[Sports Agency x eiicon company]“INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022” 10 teams / organizations in 3 regions nationwide are now recruiting partner companies!

[Sports Agency x eiicon company]“INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022”[Sports Agency x eiicon company]“INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022”

Continuing from FY2021, eiicon company has been entrusted with the operation of this project by the Japan Sports Agency. Together with the agency, we will strongly support the overall operation of this project and this program, from planning, design, operation to PR strategy.
* SOIP: A sports policy that aims to realize a society in which new services are created through collaboration between the sports world and other industries.

* Host area and participating sports teams / organizations
Hokkaido area: Espolada Hokkaido, Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo, Voleas Hokkaido
Koshinetsu/Hokuriku area: Nagano Prefectural Ski Federation, Shinshu Brave Warriors, Matsumoto Yamaga FC
Tokai Area: Nagoya Grampus, Nagoya Diamond Dolphins, Wolf Dogs Nagoya Toyoda Gosei Memorial Gymnasium Entry, Nagoya Women’s Marathon

■ About “INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD 2022 (hereafter, this program)”

□ Concept ~Sports is a growth industry. ~
“SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD” was launched last year with the aim of regional revitalization centered on sports, and is entering its second year this year. Problems such as the declining birthrate, aging population, declining population, and transportation infrastructure that are scattered throughout Japan can be solved by combining them with the potential of sports, and become the seeds of value creation. In the first year, a total of 12 projects were born in various fields such as virtual, education, tourism, mobility, etc. by co-creation with 11 sports teams rooted in the region and companies gathered from all over the country. presented a possibility.

This year, three areas of “Hokkaido”, “Koshinetsu/Hokuriku” and “Tokai” will participate in order to take root in the “regional revitalization centered on sports” that was ignited last year and spread it nationwide. With the strong support of local companies that support the region and experienced mentors, we aim to socially implement new businesses that combine sports and other industries. Create a whirlwind in the sports business from the region to all over Japan.

□Benefits of participating in this program
・ A strong backup system involving local companies for social implementation in the region
・Business mentoring by mentors who are familiar with each industry/business
・ Support for business verification costs for adopted ideas

□ Participating sports teams/organizations and recruitment themes*Please be sure to check the recruitment overview page for details such as the recruitment background.

○Hokkaido area (3 participating teams/organizations)

~Extensive network through active sports-related measures in collaboration with government agencies and local companies~

Espolada Hokkaido(Futsal)
Recruitment theme: Creation of new communication that “draws” and “spreads” the attractiveness of futsal teams

Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo(Football)
Recruitment theme: Enlivening the next generation of Hokkaido with new connections between teams and fans

Voleas Hokkaido(volleyball)
Recruitment theme: Bring out the charm of the region and team.Creating a mechanism for fan activity by fans

○Koshinetsu/Hokuriku area (3 participating teams/organizations)
– Social implementation in the towns of Koshinetsu and Hokuriku with the strength of a sense of unity with the region –

Nagano Prefectural Ski Federation(Ski Snowboard)
Recruitment theme: A project that aims to increase the ski and snowboard population for people who want to improve their skills while feeling the fun of snowy mountains

Shinshu Brave Warriors(basketball)
Recruitment theme: Instilling professional basketball into everyday life and making “whole Nagano Prefecture (Shinshu)” healthy

Matsumoto Yamaga FC(Football)
Recruitment theme: Aiming to become a soccer club that is rooted in the region and continues to grow with the region

○Tokai area (4 participating teams/organizations)
– Existence of a manufacturing company that supports a variety of sports. The startup support environment will be further enhanced. ~

Nagoya Grampus(Football)
Recruitment theme: Connect with each individual in the community across generations Urban development that only Grampus can do

Nagoya Diamond Dolphins(basketball)
Recruitment theme: Community development and fan creation from co-creation space in the city center

Wolf Dogs Nagoya Toyoda Gosei Memorial Gymnasium Entry (TG SPORTS/Toyoda Gosei)(volleyball)
Recruitment theme: Expansion of fans using privately-established and privately-owned arenas

Nagoya Women’s Marathon (Chunichi Shimbun Sports Division)(marathon)
Recruitment theme: World’s largest women’s marathon Expansion of new engagement

□ Schedule

・Recruitment of partner companies started
September 22, 2022 (Thursday)

・Program information session (online)
If you are interested in the program or are interested in participating, please feel free to join us.
Thursday, September 29, 2022
Program briefing application page
Wednesday, October 5, 2022
Program briefing application page
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Program briefing application page

