The lightweight sling bag “Modern Pack 16L” that can also store a 13-inch laptop is excellent. One week left until Kurafan ends | Business Insider Japan


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compactandeasy to usebut plenty ofstorage capacity. Moreover,Ultralight and durable materialand usingWaterproofBecause there is also active activity without stress. If there is a bag that meets such a luxurious request, it will definitely come in handy.

I would like to recommend a crowdfunding service.machi-yaModern Pack 16LWith one week left until the end of the project, we will introduce the appeal of this bag.

A sling bag that can be used even during intense sports

Modern Pack 16Lis a German bag brand “MODERN DAYFARER” is handled bysling bag(shoulder crossbody bag).


Provided by: machi-ya

The style that can be used in both private and business situations without hindering the movement of the body even in intense sports is attractive.


Provided by: machi-ya

As a locking mechanism,German FIDLOCK V-shaped magnetic buckleadopted. It is adopted by outdoor-related products of the world,Easy to open and close with magnetsIt is a unique mechanism that has been well received for its

Simply bring the parts closer together and they will automatically lock. The operation is intuitive, just pull the string to remove it.It is easy to change between right-handed and left-handed, and it can be used regardless of the dominant hand.


Provided by: machi-ya

A V-shaped magnetic buckle is also used for the opening of the roll-top main compartment.It also has excellent load-bearing capacity, so it prevents the mouth from opening unintentionally.

Large capacity unlike a sling bag.Dedicated laptop pocket


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Modern Pack 16LThe biggest attraction of the sling bag is its large capacity.16L capacityWhenVariety of pockets. If you use all the storage compartments, you can store enough luggage for a short trip, such as a laptop, change of clothes, my bottle, folding umbrella, accessory pouch, notebook, wallet, etc.


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There are two ways to access the main compartment, one from the rolltop. Thanks to the magnetic buckle,Smooth access to the interioris.


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The other is from the zipper on the outer circumference. I can open my mouth wide,The stored luggage is obvious at a glance.


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It also has a separate laptop pocket.The interior is equipped with a cushion to securely guard your PC.It is also a nice place to take out smoothly.


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again,Modern Pack 16LSince the is a sling shape, you can quickly access the zippered pocket on the front of the bag by bringing the bag in front of your body without taking it off your back.


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Provided by: machi-ya


Provided by: machi-ya

Both sides of the bag can be used to store keys, pass holders, etc.pocket with zipperAnd convenient to put my bottle etc.expansion pocketEquipped withThe back of the bag is ideal for storing valuables such as smartphones and pocketare also available.


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In addition, wet items can be stored behind the “lid” of the main compartment.Fully waterproof pocketPrepare.

Uses lightweight and high-strength “X-PAC”.Features high waterproofness


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Modern Pack 16LThe material used for most of theX-PACDeveloped by the American company Dimension-Polyanthigh tech materialandLight weight and very high tear strengthis characterized by


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X-PAC boasts high water resistance due to the crimping of the upper layer of nylon fabric and the lower layer of polyester fabric. All zippers use YKK AquaGuard water stop zippers with polyurethane film laminated on the tape surface.Even in a sudden heavy rain, the luggage inside will not get wet.


Provided by: machi-ya

Specifications such as body size are as follows.

  • Size: 45cm x 22cm x 15cm
  • Capacity: about 16L
  • Weight: about 1kg
  • Color: Black, Gray, Green, Blue


Provided by: machi-ya

Modern Pack 16Lis currently accepting support at machi-ya. At the time of this writing,Tax-included 15,500 yen (free shipping), which is about 33% off the general release pricereturn can be selected (Only black is 16,500 yen including tax)is. Check out the details on the page below.

Note: machi-ya is a crowdfunding service operated by Mediagene, the operating company of Business Insider Japan.

(Written by Hajime Kato)

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