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In the 1960s, domestic cars were part of the passion that was put into trucks, buses, and taxis during the post-war reconstruction period until the 1950s. A place where is also born.

The early Japanese sports cars that were born during this period were, in fact, much more appealing to the driver in terms of performance than the semi-automated sports cars, which were actually controlled by computers. I’m here.

From the dawn of domestic sports, let’s introduce three “game changers” this time.

Honda S500 (1963)

Honda’s first sports car, focusing on compact cars with an eye on global expansion

Honda S500

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) emphasized corporate strength by consolidating into a small number of manufacturers rather than creating a large number of diversified manufacturers, and in order to survive in the international market, would never allow a new automobile manufacturer like Honda to enter the market. In 1962, Honda broke through the wall and announced a light truck (T360) and a sports car (S360/S500).

Initially, we planned to release the S360, a light sports car, along with the T360, but the Ministry of International Trade and Industry would define it as a light car manufacturer, and there was a risk that it would be difficult to expand overseas. and started as a small car manufacturer.

The S500, the prototype of the later evolved versions of the S600 and S800, was replaced by the S600 in a short period of time, so although there were few user episodes and success in the race, it was important for an automaker called Honda, which has long been independent. It was a game changer.

Toyota Sports 800 (1965)

A masterpiece that proved in the 1960s that a sports car could be established with lightness and aerodynamics

toyota sports 800

Speaking of sports cars, there is an image of a wide and low style with thick tires on a high-performance power unit, but Toyota in the 1960s was already practicing an interesting approach.

The power unit of this small sports car, commonly known as the “Yotahachi,” was an air-cooled, horizontally opposed 790cc engine similar to that of the publica and miniace utility vehicles. Contrast.

However, the lightweight monocoque body with excellent aerodynamic performance that applied aerodynamics attracted speed on the circuit that could not be imagined from the engine specifications alone, and the lightweight, low-displacement engine had good fuel efficiency, making it a big success in endurance races.

Regardless of whether it is a domestic car or an imported car, a sports car or a practical car, this kind of “actually fast car” is popular with users who have turned their backs on catalog spec supremacy, and the Yotahachi can be said to be the first. I guess.

Nissan Datsun Fairlady 2000 (SR311, 1967)

The power supremacist Jaja horse that decorates the end of Datsun sports

Nissan SR311 Datsun Fairlady 2000

After Datsun Sports DC-3 (1952), Datsun Sports DC-3 (1959), Fairlady 1200 (1960), Fairlady 1600 (1962), Nissan released Fairlady 2000 in 1967.

It was the last European-style Datsun sports car, but it had a ladder frame structure similar to that of trucks and utility vehicles, and a U20 tuned Cedric 2-liter OHV H20 was installed. ”.

Due to the tire performance and road surface conditions at the time, it was said that it would be difficult to go straight in the power band.

The Fairlady 2000 was the last of the extreme and extreme Japanese muscle cars, and since then domestic sports cars have shifted to “safe and fun sports cars” that also consider comfort and steering stability.

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