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[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_1

[Liang Ji Chiayi chicken rice]So, for the past few years, it has become a big problem for me, but today, no, the biggest highlight of this trip.“Liang Ji Chiayi Chicken Rice”is. Originally, it was only closed on Sundays, but from a few years ago, it has been closed on Saturdays as well! in short,Saturdays and Sundays off! This is tough for weekend travelers who don’t have paid vacations! It’s too hard (waterfall tears)! !

So, it goes without saying that since then, I’ve forced myself to include Fridays in my bullet trips to Taiwan.

This time, I knew it was a bad move, but for various reasons, or rather simply because the price of the flight ticket departing on Friday was exploding, I ended up planning a 4-day, 3-night schedule from Saturday to Tuesday. P. I really wanted to rush to Liang Ji Chiayi Chicken Rice as soon as possible, but I was on vacation and waited patiently for Monday.

When booking accommodations in Taipei, I choose HitoriP because of its easy access to this store. Seriously. This time it’s a hotel that can be reached on foot, so it’s perfect. Fufufu.

On this day, I saved my stomach for the sake of this place, so I didn’t have breakfast. The shops are crowded at noon, so I left the hotel and walked for about 10 minutes. I can see the signboard of the store! ! !

Throbbing chest! I can’t help but run short. Seriously. What is this, the state of the movie “Hatsukoi no Kita Michi”! Are you Zhang Ziyi!

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_2

Liang’s diary! It hasn’t changed! ! If you try to enter the store!
How hard! ! !
The specification (?) change in the ordering method of the shop! !

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_3

As you can see, you can’t order a single item like before, and you can choose from 4 set menus!

It always comes with chicken rice, minced pork rice, minced chicken rice, or white rice, plus a fried egg and 3 side dishes. You can only order a single item in the form of plus there.

First, because it’s lunch time? ? That’s what I thought, but when I listened carefully, it turned out that this was the default!

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_4

In the case of Kuidaore Hitori P, the basic order was “chicken rice and fried egg (plus soup if you have energy)” in order to preserve your stomach.No “basic order” without side dishes is allowed!

Then stop eating soup?I was at a loss for a moment, but no, no, no, here’s“Bitter gourd bone soup”is superb! It’s been 2 years and 8 months! You can’t go home without drinking! And soup is added to the set menu of chicken rice.

For the side dishes, we chose three items: stir-fried cabbage, stir-fried eggplant, and stir-fried broccoli.

Order at the entrance, enter the store, sit down and come out in about 1 minute, but pay at that time.

Chicken Rice → Cry~~!
Bitter gourd bone soup → It’s soothing~~!
Small vegetables → After all, it’s delicious ~~!

You can’t leave Taipei without eating the chicken rice here! ! A must-eat menu in Taiwan! If you have room in your stomach to eat roulette rice and beef noodles with a lot of blur, definitely come here! So! !

If HitoriP recommends only one dish in Taiwan, it is overwhelmingly the chicken rice here!
Finely chopped chicken (light type) is sprinkled with a secret sauce, and then a fried egg is added! HitoriP calls it “Taiwan Oyakodon”. This fried egg is a must! No, it’s set now. By the way, the recommended side dish is stir-fried cabbage (Korea greens)! I would love to have it in the 3 side dishes!

However, this time, I was unexpectedly full because of the set menu.

Why was this system created? To speed up in-store operations? ? I don’t really understand, but is it a corona countermeasure? ? ? And what about people who can’t eat eggs? ?

Ryoki’s side dishes are delicious, and the fried egg is a must-order, so that’s fine, but it’s a little tough for the Kuidaore Circuit…

No, I’ll do my best!

Since this is also a shared seating system, an acrylic board was set on the table in the store.

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_5

When you finish eating and leave the store, there is a line outside! ! Very popular!

HitoriP, if I ever live in Taipei, I would like a property that I can walk here! !

●Google Maps for Liang Ji Chiayi Chicken Ricehere

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_6

[White water bean flower]
Next came a new bean flower shop that had planned to come yesterday but had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.“White water bean flower”is.

I found it while looking through Google Maps. It seems to be a fashionable bean flower shop with a different taste from “Nikichiken Soymilk”.

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_7

The interior of this shop is more like a stylish counter bar than a bean flower shop.

The main store is in Yilan, and the Taipei store started as a food stall. The store is expected to open in 2021.
(Hmmm, after all, various new shops have opened while I haven’t come to patrol. It’s hard to update!)

According to the shop’s Instagram account, Douhua uses fresh water from the snowy mountains of Yilan and deep sea water off the east coast of Taiwan. It is a bean flower made using the direct fire cooking method handed down from ancient times and natural bittern. Hey! Expect!

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_8

There are two types of bean flowers. Hitori P ordered tapioca topping. Try to eat it, “Hmmm!?”

Conclusion! This bean flower is delicious and unique! is!

It seems that many articles and reviews say that the brown powder used as a topping is peanut powder. So, the crunchy texture and aroma unique to soft bean flowers and candy are fresh!

I’m surprised that the coriander, which is only one topping, does a good job casually.
There were many people who wrote about coriander on Google reviews, so when I imagined something with a reasonable amount of toppings, I thought, “One piece!?” I thought it was just a decoration, but I was totally wrong! I’m working as a coriander properly! No, hey, the combination of coriander and dessert goes so well together! Can I ride more? I also thought, but maybe a little accent is the best because it tastes weird in a sense.

