I stayed in Kamikochi as a national travel support. After all, the accommodation on October 11, which was pre-booked on Rakuten Travel, was discounted and I got a coupon-Travel Watch

I went to Kamikochi in Nagano Prefecture as a national travel support.

Nationwide travel support has finally started. As I wrote in this article, the one-night trip to Kamikochi that I had been planning for a long time coincided with the start date of the nationwide travel support (October 11th). I was.

When Rakuten Travel first announced that it was possible to apply for a discount even if the reservation was made before the start of the nationwide travel support program, they were very lucky. Staying after check-in on October 12, 2022″! I will report on this trip to Kamikochi, which was quite thrilling.

Private cars are prohibited in Kamikochi all year round, so you will need to take a shuttle bus or a taxi from the parking lot. This is the Sawando parking lot that I used this time.If you look at the number plate, it’s only cars from outside the prefecture.

For this stay, I chose “online card payment” instead of “on-site payment”. After all, even on the day of the trip, the long-awaited “discount application” button was not displayed. Although the national travel support started on the 11th, I honestly thought (why?!) that only the pre-booked accommodation for the 11th was not covered. Even if I didn’t get a discount on the room rate, I thought maybe I could get a coupon for 3000 yen on weekdays!?

Sawando Bus Terminal ticket office. On the premise that you can get a transportation coupon at the inn, purchase only one way, not a round trip.By the way, the shuttle bus fare is 1300 yen for one way and 2400 yen for round trip.

By the way, from October 1, Nagano Prefecture has been distributing transportation coupons that can be used for buses, taxis, trains, etc. in the prefecture to users of block discounts and nationwide travel support at accommodation facilities. The price is 1,000 yen per person per night (500 yen ticket x 2), and it can be used from the check-in date to the check-out date. I had researched that this transportation coupon could be used for shuttle buses and taxis to Kamikochi, so at the ticket office on the first day, I bought a one-way ticket instead of a round-trip ticket. I hope you can get this along with the sightseeing coupon!

Arrival at Kamikochi Bus Terminal

A representative view of Kamikochi from the Kappa Bridge

rich soft cream

Popular photo spot

Arrive at the hotel around 4pm and check in. First of all, I received a room key and a breakfast coupon. And so far, as usual. Next, I was asked, “Do you want to use the nationwide travel support that started today?” Please present your vaccination certificate.”

When I showed the vaccination certificate app on my smartphone, I got a weekday coupon of 3000 yen and a transportation coupon of 1000 yen. In addition, “With this, the accommodation fee will be discounted by 5,000 yen per person.” thank you!

My friend and I, a coupon for two people and a traffic coupon

On the receipt I received at checkout, there was a description of 10,000 yen in “points / discounts”. Maybe they will come back with Rakuten points?and still unknown at this point

When I checked out the next day, I used the coupons to pay for the beer and wine I drank at dinner. I used the leftover coupons to pay for the bento lunch I reserved at Gosenjaku Kitchen. My friend bought a coupon to ward off bears as a souvenir of Kamikochi for the first time. Oh yeah, when you use sightseeing coupons, you don’t get change, so be careful how you use them. And don’t forget to prepare coins as the difference is cash only.

Take-out bento from Gosenjaku Kitchen at the foot of Kappa Bridge.The No. 1 popular bandit set meal is 1,580 yen.

Regional coupons that can be obtained with national travel support are 3,000 yen per person per night on weekdays and 1,000 yen on weekends.

It seems that the regional coupon can also be used for the shuttle bus to Kamikochi.However, please be careful of the boarding area as it is only available at the manned counter.

I paid with traffic coupons (500 yen x 2) as planned.Cash payment for the missing 300 yen

When I came back from the trip and looked at the personal page of the Rakuten Travel app, the 10,000 yen (5,000 yen x 2 people) that was discounted with this nationwide travel support was displayed as the amount refunded to the card.

The original accommodation fee had already been settled, so it seems that Rakuten Travel has processed a refund. We were blessed with good weather, and we were able to enjoy autumn Kamikochi for two days, even with advance reservations, as we were eligible for national travel support.

It seems that you can “refund” the discount amount of 10,000 yen for two people

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