on holidays, active men with a wide range of activities are welcome!?

Check point!

The battery is an in-tube type that does not feel like an afterthought.

The range extender (auxiliary battery) is attached to the seat tube holder.

Assist level and remaining charge are displayed on the top tube. Blue is the main battery, and green is the remaining amount of the range extender.

– Overall length x width x height: 1810 x 700 x 1030mm[M size]●Weight: 17.08 kg
– Frame material: aluminum
●Battery capacity: 3.2Ah
●Charging time: about 3 hours (0 to 100%)
●Maximum mileage: Approximately 130km (eco mode)
● Assist level: 3 stages, transmission: 11 stages

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Photo by Toshiyuki Tanaka Text by Takumi Endo
photo: Toshiyuki Tanaka text: Takumi Endo

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