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[Synopsis]Mai Sakamaki, whose parents died five years ago, has fallen from the peak of happiness to the bottom. Her three best friends couldn’t help but plan a trip. He forced Mai out and decided to stay at an inn to cheer her up.
I got caught up in a problem there. (common to trilogy)

-Past version-
When she wakes up, Mai Sakamaki is sleeping on the stage.
Is this the rehearsal room of the theater company Fushi? ?
e? And did you time slip back to 1997? ?
Furthermore, there is
Young dad and mom who are not married yet! ?
The lead actor who should have been scheduled to perform,
Due to a traffic accident, the stage cannot be performed…
The fact that the stage is cancelled,
Papa and Mama don’t get married… ? ! ?
Then I wouldn’t be born.
What’s more, a mysterious person called the Time Management Bureau is coming to arrest me, saying that I shouldn’t interact with people from this era…
This is the biggest big pinch in my history! !
I have to do something···
I told you to change the past, but if I wasn’t born,
I can’t see my best friend anymore…
It’s okay to support those two insensitive people for a little while, isn’t it?
The relationship between the two in partnership with the first three baka trio I met,
Carrying out a large-scale intermediary operation.
Will Sakamaki Mai be able to return to her own timeline, and will she be able to mediate the relationship between her parents?
A messy tabata romantic comedy opens here.

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Dance Sakamaki Yume Ohata
(Fresh Star Entertainment)
Juri Kaname as Miho Misaka
(former OSK Nippon Revue Company)
Hayato Neriko as Takayuki Sakamaki
The part of Matsuko Toda Miyu Hoshi (Theater Academy)
The part of Takeko Yamauchi Akiho Tajima
Aki Yuzuriha as Umeko Tsutsuura (Ayaen project)
Rina Sasaki as Harumi Kitagawa
Youka as Camilla
Rei Irie (Theatrical Company Tohai)
Shinobu Takatsu as Shiki Isshiki
The part of Kei Iwai Yu Abe
Kazumasa Kuroda as Bunta Kiritani (Theatrical Company Tohai)
The part of Koji Kanemitsu Yuki Mitsunaga


Screenplay/Director: Makoto Memezawa
[Fresh Star Entertainment]Draft: Shizuku Tsukada
[DROP type]Stage Director: Ryuji Okada
[Produced by TOMOIKE]Acoustic Gureharu
Lighting Kazunari Imanaka
Lighting operation Kana Saeki
Photographer Hiro Hamano
Make-up and hair make-up HIKARI
Akiko Kanda (Hisshigumi Project)
Kazuma Karaki (Fresh Star Entertainment)
Ayumu planning
Fresh Star Entertainment
Choreographer Ranko Iwagami
Music provided by VESSEL LIFE MUSIC
Title logo/Theatrical company logo design Nao

performance schedule

Friday, November 18, 2022 – Sunday, November 20, 2022

November 18th (Friday) 14:00/19:00
November 19th (Sat) 14:00/18:00
November 20 (Sun) 11:30/15:30

*Sold until November 20th (Sun) 23:59


☆☆Benefits for all purchasers☆☆
Support ticket 4,500 yen (tax included)
* You cannot go to the theater with a support ticket.

☆☆Benefits for all purchasers☆☆
Support ticket 4,500 yen (tax included)
* You cannot go to the theater with a support ticket.

* Only online reservations will be accepted.
There is no telephone reception at the Confeti Ticket Center.

[“Mobapass (electronic ticket)” performance](* card payment only)
First-time users need to install the application “Mobapass” (free) provided by LINK STATION and register the application number on the member’s My Page. No problem after booking.
It may take 15-30 minutes for your ticket to appear on the app. If you cannot confirm the display, please try restarting the app or refreshing the page.
(Click here for details on “Mobapass (electronic ticket)”)

Click here for[general seats]Click here for[Premium Ticket]


*You cannot enter with this ticket.


Support tickets are for customers who cannot go to the theater due to the current situation, but want to support the cast.
It is issued separately from the theater ticket.

In addition, a portion of the ticket will be returned to the selected cast.
* You cannot go to the theater with a support ticket.

If you do not receive the product even after 4 weeks have passed, please contact us again.
Rewards will be sent by the end of November.
It will be sent to the address you entered when you signed up for Confeti.
* For customers who have not registered their address,
We will contact you from this email address.

Organization overview

Fresh Star Entertainment
was established with the motto of responding to various times.

Because in this era, not only TV but also the Internet, YOUTUBE, ABEMA, SNS, etc.
The rapid growth of various media can be seen, rather than pushing out the office,
You have to be greedy enough to convey the value of individual actors and actresses.
Thinking that I will leave the current entertainment,
Discuss with talents belonging to with flexible thinking,
I want to bring out various possibilities

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