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Rurika Miya’s essay “This autumn, the vintage items I bought in Shimokitazawa are open to the public!”

Rurika Miya, who boasted of her outstanding individuality and popularity among the former Takarazuka Otokoyaku, writes about the things she cherishes in her daily life and the source of her brilliance. Power charge for living”. The theme this time is fashion.What is the style that Miya, who made a name for herself as Takarazuka’s “fashionable leader”, is obsessed with this season?

It started in Okushibu

The comfortable temperature days have continued, and the feeling of autumn has increased.
It’s cold at night, and I wonder if it’s time to wear a sweater!?

For me, autumn is the season to enjoy my favorite fashion. I look forward to this time of year every year.

As I briefly wrote in my previous article, recently I’ve started to become interested in vintage items (old clothes). So, this time I would like to introduce the clothes I bought recently.

The reason why I was attracted to vintage items was when I happened to drop by a select shop when I was walking in the Shibuya area called “Oku-Shibu”.

The shop seems to have selected both new clothes and vintage items, and I went into the store without knowing that, and the item I picked up was a remake of a vintage Ralph Lauren shirt. It was a checkered shirt.

Ralph Lauren’s Remake Vintage Shirt

The sleeves are designed to be shirred, with only the shoulders of the shirt, which might look too masculine if worn alone. I also liked the brown plaid pattern that felt like autumn, so I decided to purchase it!

Another item I bought at the same store is an old vintage ski wear.

The condition is also quite beautiful, and I like the flashy colors that mix purple and green, and the fact that gold is used as an accent color. It seems to go well with denim and leather, and it can be worn quickly when it’s cold, so it seems to be useful in this season.

vintage ski wear
It looks like this when worn
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