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TIS Co., Ltd., which provides “IT to support growth strategies” to more than 3,000 companies in various industries, said that it will hold a tournament using local 5G and carrier 5G at the adult e-sports tournament held at Maru Building Marcube. A demonstration experiment was conducted.

JCG Co., Ltd., one of the largest e-sports providers in Japan, and AMATELUS Co., Ltd., which provides the free-viewpoint video distribution platform “SwipeVideo”, are also participating in this demonstration experiment.

Efficient operation and setup of esports tournaments using 5G

Efficient operation and setup of esports tournaments using 5G

The three companies conducted a demonstration experiment at the “Apex Legends” tournament of “Marunouchi Sports Festival Marunouchi eSports 2022” planned and held by Mitsubishi Estate.

With the cooperation of TIS, which provides IT services, JCG and AMATELUS, the startups selected for the Tokyo 5G Boosters Project, a startup support project in Tokyo, each

・Esport environment construction and operation (JCG)

・Real-time broadcast/archive distribution (AMATELUS)

was in charge of

In addition, AMATEKUS’s free viewpoint video distribution platform “SwipeVideo” is used for real-time relay and archive distribution.

At the tournament, the gaming PC was connected to the local 5G, and high-quality operation was realized without problems such as network disconnection and game video frame dropping.

Background and purpose of demonstration

The background of this demonstration experiment is that the number of e-sports events has increased due to the increase in the e-sports competition population and the relaxation of restrictions on movement due to the coronavirus.

When holding a large-scale esports event that requires a high-speed, low-latency network, it is common to lay a fixed line (optical line) and connect the gaming PC with a LAN cable.

Therefore, this time, by operating the e-sports tournament with only local 5G and carrier 5G, the purpose is to verify whether it is possible to operate the tournament at venues where it is difficult to lay fixed lines or at temporary special venues during events. was carried out.

competition summary

Tournament name: Marunouchi Sports Festival Marunouchi eSports2022

place:Maru Cube on the 1st floor of the Marunouchi Building

date and time: August 9 (Tue) 18:30-20:30

title: “Apax Legends” arena mode

Participation: Companies, stores, organizations, etc. with offices in the Marunouchi, Otemachi, and Yurakucho areas

delivery method: ・ YouTube channel “Marunouchi dot com channel[official]”

・AMATELUS free viewpoint video distribution service “SwipeVideo”

5G makes it possible to participate and watch new forms of e-sports competitions

As a result of the demonstration, in e-sports, which requires high speed and low latency, by utilizing local 5G, a play environment comparable to that of wired networks was provided, creating a use case for entertainment in a local 5G environment. .

At the same time in the same competition

“Reduction of wired network installation lead time until the tournament is held”

“Reduced risk of LAN cable disconnection”

“Reduction of disposal loss after using LAN cables”

We have achieved more efficient operation of the tournament and operations with less environmental impact.

On the day of the tournament, au 5G lines provided by KDDI Corporation will be used, and AMATELUS’ “SwipeVideo” will be broadcast in real time on multiple smartphones, creating a new viewing style that allows viewers to freely switch the angle they want to see. We have also been successful in providing

Based on the results of this competition, TIS, JCG, and AMATELUS will implement utilization in large-scale events in which professional e-sports players participate in order to further implement local 5G and carrier 5G in society. … apparently …

In addition, we aim to launch support services in the e-sports area business that utilizes next-generation communication standards such as 5G.


5G technology, which realizes high-speed, large-capacity, low-latency communication, is a technology that is said to greatly change various fields such as life and industry.

In particular, it can be said that e-sports is a field that is likely to benefit from 5G.

If it is possible to reduce the burden of setting up the tournament venue and manage the tournament efficiently like this time, it will be easier for companies unfamiliar with esports to enter as an organizer.

Also, if you can watch the game as if you were actually there, it will be easier to approach the fans.

I hope that the latest technology will continue to be used in efforts that will lead to the development of esports.

Source: TIS INTEC Group press release[PR Times]

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