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“Shima Owl” made in the northern land

Owl cookie box ¥980
Owl cookie box ¥980/VOSTOK labo

[VOSTOK labo]”Owl Cookie”

The adorable owl with its fluffy appearance is a cookie in the shape of the endangered species “Shima Owl” that lives in Nemuro. As part of the project “VOSTOK”, which explores the future of life from Nemuro, the easternmost part of the mainland, we sell baked sweets using Hokkaido ingredients based in our atelier. A portion of the sales of these owl cookies are donated to nature conservation activities.

The owl is firmly enshrined in the cylindrical box and is cute.

The owl is firmly enshrined in the cylindrical box and is cute. It is also recommended as a small gift.

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Three panda brothers are dancing!

  Petit Panda 1 ¥44, 10 ¥432 / Petit Casta *Orders OK
Petit Panda 1 ¥440, 10 ¥432 / Petit Casta *Orders OK

[PETIT CUSTA]”Petit Panda”

Petit Casta offers finger sweets in Ginza 4-chome. The mini-sized baked sweets are very cute, with 9 kinds of cream such as custard and strawberry milk wrapped in a fox-colored dough. In addition to Petit Panda, there are donut spins, petit hearts, and mini taiyaki filled with red bean paste.

Fresh lutein eggs from Kagawa prefecture, milk from Hokkaido, wheat flour blended with Kitahonami from Hokkaido, and other ingredients are carefully selected, such as dough that is kneaded without using any water. !

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A specialty of Nishiogi that makes you want to stroke it!Harry

  Nishiogi Harry-kun ¥ 280 / Entsukodo bread
Nishiogi Harry-kun ¥ 280 / Entsukodo bread

[Entsukodo Baking]”Harry Nishiogi”

Hedgehog-chan has a kind and sad look in his eyes. My name is Nishiogi Harry. The fluffy bread with chocolate chips from Nishiogikubo’s bakery “Entsukodo Bread” has become a specialty of Nishiogikubo! Although they are lined up every day at the store from the time they open, they sometimes sell out in the morning, so if you are interested, we recommend visiting early.

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I can’t believe it’s gluten green!Plump and lovely cow

¥2,376 with 5 financiers / Maison du CRÉER *Order OK
5 financiers ¥2,376/Maison du CRÉER *Order OK

[Maison du CRÉER]”Beef financier”

Special sweets from Shirokane “Maison du CRÉER” presented by three top chefs. This cute financier is made with dairy products from Fukuoka Ohm Dairy and uses Okinawan organic green banana flour instead of wheat flour. It is also gluten-free. If you dip the moist dough into the rich milk jam that comes with it, your mouth will be filled with happiness.

In addition to plain, various arrangements are added depending on the season, and pay attention to the new flavors of mulberry and lavender financier!

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A bear madeleine enchanted by the brown color

Bear Maple Madeleine ¥259 / cuisson-Lucca *Order OK (assorted)
Bear Maple Madeleine ¥259/cuisson-Lucca *Order OK (assorted)

[cuisson-Lucca]”Kuma no Maple Madeleine”

Picked up too cute maple madeleine bears from a small baked confectionery shop in Nishikoyama, Tokyo.We are particular about the rich flavor and aroma of freshly baked products, and we are fascinated by the taste that makes you feel the shop’s policy of setting the expiration date to “8 days” so that you can taste almost the same as freshly baked products.. The assortment can be purchased online, so please try it!

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