THE COACH releases “THE COACH for Business”, a human resources development and organizational development service for corporations

  • Overview of THE COACH for Business

THE COACH for Business is a human resource development and organizational development service that brings out the power of each individual and creates connections as a team, based on the concept of “Individual power into organizational power.”

Our dedicated team of professional coaches, trainers, and organizational development facilitators provide a comprehensive range of one-on-one coaching sessions, training, team coaching, and workshops. In the era of VUCA where there is no “right answer”, everyone can exercise leadership and create an “autonomous “co-creation” type organization” where diverse members can co-create, cultivate and sustain the “ability to grow independently” of people and organizations We will support the creation of a meaningful team.

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  • THE COACH for Business Release Background

THE COACH has been providing coaching services for individuals and companies for about two years, and has witnessed the following issues while interacting with many managers and business people.

(1) Entering an era in which everyone can exercise leadership
By 2050, Japan’s productive population is expected to decrease to about 53 million people, two-thirds of the current level (*1). In addition, in this era of high uncertainty and rapid change (VUCA), instead of following the “correct answer” decided by someone, each person belonging to the organization will lead the answer with a sense of speed. ” greatly affects the sustainability of the company. What is important in “co-creation” is for individuals to demonstrate leadership independently and autonomously. Under these circumstances, instead of a top-down management style, a coaching management style that encourages individual leadership is required.

(2) Issues related to team relationships (psychological safety)
In addition to remote work and increased employment mobility, work styles are becoming more diverse, such as the introduction of flextime systems and work styles that emphasize work-life balance. Under such circumstances, it is becoming difficult to build social capital such as connections and trusting relationships with people.
In fact, a survey by Gallup (*2) revealed that employee engagement in Japan is among the lowest in the world. Furthermore, according to the “Resetting Normal 2021 Whitepater” (*3), 64% of people worldwide answered that they were “motivated” to work, but only 35% in Japan.
On the other hand, it has also been clarified that connections with people are the driver of engagement (*4), and nurturing team relationships (psychological safety) is essential in modern times where work styles are diversifying. It is considered to be a thing.

(3) Challenges to connecting “purpose” between people and organizations
(2)Similarly, remote work and increased mobility of employment have weakened the “meaning” of belonging to a company in recent years.
But the organizations that succeed in making purpose personal to their employees are performing in a league of their own. A Gallup study(*5) found that a 10% improvement in the connection between employees and the organization’s mission and purpose reduces turnover by 8.1% and increases profitability by 4.4%. .

For two years since the service was released, THE COACH has been providing coaching to companies that have directly contacted us. We are pleased to announce the release of THE COACH for Business based on the fact that the number of companies approaching us with the above issues (1) to (3) is increasing, and that we have secured resources for service quality and service provision. I came to

By providing comprehensive coaching services to companies, THE COACH for Business transforms from a top-down organization to an autonomous “co-creation” organization.
・ Cultivate the “ability to grow independently” of people and organizations
・Everyone should demonstrate their own style of leadership
・Acquisition of psychologically safe relationships and communication skills
・Creating a team connected by purpose
By cultivating these, we aim to increase the number of organizations that can fully demonstrate the performance of people and organizations, “individual power into organizational power.”

  • Details of THE COACH for Business

We believe that it is important to shift to an organization that starts with people and relationships in order for the organization to continue to produce results.

Increased pressure to perform (result quality) creates conflict and blame-shifting (relationship quality), which accelerates passive thinking (thinking quality) and leads to more passive behavior (behavioral quality). quality) and even less results (quality of results), creating a vicious cycle. It is said that this kind of “starting with results” produces short-term results, but is difficult in terms of sustainability (*5).

I believe that the key to transitioning to an “organization based on people and relationships” is to put aside job titles and roles and face each other as individuals. Therefore, THE COACH for Business adopts an approach that begins with self-understanding and understanding others.

(1) It is a service centered on coaching that cultivates the “ability to grow independently” of people and organizations.
In this way, we will approach the “growth constitution” itself.
(2) A comprehensive service that customizes 1on1 coaching, training, and organizational development according to organizational issues and proposes and provides them.
While coaching brings out the power of individuals, we will connect it to the power of the organization through training and organizational development.
(3) A team familiar with the psychology of the “internal growth” of people and organizations
Professional coaches, training instructors, and research and development teams will provide services with expertise.

[Coaching] ・Executive layer ・Manager layer ・Member layer Coaching for each layer
・Leadership development coaching using 360° assessment

・Coaching training for managers
・Coaching training to cultivate co-creative communication

[Organizational development]・Relationship building project for board members
・Projects that create a connection between the purpose of the organization and the purpose of individuals, etc.

THE COACH for Business service site:

*1) National Institute of Population and Social Security Research “Population Projections for Japan (2017 Estimates)”
*2) Gallup “State of Global Workplace 2022”
*3) THE ADECCO GROUP “Resetting Normal 2021 White paper” -whitepaper_the-adecco-group_final_high.pdf/?modified=2021083113242
*4) Qualtrics, Associate Professor Udagawa, Saitama University, “Survey on Isolation in the Workplace:
*5) Gallup “To Get Your People’s Best Performance, Start With Purpose”


Company name: THE COACH Co., Ltd.
Representatives: President and CEO Yusuke Okada, Hitomi Matsuura
Location: Shibuya Omi Building 4F, 3-19-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
Established: November 20, 2019

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