Loved by connoisseurs!5 nostalgic and cute retro stationery[Stationery Grand Prix]|

The stationery industry is also in the midst of a “retro boom” that has been booming for the past few years, such as reprinting stationery from the 80s. A connoisseur taught me some retro and nostalgic stationery that reminds me of my childhood when I treasured stationery. Nostalgic and cute items will add color and playfulness to your daily life.

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Loved by connoisseurs! 5 nostalgic and cute retro stationery[Stationery Grand Prix]

\Retro Category Award/
new retro mini tool box

Clean your desk with a mini tool box with a nostalgic design

“A series of stationery that makes you feel nostalgic and warms your heart. The mini toolbox is the perfect size for business cards and is convenient. There are also stickers, purses, and various other items.” (Mr. Yamaguchi)

The old-fashioned thin plastic material creates a more retro feel. In addition to business cards and cards, it can also be used to store small items such as sweets, accessories, and medicines.

[W8×10.8×D3.5cm]allFiveColor ¥550(high tide)

[RECOMMEND 01] sketchbook

1 cm square light blue dot

A blue-dotted sketchbook created at the request of Konosuke Matsushita

“The universal design of art supplies and stationery from long-established stores is wonderful, and there is a sense of security that we can continue to use them for a long time. The paper is thin and easy to write on, so we use it for a variety of purposes, such as writing paper and taking notes during interviews.” (Mr. Kai)

“The thin blue dots serve as guides when drawing sketches, and they are functional because they disappear when you copy them.” (Mr. Matsuoka)

Us point from above2F Red/Blue ¥ each495,OF blue ¥330(All Gekkoso Art Supplies Store)


Taisho period pencils are reprinted with a new design!

“I love Kyukyodo’s one-stroke writing pads, scent bags, and cards, and I stop by every season. I also love it.” (Mr. Kai)

The manufacturing method is the same as in the Taisho era, and the design is a reproduction based on the old printed materials that Kyukyodo has preserved.

From aboveHB,B. each12each ¥1,188(Kyoto Kyukyodo)

[RECOMMEND 03] brass bamboo scale

Reminiscent of childhood, the bamboo scale is made of brass

“The brass ruler has the same design as a nostalgic bamboo ruler. It’s highly accurate, and since it’s metal, it’s safe to hit it with a cutter knife. It’s texture will change over time.” (Mr. Takahata)

The star patterns and scales that characterize the bamboo scale are engraved with a laser. It has a gentle radius on the surface, and it looks like a bamboo scale, which is adorable. In addition to the 15cm that fits in the pen, there is also a 30cm.

15cm 3,630(Kawaguchi)

[RECOMMEND 04] retro diary, retro department store series

Retro stationery that makes you want to write a little letter

“The soft illustrations and the texture of Mino washi paper are cute.” (Mr. Fukushima)

“I like the retro department store series with motifs of nostalgic department store clothes and sweets.” (Mr. Yamaguchi)

Retro Diary Matchbox Memo Cafe Neko Kaburi ¥396, Die-cut Mini Letter Set Drinks, Retro Department Store Restaurant Kuroneko (Each comes with an envelope) ¥374 each (all from Furukawa Paper Works)

6 connoisseurs of stationery who taught me PROFILE

Minori Kai

Writes books and magazines on topics such as travel, walks, sweets, architecture, miscellaneous goods and lifestyles.

Hosted by Stationery no Tobira
Masayuki Takahata

He won the “TV Champion” three times and has the name of “Stationery King”.

stationery instagrammer
Mr. Noca

A college student who posts stationery information on Instagram. Over 70,000 followers.

stationery planner
Makiko Fukushima

Editor-in-chief of the web magazine “otegami”. He also does a lot of product development.

Representative of “Hi-moji-moji”
Mr. Atsushi Matsuoka

Involved in the planning and development of stationery. His most recent publication is “Stationery” (Genkosha).

stationery writer
Makiko Yamaguchi

Editor-in-chief of the stationery site “Fumufumu Hack”. Serialized in “NIKKEI STYLE”.

photograph: Yumi Furuya[SORANE]styling: Minami Nosaki text: Ema Tanaka, Nahoko Morimoto web edit: Mina Ota
From Linen November 2022 issue
*Please refrain from reprinting images and text without permission.

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