Soft serve ice cream robot won the “Tokyo Contents/Solution Business Award 2022” Encouragement Prize

A soft-serve ice cream robot developed by Connected Robotics Co., Ltd. (Head office: Koganei City, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuya Sawato, hereinafter CR), which conducts research, development and sales of robot services for the food industry, won the “Tokyo Contents Business Award” sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. 2022” received the Encouragement Award.

Tokyo Contents Business Award 2022

This award is sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, evaluates and selects excellent content and solutions that contribute to solving social issues, promotes utilization by widely disseminating information, and strengthens industrial power in addition to solving social issues in Tokyo. It is a contest aimed at connecting to

Outline of the soft serve ice cream robot
Automate the process of rolling soft serve ice cream according to the customer’s order. You can entertain customers with comical voices and movements, and you can make beautiful soft serve ice cream with the specified number of rolls. Choose the optional cone dispenser for contactless product delivery. Currently, it has been introduced in 20 locations nationwide, including tourist spots, roadside stations, and service areas.

​▼ Introduction of soft cream robot:
▼ Soft cream robot movement video:

■Soft serve ice cream robotAbout future development
In October 2020, our company was selected for the Tokyo manufacturing venture development project, and has been promoting the mass production of soft serve ice cream robots. The new model was improved to accommodate 14 different layouts and situations, and an automatic cone feeder was also sold. With the launch of this product, it has become possible to provide non-contact products in a wider range of business formats, such as drink bars such as family restaurants and hotel buffets. By realizing the automation of various food processes with robots, we will contribute to solving problems at restaurants, etc. due to chronic labor shortages and measures to prevent new coronavirus infection.

Company Profile
Company name: Connected Robotics Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-24-16 Nakamachi, Koganei City, Tokyo
Representative: Tetsuya Sawanobori, Representative Director
Established: February 2014
Business description: Research, development and sales of robot services for the food industry
Our company’s mission is to “innovate the food industry with robotics”, and our vision is to realize a future that “eliminates hard labor”, “eliminates labor shortages and achieves high productivity”, and “enjoys delicious and healthy food at any time”. I am developing a robot service.
In April 2017, we started developing a cooking robot system for restaurants. So far, we have developed robots that handle irregularly shaped foods such as takoyaki robots, soft serve ice cream robots, soba robots, french fries robots, inspection robots, and serving robots, and have a track record of introducing them to actual stores and factories.

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