“Small Mobile Crane VR Training System” won the Encouragement Award at the “Tokyo Contents/Solution Business Award 2022”!

Sinfonia Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fuchu City, Tokyo, Representative Director Yutaka Seto), which develops and sells xR training content, has won the Tokyo Contents/Solution Business Award 2022 (sponsored by: Tokyo) received an encouragement award.

Applications for this award, which began in April, will be held on October 21st at the main stage of the International Industry Exhibition 2022. An award ceremony was held.
The judges included Mr. Koji Koizumi, CEO of IoTNEWS, who was a presenter at the award ceremony, and Mr. Shun Kubota, CEO of Mogura Co., Ltd., and a rigorous judging process was carried out.

The final nominated eight companies (including our company) are as follows.
・Soderi Co., Ltd. (smartphone application “Soderi” that supports people requiring special care)
・Pocket Queries Co., Ltd. (Educational and remote support VR “iVoRi 360”)
・Radius Five Co., Ltd. (Animation 4K using AI “AnimeRefiner”)
・Connected Robotics Co., Ltd. (Automatic soft serve ice cream manufacturing robot “Reimo-kun”)
・ Sinfonia Co., Ltd. (“Small mobile crane training VR system” that allows safe and unlimited training)
・Digital Design Studio Co., Ltd. (Design process support VR “VR Integrated Solution Service”)
・ nat Co., Ltd. (“Scanat”, a field survey tool using LiDAR sensors)
・FastLabel Co., Ltd. (Annotation platform “FastLabel” that speeds up AI development)

Our company received the Encouragement Award among the nominations for advanced and socially significant products.

In the future, as support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it will be possible to receive public relations support, expert matching and dispatch support.
Starting with this, we aim to spread the small mobile crane VR training system more widely in the world than now, and we would like to contribute to the safety and productivity improvement of many people involved in crane operations.

■Comment from Yutaka Seto, Representative Director of Sinfonia Co., Ltd.
Thank you very much for allowing me to receive such a prestigious award.
Looking back, three years ago, when I exhibited for the first time at an industrial exchange exhibition, the small mobile crane VR training system was still a prototype, and I remember leaving the industrial exchange exhibition with a frustrated feeling that it barely moved. increase.
It’s been three years, but I’m really happy to receive such an award at the same industry exchange exhibition as that time.
We would like to continue to develop various contents centered on VR training and contribute to everyone’s life.
I’m really thankful to you.

■ About Tokyo Contents/Solution Business Award 2022
Content and solutions that utilize advanced technologies such as VR, AR, and AI are undergoing various research and development, and are evolving day by day. In addition, due to the advancement of the communication environment and the promotion of refraining from going out and teleworking to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, the importance of content has increased, and there is a demand for the development and utilization of more effective content and solutions. I’m here.
This award was established in 2021 with the aim of solving social issues in Tokyo and strengthening industrial power by evaluating and selecting excellent content owned by small and medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo and supporting the development of sales channels. .
The details of the award are as follows.
Grand Prize (1 company) 3,000,000 yen
Excellence Award (2 companies) 1,500,000 yen
Encouragement Award (5 companies) 500,000 yen
As a supplementary prize, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will award free exhibition to the “Industrial Exchange Exhibition 2022”, support menu formulation, public relations support, expert matching and dispatch support.
Official website:

Overview of small mobile crane training VR system
This is Japan’s first VR system for training dedicated to small mobile cranes. The operation environment of a small mobile crane is faithfully reproduced, and realistic operation environments such as realistic 3DCG expressions and physics simulations such as gravity and collisions are reproduced.
It is ideal for training those who want to obtain a license for small mobile cranes, and for those who collect it, and because it is a VR system, it is possible to conduct training without the possibility of causing accidents or injuries.
It not only faithfully reproduces basic crane operations and test courses, but also offers training menus that can only be reproduced in VR, such as exercises that specialize in controlling “load swing”, satisfying everyone from beginners to experienced users. We have prepared a menu for you.
This system has begun to be used for training and employee training at crane schools and crane operators in Japan.

■ Symphonia Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Company name: Sinfonia Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-15-13 Miyamachi, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo No. 15 Mitsugi Building 3F
Representative: Yutaka Seto, Representative Director
Established: May 2014
Business description: Development and provision of small mobile crane VR training system, planning and development of xR systems and IoT products


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