・Partner company application deadline
After document screening, we will notify you of the results by email.
Friday, October 14, 2022
Friday, October 21, 2022
Sunday, October 30, 2022

In two days, we will brush up on the co-creation business idea and create the framework of the business.
(There is a possibility that it will be held online due to the situation such as COVID-19)
November 10th (Thursday) and 11th (Friday), 2022 Venue: Scheduled in Nagano City
November 16th (Wednesday) and 17th (Thursday), 2022 Venue: Scheduled in Sapporo
December 6th (Tuesday) and 7th (Wednesday), 2022 Venue: Scheduled in Nagoya City

Business ideas adopted in the BUSINESS BUILD program will proceed to incubation and demonstration experiments for social implementation with mentor and supporter companies, and the results will be announced at DEMODAY (held in February 2023: jointly with all regions). We aim for social implementation and commercialization.

□ Eligibility
・Corporations/teams that have products and technologies and can work on commercialization of ideas (regardless of company size)
・ Those who can participate in BUSINESSBUILD held in each area where you applied for all day for 2 days


・Koshinetsu/Hokuriku area
・Hokkaido area
・Tokai area

□Participating sports teams/organizations

Hokkaido area

・ Espolada Hokkaido
・Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo
・Voleas Hokkaido

Koushinetsu/Hokuriku area
・Nagano Prefectural Ski Federation
・Shinshu Brave Warriors
・Matsumoto Yamaga FC

Tokai area
・ Nagoya Grampus
・ Nagoya Diamond Dolphins
・ Wolf Dogs Nagoya / Toyoda Gosei Memorial Gymnasium Entry (TG SPORTS / Toyoda Gosei)
・Nagoya Women’s Marathon (Chunichi Shimbun Sports Department)

□ Supporter companies
MTG Ventures Co., Ltd., Plus Class Sports Incubation Co., Ltd., EBILAB Co., Ltd., KDDI Corporation, Spiral Innovation Partners, Sports Data Bank Co., Ltd., PwC Consulting LLC, SUNDRED Inc., Carmine Works LLC, IBM Japan・M Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, Avex Creator Agency Inc., Japan Professional Soccer League, Future Design Shibuya, W ventures Co., Ltd., Hokkaido Government Office, City of Sapporo, Hokkaido Shimbun, Hokuyo Bank, Toppan Printing, Shindoken, Levanga Hokkaido, Red Eagles Hokkaido, Satudra, ECHO Co., Ltd., BIPROGY Co., Ltd., Sports Partnership Place Japan, Thesaurus Co., Ltd., Nagano Prefecture, Nagano Asahi Broadcasting, Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, 8 Juni Bank, LEO Co., Ltd., Chukyo University, Nagoya Campus, Station Ai

□ Mentor
・ Go Fujita (CEO, MTG Ventures Inc.)
・ Taiki Hirachi (Incubator, CEO, Plus Class Sports Incubation Co., Ltd.)
・ Ryuji Tokiwagi (Parallel Career Evangelist EBILAB Co., Ltd. Director Founder CTO CSO)
・ Kazuhiko Chuma (KDDI Corporation Business Creation Headquarters Deputy General Manager, Business Development Manager, Web3 Business Promotion Office Manager)
・ Hiroshi Oka (Representative partner of Spiral Innovation Partners)
・ Daisuke Ishizuka (President of Sports Data Bank, Inc.)
・ Masanori Sugawara (Director, PwC Consulting LLC)
・ Masanori Fukada (SUNDRED Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President and CVO/CMO Carmine Works LLC Representative)
・ Takuma Kishimoto (Chief Producer, Future Design Lab, IBM Japan, Ltd.)
・ Hiroki Fujimoto (Senior Executive Officer, General Manager of New Business Planning Department, SUMITOMO LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, and Business Co-Creation Officer of SUMISEI INNOVATION FUND)
・ Hiroshi Hoshino (Avex Creator Agency Inc. Agent Group and Business Design Group General Manager Avex Management Inc. Corporate Strategy Planning Office and IP Discovery and Development Headquarters General Producer)
・Jun Suzuki (Director, Japan Professional Soccer League (J.League) Community Relations Department)
・ Shinko Nagata (Shibuya Mirai Design Director / Secretary General, NEW KIDS Co., Ltd. Representative)
・ Keigo Shiiba (W Ventures Co., Ltd. Program Director)
・ Norihiko Okubo, CEO of POLAR SHORTCUT Co., Ltd.)
・ Kyohei Fujima (President of DRIVE Incubation Co., Ltd.)
・ Takuya Fukuda (President and Representative Director, Kumamoto Basketball Co., Ltd.)
・ Yusuke Nishimura (Representative Director of ECHO Co., Ltd. Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Sports Human Capital Public Relations and Marketing Director)
・ Kodai Hakozaki (BIPROGY Co., Ltd. Strategic Business Promotion Division 2 Business Promotion Department 2 Corporate Co-creation Project 1 Group Group Leader)
・ Yukio Miyazawa (General Incorporated Association Sports Partnership Place Japan Secretary General Sports x Tourism Coordinator)
・ Takehiko Arai (Representative Director, Thesaurus Inc.)
・ Yasuaki Takahata (NICOLLAP communication manager, co-founder of Akita Northern Happinets)
・ Makoto Ao (Leo Co., Ltd. CEO, Nagano Campus Producer)
・ Hiroaki Funabashi (Associate Professor, Department of Sports Management, Faculty of Sports Sciences, Chukyo University)
・ Ayuko Nakamura (representative/founder of eiicon company) *In no particular order, titles omitted

