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October 31, 2022

NTT Sports X Inc.
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
NTTDX Partner Co., Ltd.
Brain Sleep Co., Ltd.

Started verification of sleep improvement support for rugby players using the sleep measurement device “Brain Sleep Coin” as part of “Project: Sports X”

NTT Sports X Co., Ltd. (President: Masahiro Shimooki, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “NTT Sports X”), which operates Urayasu D-Rocks, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (President: Naoki Shibuya, Head Office: Tokyo) Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “NTT East”), NTT DX Partner Inc. (President: Tamaki Endo, Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter “NTT DX Partner”), Brain Sleep Inc. (President: Kosuke Michibata, Headquarters : Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “Brain Sleep”) is a rugby player belonging to the “Urayasu D-Rocks” rugby team operated by NTT Sports X and belonging to Division 2 of NTT JAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONE. As a target, we will start a sleep support project in earnest from November 2022 with the aim of improving the performance of athletes using the coin-type sleep measurement device “Brain Sleep Coin”.

We will start measuring the sleep of players from November 1, 2022, and will acquire data for two months until December, when the 2022-2023 league starts. During the period, we will continue to analyze the acquired sleep data and grasp changes in the athlete’s physical condition and performance in real time.

In parallel with the verification, we will provide correct sleep knowledge to team personnel such as athletes and trainers even during the period of this initiative. Then, by extracting factors that have a large impact on athletes’ condition and performance among various sleep factors, we will construct an elaborate sleep improvement program that efficiently improves performance.

1.Background of the initiative

In order to maximize their own performance, athletes perform not only daily training but also conditioning and management of nutritional, mental and physical aspects, but in recent years, the importance of rest and recovery from fatigue has been attracting particular attention. It has been. Sleep plays a very important role in rest and recovery from fatigue, and the relationship between athlete performance and sleep is gradually being recognized.

Among various sports, rugby in particular has many physical contacts and collisions, and the exhaustion during daily training and competition is intense, so it can be said that there is a particularly high need for efficient recovery. In addition, top athletes are exposed to various stresses, so mental health also greatly affects performance. Because sleep is effective not only in repairing physical damage, but also in mental and emotional recovery, ensuring adequate sleep duration and improving the quality of sleep is critical to athlete performance. I’m here.

This initiative aims to elucidate the relationship between sleep and performance in athletes and improve performance by improving sleep quality. With the cooperation of Brain Sleep, which develops products based on cutting-edge sleep research and conducts a sleep consulting business for companies specializing in sleep, the acquisition of basic sleep data is the first step, and in 2023 We aim to build a sleep improvement program necessary for improving the performance of athletes.

In addition, NTTSportsX is an initiative to solve various issues of teams and surrounding stakeholders with sports x XX, entitled[Project: Sports X]and provides multifaceted value to the company, society, and the region through innovative challenges. We aim to

2.Overview of initiatives

In this initiative, in order to understand the daily sleep status of professional rugby players belonging to Urayasu D-Rocks, Brain Sleep developed a sleep measurement device “Brain Sleep Coin” and a sleep visualization service based on an interview “ By using “Sleep Deviation Value® for Biz” to quantify and analyze sleep, we provide support for improving performance from the perspective of sleep.

  1. Visualize the sleep state of athletes using “Sleep Deviation® for Biz” and sleep measurement device “Brain Sleep Coin”
  2. Analyze daily sleep data of athletes for early detection of changes in physical condition
  3. Conducting an integrated analysis with data other than sleep related to the athlete’s condition and verifying the relationship between physical and mental disorders and sleep
  4. Provide athletes with correct sleep knowledge and promote athletes’ sleep improvement behavior

As a preliminary preparation for this initiative, we asked the athletes to take the “Sleep Deviation Value® for Biz” to understand their current sleep status. As a result, although the deviation value for athletes’ sleep was higher than the national deviation for Japan, the values ​​for daytime sleepiness and productivity were low, suggesting that sleep problems may affect the performance of athletes. rice field. In this initiative, we would like to pay particular attention to such evaluation items.

3.purpose and role

enterprise Purpose role

Urayasu D-Rocks (NTT Sports X)


  • Verification of correlation between sleep improvement support for athletes and performance improvement of athletes
  • Verification of whether visualization of sleep data leads to early detection of injuries and mental health problems in athletes

  • Measurement of daily sleep data using “Sleep Deviation® for Biz” and “Brain Sleep Coin”
  • Provision of data other than sleep related to player condition

NTT East/NTT DX Partner

  • Verification of effects on athlete performance using sleep and IoT

  • Analysis of data obtained from “Sleep Deviation® for Biz” and “BrainSleep Coin”
  • Regular reporting of analysis results to D-Rocks

brain sleep

  • Verification of the impact of sleep improvement content on athlete performance

  • Providing “Sleep Deviation® for Biz” and “Brain Sleep Coin”
  • Providing accurate sleep knowledge to team personnel, including athletes and trainers
  • Examining specific measures to improve sleep that contribute to improving performance

Four.Future prospects

Through this initiative, we plan to clarify the relationship between athlete performance and sleep, and apply the knowledge obtained not only to rugby but also to other sports. In addition to top athletes, we aim to build sleep-related methods and provide services so that they can be widely deployed not only for top athletes but also for amateur athletes such as students and seniors for further progress in the Japanese sports industry.

From the left, D-Rocks Uchiyama, NTT East Japan Ogata, Brain Sleep Nakajima

BrainSleep Coin: Devices and applications used for this sleep measurement

BrainSleep Pillow: A brain-cooling pillow developed by BrainSleep

Five. NTT East Group’s sleep tech business overview

Business overview: Developing services to improve sleep and improving sleep for employees and staff of companies and local governments using ICT for sleep, which is a social issue in Japan. We aim to further develop the local community by promoting health and productivity through sleep improvement.

6.Inquiries from customers regarding this matter

◆ NTT East and NTT DX Partner Sleeptech Business Team

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