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The collaboration with Heinz began on September 28th.

Cheryl Teh

  • I tried a new menu from Gong Cha Singapore, a Taiwanese tea specialty store.
  • Starting September 28th, Gong Cha Singapore will be launching two new drinks featuring Heinz ketchup.
  • I tried both. The taste wasn’t as bad as I expected.

Gong Cha is a tea specialty store from Taiwan that operates in 19 countries around the world, including the United States and Japan, and has about 30 stores in Singapore. From September 28th, Gong Cha Singapore will be selling two ketchup-flavoured drinks in collaboration with Heinz. It’s Heinz ketchup.


“Heinz Tomato BBT” comes in two flavors: “Very Mary” and “Pomato Bomb.”

Cheryl Teh

I decided to try the tomato flavored “BBT” (Singaporean word for bubble tea).

There were about 20 customers when I visited the store at 313@Somerset shopping mall in Singapore. Some people pointed to ads for the Heinz collaboration and chuckled, but no one had actually ordered the new product.

I watched the staff making the drink fearfully to see what it would taste like. The staff put real Heinz ketchup in what looked like a shot glass, checked the amount, and dumped it into a cocktail shaker.

Heinz and Gong Cha Singapore representatives say the drink is exclusive to Singapore.

Heinz and Gong Cha Singapore’s “Tomato BBT” comes in a container that looks exactly like the ketchup you’d find in a supermarket.


“Tomato BBT”. It has a small hole to let the straw through.

Cheryl Teh

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to trying this drink. But I decided to give it a try without any preconceived notions.

I ordered both the “Pomato Bomb” and the “Very Mary.” It costs 7.80 Singapore dollars (about 790 yen) per bottle.

I tried Berry Mary first. It tastes like liquid ketchup.


“Berry Mary” from “Tomato BBT”.

Cheryl Teh

The product description said the Berry Mary tasted like tomatoes and raspberries. I could only understand the taste of ketchup, but honestly, it wasn’t bad.

After a few sips, it had hints of green tea and raspberries, but it still tasted surprisingly like ketchup.

Try the Pomato Bomb next.


“Pomato Bomb” from “Tomato BBT”.

Cheryl Teh

Next, I tried the “Pomato Bomb.” According to Gong Cha Singapore, it’s a mix of tomato, pear and pomegranate.

It looks like a smooth dressing.

After shaking the bottle, it tasted like watered down berry sauce mixed with a little milk and a spoonful of ketchup. I didn’t really like the sour aftertaste and the pear shards in the drink.

For those who are into milky berry sauce and tomato flavored tea, Tomato BBT is the drink for you.


Cheryl Teh

I was disappointed to find that there was no tapioca in the drink. It may have been difficult to put tapioca in this container.

Of the two flavors I tried, I liked the Very Mary better. I felt that Goncha and Heinz’s aim to combine “foods that symbolize two eras” was better embodied.

Some might find this tomato-flavoured drink refreshing in the scorching heat of Singapore. I experienced it once, so I’m going to try normal tapioca milk tea again next time.

[Original: I tried the Heinz ketchup-flavored boba tea. It wasn’t as terrible as you’d think, but I’m still not going back for seconds.]

(Translated and edited by Yoshimi Yamaguchi)

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