□Regional partners

Hokkaido area
・ Hokkaido 21st Century Research Institute Co., Ltd.
・ SPOPLA Hokkaido
・ Hokkaido Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Koushinetsu/Hokuriku area
・ General Incorporated Association Nagano IT Collaboration Platform (NICOLLAP)
・Nagano Employers Association
・ Sports Biz Co., Ltd.

Tokai area
・ Chunichi Shimbun Co., Ltd.
・ Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・ Chubu New Business Council

□ Management
・ Sports Agency
・ eiicon company

2022 sports industry growth promotion business
About the “Sports Open Innovation Promotion Project (formation of advanced examples of regional SOIP)”

Promoting open innovation in sports through collaboration between sports and other industries will promote investment in sports and enhance the value of sports, as well as enhance the value of other industries and solve social issues. It is also important for the realization of a society that creates new goods and services.
In the “Growth Strategy Follow-up” (June 2021, we will also focus on regional revitalization measures centered on sports. In order to promote the construction of a ‘regional version of SOIP’ that encourages the creation of high-value-added services and urban development in which local professional sports teams, companies, universities, etc. work together, We will support acceleration programs, etc. to form advanced cases.
This project will support the creation of advanced examples of regional SOIP construction through an acceleration program that collaborates with local professional sports teams, companies, universities, etc., and will also consider the overseas expansion of examples created by regional SOIP. to hold.

Last year's Last year’s “INNOVATION LEAGUE SPORTS BUSINESS BUILD” DEMODAY (results report meeting) (center photo: Koji Murofushi, Commissioner of the Japan Sports Agency)

▼ Reference press release:
DEMODAY (results report meeting)

Overview of eiicon company
eiicon company supports all companies that take on the challenge of “open innovation*” to accelerate their efforts.
1) “AUBA”: A business matching platform that allows you to find open innovation partners under the theme of “valuable encounters create the future”. 25,000 registered companies. Register your company information such as issues and resources necessary for business growth, and send them to each other to realize new connections between companies.
2) “TOMORUBA”: “Media that activates business” for business people who create businesses. We distribute various information such as funding, funding, joint research, etc. and know-how information for creating a business to startups, small and medium-sized enterprises, major companies, local governments and universities in all industries all over the country.
3) “SHABERUBA”: A members-only community provided by “AUBA”. In the virtual coworking space, offline activities are realized online, such as conversations and business negotiations between members, participation in various events, and community support.
4) “event”: Create a real place to meet with business partner companies.
5) “Sourcing Support”: Professional consultants support open innovation challenges.
Based on the above five axes, we provide services that establish the new business creation method “open innovation” in Japan.
Name: eiicon company
Representative: Ayuko Nakamura
Location: 1-15-5 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Business: Operation of the open innovation platform “AUBA”, event planning and support services, sourcing services, etc.
Phone number: 03-6670-3273 (representative)
Email address:

■ eiicon company operating company
Company name: Persol Innovation Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-15-5 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Capital: 55 million yen
Representative: Toshihito Nagai, President and Representative Director
Business description: Creation of new businesses, promotion of open innovation, management planning and management of group companies, and related operations

*Open innovation:
An innovation methodology advocated by Henry W. Chesbrough in 2003 (U.S.A.) to create revolutionary new value by combining internal and external media and technology. It is a method of asserting that we should not only rely on internal resources but also actively incorporate external cooperation.
*The information on this page is current as of the date of announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

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