And this syrup is brown sugar. This is also a point! Full-bodied sweetness! There was also a chasing brown sugar syrup on the table.

As you can see, even though the ingredients have strong individuality, it’s amazing how they complement each other with an exquisite balance! The one and only bean flower! But it’s just a gentle taste. I kando while eating!

No ~ ~, thank you for the meal! !

This shop is actually located right next to “Nijixuan Soymilk” on Yongkang Street. So you can also eat bean flower ladder ~~~! Heck, Hitori P, next time I’ll definitely do ladders!

● Google map of “Hakusui Douhua”here

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_9

[Rongjin Shiguang Living Park]
When I left the tofu shop, I felt like I wanted to take a break at a cafe. When I searched on Google Maps, it opened in September this year and is a hot topic.“Rongjing Shiguang Living Park”It turns out that there is a place about 5 to 6 minutes on foot. Built more than 100 years ago, the facility is a renovated Taipei prison official residence during the Japanese colonial era, with cafes, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. I found out that Taipei’s popular cafe “SIMPLE KAFFA” also opened a store, so I decided to go there for the time being.

Across the street is a Japanese-style building. That’s it.

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_10

When I got there, I found out that this “SIMPLE KAFFA” is either a cafe that offers ultra-high-end coffee that costs several thousand yen with a complete reservation system, or a kiosk-type cafe that only takes out. I wanted to sit indoors and relax, so I gave up on a coffee break here. After all, I went around the city to buy souvenirs until dinner.

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_11

[Chengho Fresh Meat Small Basket Steamed Buns]Today’s dinner is a double feature.First came“Shinko Fresh Meat Small Basket Yuba”.It is a shop named “Negi Rompo” by Hitorippu.

It seems to be a family business, but everyone is diligently wrapping and steaming it at the shop front.

This shop is only open at night. There is a line during peak hours, so visit after 17:00, right after opening. I was seated right away! Was good!

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_12

This xiao long bao contains Yilan’s specialty = Sanxing green onion.

Actually, when I ate it for the first time, I couldn’t get used to it because I thought, “What?? “You don’t need onions, do you?”However, later on, I was ruminating on the taste and thought, “Is that so!“Negi Rompo”What the hell is that! When I changed my consciousness, it became a taste that I really like! Rather, the spring onion neutralizes the harshness of the xiao long bao, so I think it’s suitable for eating one steam basket by yourself.

And when I was waiting with excitement, the steam basket came! !

Ha, thank you for the meal. Thank you very much for tonight!
(Speaking of greed, I think it would be nice if the shredded ginger was a little thinner, but I wouldn’t call it extravagant.)

●Google Mapshere

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_13

[Meigetsu Yuba]
Next, I headed to Hitori P’s favorite xiaolongbao shop, Meigetsu Yubao. 7-8 minutes walk from Negironpo store. So, try to get there, wow! !

e? e? ? No way, closed! ? ? ?

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_14

No way, when I went to another store nearby, they were doing it!
Good for you! ! !

This is the second large store that was built later.

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_15

When I asked the shopkeeper, it seems that the original shop has closed. disappointing! It was an old and small store, but it had a local feel and I liked it. . .

Come to think of it, I checked Google Maps before I came to Taiwan, and it looked suspicious, Meigetsu. When I looked again, the old store disappeared (tears).

Also, yes!
Since the corona crisis, the credibility of the business hours of shops posted on Google Maps has varied depending on the city.There were many cities where the information was not updated, and Chiang Mai and Penang were quite wrong. Far from business hours, it’s already closed even though it’s posted. However, Taipei seems to have been updated quite a bit, so I didn’t make any mistakes this time.

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_16

Anyway, I’m glad I was able to eat it safely! Xiaolongbao of Meigetsu Yubao!

Thin-skinned and slightly small. The bean paste is smooth, but the point is that it is not too heavy. And the shredded ginger is amazing! And I was impressed because I ate a ladder from the Negi Rompo store.

Fu, thank you for the meal! !

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_17

By the way, the chopsticks were in this sterilization box, and it was a self-service method. I see.

In Taiwan, various shops are doing their own corona countermeasures.

● Google map of “Meigetsu Yuba”here

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_18

By the way, this is a fan that was placed in the back of the store of “Shinko Senniku Xiaolong Yubao”. In fact, there was an electric fan in the back of the store at “Kosami Tofu” that I went to last night.

I thought this was placed for ventilation as a countermeasure against corona. There is also a possibility that it is a countermeasure against the heat, or to dry the wet floor when customers enter the store because it is raining. No, I think it’s probably for ventilation.

[DAY3]Finally, to that shop that is too exquisite! image_19

If it had stopped raining, I was thinking of going to Ningxia Night Market or South Airport Night Market after this, but it’s raining at all. As you can see, the Tonghua Night Market, which I passed by earlier, didn’t have many stalls or even a single person.

So, the night market was the next mission, and although it was still 19:00, the Kuidaore Circuit on the third day was over.After this, for souvenir buying“eslite spectrum southwest store”What. After patrolling drugstores and convenience stores, I returned to the hotel at 22:00.

Tomorrow is the last day! I can only work until noon, so I wake up early!

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