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Emporio Armani Fall Winter 2022-23 runway collection with strong and beautiful color contrasts. The runway look, which received high acclaim at Milan Fashion Week, where the new collection was announced, has started in stores at Emporio Armani’s women’s boutiques nationwide.

The theme of the Emporio Armani Fall/Winter 2022-23 collection is “RHYTHM OF COLOR”. Based on the idea that glamor is something that emanates from an individual’s “individuality,” that individuality is expressed in a color palette. We will introduce this season’s popular looks from the runway items that are appearing in stores one after another.

The look, which features a unique jacket, incorporates the masculine design and shape seen in the uniform, while adding a feminine touch through the use of materials and colors to express Armani’s “glamorous” look. Combining a masculine jacket with a compact inner layer and coordinating pants with a texture that melts on the skin expresses delicate femininity in strength. The deep red color used for the point adds gorgeousness to the look by using velvet material.

Jacket 168,300 yen Inner tops 49,500 yen Pants 95,700 yen (all tax included)

A look that makes you feel strongly about the “rhythm of color”, which is the theme of the season, has also arrived. The pastel pink look, which is characterized by the combination of the three-dimensional sparkle of the sequins and the light reflection created by the organza used in the pants, brings an eye-catching brightness to the fall and winter season, when dark tones are increasingly worn. increase. Combining materials with strong individuality gives strength to feminine colors and makes the wearer’s individuality stand out.

Tops 195,800 yen Pants 107,800 yen (all tax included)

Also, check out the all-black look that appeared later in the show. Although it was made with only one black color, by combining different materials, various types of brilliance were mixed to express “glamour” in the Armani style. In addition to mode coordination like a runway look, each item can be used individually for daily coordination.

Outer 396,000 yen Skirt 68,200 yen (all tax included)

There are also dressy looks that are perfect for the end of the year party season. The beautiful balance of masculinity and femininity is attractive, such as coordinating a beautiful glossy velvet mini dress like a long jacket, or combining a white shirt with a large bowtie.

Mini dress 129,800 yen Shirt 37,400 yen Pants 75,900 yen (all tax included)

Emporio Armani’s 2022-23 fall/winter collection of runway items that give you a stronger sense of the world and messages can be seen at Emporio Armani women’s boutiques nationwide.

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