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basic rules

game time

1 quarter (period) 10 minutes x 4, a total of 40 minutes. If there is a 2-minute quarter interval, a 15-minute halftime interval, or a 20-minute halftime interval, and the winner is not decided at the end of the 4th quarter, extra time (5 minutes, 2 minute interval) will be played. , repeat until settled.
In the event of fouls, time-outs, or free throws, the game time will be stopped and restarted as soon as the next play begins. Game time does not normally stop when a shot is made, but in the fourth quarter and the remaining two minutes of extra time, time is stopped when a shot is made.

jump ball

Jump balls are played only at the beginning of the first quarter. The game is restarted with a throw-in at the start of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters and at the start of each overtime period and in situations where jump balls such as held balls become jump balls (jump ball situations). A throw-in in lieu of a jump ball shall be awarded to the team opposing the team that first gained control of the ball with his jump ball at the beginning of the first quarter. They are then awarded alternately for each jump ball situation. The throw-ins at the start of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters shall also follow this order, and the throw-ins shall be made from the extension of the center line.

time out

Each team is allowed a total of two time-outs in the first half (1st and 2nd quarters) and a total of 3 time-outs in the second half (3rd and 4th quarters). In each overtime period, each team will be allowed one time-out as before. Unused time-outs cannot be carried over to the second half or overtime. Each time-out shall be 60 seconds.

24 second rule

A team must shoot within 24 seconds of gaining control of the ball. If the ball cannot be shot within 24 seconds or the shot ball does not touch the ring, a violation is established and the ball goes to the opposing team. However, if the 24-second signal is sounded while the shot ball is in the air, but the ball enters the basket, the goal will be counted. Even if the ball does not enter the basket, the match is continued when the ball touches the ring or when the referee determines that a player of the opposing team clearly has control over the ball that does not touch the ring.

8 second rule

The offense must carry the ball from the backcourt to the frontcourt within 8 seconds.

5 second rule

  1. The offense must keep the throw-in within 5 seconds.
  2. A player must not hold the ball for more than 5 seconds without passing or dribbling (provided they are defended within 1m of each other).
  3. A free throw must be taken within 5 seconds of receiving the ball from the referee.

3 second rule

The offense must not be in the free-throw line rectangular area of ​​the opposing team’s goal for more than 3 seconds.

No charge semi-circle area

In the frontcourt, contacting a defender in a no-charge semi-circle while controlling the ball and making an attack toward the goal does not constitute a personal foul on the offensive side.

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