“Panasonic Open September 22-25 Ono Toyo Golf Club (Hyogo Prefecture) 7113yard, par72 ▼23rd (2nd day of the tournament)

In the big battle birdie match, “67” is lined up from the first day, and he is the only one who continues without bogey.
The fairway keep on the second day was 100% dignified.
It’s a tricky course, and Yuki Inamori is dominating.

On the green where it was easy to stop due to heavy rain for several days, “I hit it about 1 yard stronger than I thought, and it was just right, and it was still short. I could hit the second shot, and I could hit 20 under in the remaining two days. I think,” he calculated, firmly and aggressively.
Aiming for the third victory of the season following “Chunichi Crowns” and “JAPAN PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP by Sato Foods”.

The existence of a legendary professional who lives in Ono Toyo is also encouraging.

Koki Idoki, the course head pro who won the 2013 All-American Pro Senior Championship, was the “unbendable man” before Inamori.

2nd consecutive year in 2003, followed by 2 years in a row until 2007, 1st place in fairway keeping.The 70.32% level recorded in 2005 was a long-time record for regular tours until Inamori overtook it in 2016. .

“I don’t think I’m even as good as Mr. Idoki,” he said, revering him as a true “god.”

This week, unfortunately, I couldn’t make a regular appearance for the first time in 10 years due to a muscle tear in my right arm, but I had the opportunity to chat with Idoki who was there on Wednesday the day before the opening.

I have had many opportunities to talk with them, such as the “Hitachi 3 Tours,” a year-end competition between seniors, women, and men, and they always say, “Aim for 80% (keeping the fairway).”

This year, which has been ranked 1st for 7 years in a row, the current number is 77.847%, which is already amazing, but “80% is still an incredible number.” While letting out a sigh, “I’m going to do my best, just like Mr. Idoki said.”
I will run straight again this weekend.

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■ CS broadcast “GAORA SPORTS”
12:00-15:00 (Extension available until the end of the competition)

■ Internet delivery
(Sports Navi,,)
12:00-15:00 (Extension available until the end of the competition)
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