Super exhilarating full-fledged 3D action RPG “Panishing: Gray Raven”[Phantom Whale Mufu]update | Press release of Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd.

◆Extra edition “Phantom Whale Mufu” released!Guided by the song of the whale, to the dream of the floating world

We will carry out maintenance associated with the update, and implement the extra edition “Mufu Genjiu”, new characters, and other related content.

In addition, the official Youtube channel is currently releasing a PV for the Bangai edition. Please take a look at the story woven by the mysterious quartet that blocks her path.

[Overview of update contents]

■New S-Class Transformation Unit “Buzon/Hanasho” Appears!

Horo, one of the Kowloons on the Kowloon Night Ship, is now playable as an S-class transforming suit! In addition, we will also implement a new star 6 weapon.

CV: Maria Naganawa
Type: Transformation body
Model: Pioneer type
Starting class: S.
Attribute Parameter: Physical 100%

The body of the Tatsunoko, Fubaru, was developed with a standard different from the standard parts. She has been adjusted to the most suitable use for the Sea of ​​Consciousness so that she can fully demonstrate her superhuman strength.

≪How to obtain≫
It can be discharged in the development room “variable aircraft designation”. During the following period, a pick-up event will be held where the appearance rate of “Banzong/Huazhong” will be 100% when the S-class transformation unit is discharged.

Pickup period: October 10, 2022 (Monday) 10:00 to November 14, 2022 (Sunday) 4:59

[New Star 6 Weapon]No Corner (Recommended Weapon for “Kanzhong/Huazhong”)

≪How to obtain≫
1. “Basic Weapon Development” – Can be discharged after maintenance on Sunday, October 9, 2022.
2. “Designated Weapon Development” – Can be discharged from 10:00 on October 10, 2022 (Monday).

New painting arrival!
Along with the implementation of “Buzon / Huashon”, a special paint is implemented! In addition, special SP paints and weapon paints for different structures will be newly added and reprinted.

*The acquisition method differs for each painting. Please refer to the announcement on the official website for details.
* Some paintings are limited-time products. Please note that it will not be available in the permanent store after the period ends.

[Painting lineup] Buzhong, Huazhong Painting “Jade Aoki incense”
Karenina Burning SP Painting “Snow Leopard Woman”
Kamui Dark Power SP Painting “Ghost Parade” (Resale)

Rocket Artillery Weapon Paint “Violent Cat”
Transformation Dragon Spear Weapon Paint “Seiya Shinsei”
Great Sword Weapon Paint “Misuki’s Sword” (Resale)

≪How to obtain≫
① Store > Painting store > Money store & blueprint store
②Purchase>Purchase>Sold as supply pack
③ Purchase and obtain “top secret information” in the strategy manual
④ Obtained at the event store

■Implementation of the extra edition “Mufu Gengyu” and related content
We will release the extra edition “Mugen Kyumu” and implement new content. Some content and item rewards will be available for a limited time, so please take this opportunity to experience and obtain them.

Event period: October 9, 2022 (Sunday) after maintenance-November 14, 2022 (Sunday) 4:59
* The holding period and participation conditions differ depending on the content. For details, please refer to the announcement in the game or on the official website.

1) Extra edition “Phantom Whale Dream Floating”
We will implement a story centered on “Banjo / Huashon”. During the event period, you can experience it at any time if you are a commander Lv40 or higher.

2) New character trial stage “Bleacher’s Record”
This is an experience stage where you can try out the new characters “Banjo/Hanasho”. You can get a reward by clearing the stage.

3) Event Item Acquisition Stage “Reichiku Dojo” & Exclusive Store “Senkyo General Store”
If you clear the stage, you can get the event item “Sacred Bamboo shoots” and consciousness. By accumulating a certain amount of Challenge Exp, which can be obtained separately by clearing each stage, you can obtain buffs such as increasing the damage dealt (buff effects are only effective on stages within the “Reitake Dojo”).
In addition, if you collect a certain number of “Sacred Bamboo shoots”, you can exchange them for items such as 6-star awareness, training materials, and trust gifts at the “Senkyo General Store”.

[Example of items that can be exchanged at “Senkyo General Store”]・ New star 6 consciousness “Marco” (slots 1 to 6)
・Existing star 6 awareness, training materials, reliability gifts, etc.

