Japan’s first airport digital signage advertising network is expanding! “TRAVEL MEDIA (TM) Airport Dynamic Ad Vision” Adds Naha and Hiroshima Airports to 43 Units at 8 Airports Nationwide

Nagase & Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1832, chemical trading company with global manufacturing and R&D bases

For many years, we have used various transportation advertisements, not limited to airports, but the bottleneck was that we did not know the effects of any of them. Airport Dynamic Ad Vision is a transportation advertisement, but I feel that it was good to publish it in terms of cost effectiveness. We are asking you to post at Haneda Airport, but by knowing the age, gender, number of views, and reach unit price, the department in charge can report specific figures to management, so you can continue to use it with a sense of satisfaction. doing. I also feel that it is good to be able to compare the effect with other advertisements.

KDDI Digital Life Inc.
A subsidiary of KDDI, which develops au, UQ mobile, and povo, and operates povo2.0.

We asked for a short-term campaign announcement of the online-only smartphone rate plan “povo” for travelers using the airport. Since our customers are spread over a wide area, we made short-term intensive announcements with 32 vehicles at 6 airports (Haneda, Chubu International Airport, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto) for one week. I was able to make it. In addition, we were able to obtain qualitative data on viewers, which had not been possible before, and were able to experience new value in transit advertising.

CHARIS & Co. Co., Ltd.
A beauty product manufacturer that manufactures and sells cosmetics exclusively for beauty salons and sells beauty equipment

We thought that airports would have a high affinity for promoting cosmetics that are genderless and loved by both men and women. We asked for a total of 24 vehicles to be posted at each of Haneda, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, and Miyazaki airports. Yes, I am generally satisfied.

Future Developments – “TRAVEL MEDIA(TM)” will evolve into “TRAVEL MEDIA(TM) Platform” –
The network advertisement distribution service “TRAVEL MEDIA (TM) Airport Dynamic Ad Vision” will expand the number of affiliated airports in Japan, and “TRAVEL MEDIA (TM)” will include hotels on travel routes, transportation networks connecting with airports, tourist facilities, etc. We will also work to expand the installation of digital signage. In addition, with the aim of expanding contact points with travelers, we will expand sampling at hotels and tourist facilities, connect with the “TRAVEL MEDIA (TM) DSP” announced in November 2021, and expand distribution on the web and apps. We will focus on expanding our advertising solutions, including programmatic network distribution and providing integrated analytics.
In the future, we aim to establish a “TRAVEL MEDIA (TM) platform (marketing platform)” that can provide marketing support and DX support to various companies from advertising distribution solutions by analyzing and understanding traveler behavior.

Click here for an explanation video about “TRAVEL MEDIA(TM)”.
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“TRAVEL MEDIA (TM) Airport Dynamic Ad Vision” information
Next-generation network ad distribution service “TRAVEL MEDIA (TM) Airport Dynamic Ad Vision”
Interested parties can find the information here.

[All Nippon Airways Trading Company Profile]
All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 1970 for the purpose of procuring goods necessary for ANA’s aircraft operations and airport store operations. Since then, we have developed a variety of businesses through our activities for over 50 years. As an “airline-affiliated trading company,” we are walking our own path.
[社 名] All Nippon Airways Trading Co., Ltd.
[代表者] Hiroyuki Kokubun
[設 立] October 15, 1970
[所在地] Shiodome City Center, 1-5-2 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6735-5011 (main)
[資本金] 1 billion yen
[株 主] ANA Holdings Inc.

ALL NIPPON AIRWAYS TRADING CO., LTD. Corporate Planning Dept. Public Relations Morikawa/Hayato Tel: +81-3-6735-5090 Fax: +81-3-6735-5035

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