4) Transformation aircraft exclusive content “Transformation attack”
This is a special battle content that only Transformation Units can participate in. By clearing each stage and obtaining a specific battle score, you can acquire items and training materials that can further strengthen the transformation unit.

For details on implemented content other than the above, please refer to the announcement in the game or on the official website.

■ Changes to the existing system
From this update, some system will be changed as follows.

1) Change the classification name in “Structure”
We will change the classification of playable characters.
・”Structure” → “General-purpose aircraft”
・”Certified person” → “transformation unit”

2) Restrictions on platoon organization
Mixed platoon formation of “general-purpose unit” and “transformation unit” is possible.
If a “general-purpose unit” and a “transformation unit” are organized in the same platoon, the strength of the “transformation unit” will be reduced by 30% for each “general-purpose unit”.

■ Addition of permanent content

New Training System “Leap Forward” & “Transformation Modification”
By using special items, you can strengthen existing skill effects and acquire new skills. Dedicated items can be obtained at the “Yakushin Store” or the “Transformation Store”.
Characters that can be trained in this update are as follows. We plan to add characters that can be trained in future updates, so please look forward to it!

Characters that can “Leap Forward”: “Lucia Dawn”
Characters that can be “variant remodeling”: “Loran Gien” “Buraku Hanasho”

◆”NieR:Automata” collaboration event “Reverberation of Yonami” will be reprinted!
The popular “NieR: Automata” collaboration event “Reverberation of Yorinami”, which was held from November 26, 2021 to January 12, 2022, will be held again for a limited time.
Re-appeared as a structure of “2B”, “9S” and “2A”! Not only can you actually try out the collaboration characters on the “Yosenami no Zankyo” stage, but you can also actually acquire them from the collaboration-only development room (gacha). In addition, the special star 6 weapon and limited painting are also reprinted! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Collaboration event reprint period: October 17, 2022 (Monday) 10:00 to November 13, 2022 (Sunday) 5:00

For details on the collaboration event, please refer to the announcement in the game or on the official website.

What is NieR: Automata?

“NieR: Automata” is an action RPG produced by Square Enix and developed by Platinum Games.

The stage is the distant future where mankind is fleeing to the moon in front of the overwhelming force of “machine lifeforms” unleashed by aliens. The player will become “2B” belonging to the newly organized android unit “Yorha” and will throw himself into a fierce battle to recapture the earth.

More than just a work of entertainment, you can experience a story that stirs various emotions in a smooth 60fps open world.

“NieR: Automata” official website:


* Company names and service names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

Title: Punishing: Greyraven
Genre: 3D Action RPG
RPG compatible devices: Android/iOS
Price: Basic play free (some in-app purchases available)
Management: HK Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd.
Delivery date: December 4, 2020

Official website: https://grayraven.jp/
Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/punigray_staff
Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_KUFMLEn-N4_Sr9wco4tcQ


[Introduction to HK Hero Entertainment]

HK Hero Entertainment is the Hong Kong subsidiary of the online entertainment company Hero Entertainment Co., Ltd (Hero Entertainment) headquartered in Beijing, China. Since its establishment in 2015, Hero Entertainment has expanded its business in China and around the world, focusing on the development and publishing of smartphone game applications and the organization and operation of mobile e-Sports competitions. Listed on Exchange and Quotations (commonly known as NEEQ). In addition, since its establishment, it has been developing its business with a view to expanding overseas, including “Art of War: Red Tides”, which was selected as a “recommended app” in 154 countries and regions around the world, “Crisis Action”, and “Phantom”. We distribute popular game apps such as Blade2 and Ikkirai Boken all over the world, and have acquired more than 400 million users.

Strategic card RPG developed with the IP license of the arcade game “Sangokushi Taisen” series from Sega Holdings, including the training strategy simulation “New Romance of the Three Kingdoms” developed under the supervision of Koei Tecmo Games Co., Ltd. We have released titles such as “Sangokushi Taisen M” and the super exhilarating 3D action RPG “Panicing: Gray Raven” in Japan, and not only ranked high in the download rankings of the App Store and Google Play, but also “Recommended games”. It has been very well received by many people, such as being published in

In addition to mainland China, Hero Entertainment has established local subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, and will continue to deliver high-quality online content to customers around the world under the management philosophy of “Global Quality, Make Difference.” To this end, we will actively promote our overseas publishing business.

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