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Our goal is to be a professional group of “lifestyle concierges”.

Since its establishment, we have built a travel call center that assists overseas travel for business partners with a membership base, and has provided assistance services such as domestic and overseas travel consulting and troubleshooting.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its founding, in addition to “travel call center services” and “overseas assistance services,” the five domains of “global crisis management services,” “government call center services,” and “concierge call center services for wealthy customers” were re-established as domain businesses. I have defined.

We are looking for a concierge to respond to various requests from wealthy customers by phone and e-mail. With your proposal, why not create a one-of-a-kind memory in the world?

  • company name

    JTB Global Assistance Co., Ltd.

  • Industry


  • job summary

    ① Lifestyle Concierge
    Your job is to respond to various requests from high-ranking members of credit card companies by phone, email, chat, etc. Not only in extraordinary situations such as “travel”, but also in everyday life such as dining, tickets, golf, arrangement of branded goods, etc. Would you like to provide true satisfaction to your customers with your proposals and responses?

    ②Travel Concierge
    In the same way, your job is to respond to requests specializing in domestic and overseas travel received from high-ranking members of credit card companies by phone or email. From overnight hotel stays to round-the-world trips. It is my job to draw out latent needs from interactions with customers and turn them into reality. Experience the rewarding experience that you can’t get from face-to-face customer service.

  • Employment status

    Regular employee / Contract employee / Prerequisite for appointment as regular employee

  • Job Description

    ① Lifestyle Concierge
    You will receive requests for arranging restaurants, golf, shopping, tickets, etc. from high-ranking members such as credit cards by e-mail or telephone, and you will be in charge of making arrangements to enrich the members’ daily lives.

    【In particular】
    ■Provision of information and arrangement guidance to customers regarding domestic and overseas restaurants, golf courses, various tickets, purchase of branded goods, etc.
    ■ Collecting information and making various arrangements using external affiliates and websites

    ▼Responding to inquiries from customers We receive a wide variety of requests from customers, such as “Please suggest and make a reservation for a restaurant”, “Please make a reservation for a golf course”, and “Please arrange tickets for Kabuki”.
    Guidance, arrangement, and purchase support for restaurants, golf, tickets, branded goods, etc., according to customer requests. We use dedicated terminals, telephones, emails, etc. for customer support.

    ②Travel Concierge
    My main job is to arrange overseas/domestic trips requested by e-mails and phone calls from high-ranking members of credit cards, etc., and to provide information related to travel.

    【In particular】
    Responding to inquiries about overseas and domestic travel, selling package tours, and providing information on individual travel arrangements
    ■ Providing local information and arranging restaurants etc. in cooperation with 47 overseas desks
    ■ Providing information during your trip and arranging hotels, optional tours, and various tickets

    ▼ Responding to inquiries from customers
    The content of the request varies depending on the customer, such as “I want you to make a travel plan” or “I want you to arrange a hotel”.

    In accordance with the customer’s request, inquire about availability at hotels and sightseeing spots. We will proceed with reservations and inquiries using dedicated terminals and telephones.

  • Occupation

    Reservation / Arrangement / Ticketing / Others

  • Work location

    Kanda Operation Center
    5F JMF Building Kanda 01, 2-1-15 Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
    *No transfers.

    5 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Kodemmacho Station”
    5-minute walk from Iwamotocho Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line
    7 minute walk from JR Yamanote Line/Chuo Line/Ginza Line “Kanda Station”

  • Working hours

    Shift system/actual work 7.5 hours
    Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    This time we are recruiting for day shift, but if you are interested in night shift, please contact us.


  • Salary

    Annual salary from 4.5 million yen
    (Including allowances for overtime and late-night work, bonuses twice a year)
    Determined based on experience and qualifications

  • Treatment/Benefits

    Salary revision once a year (April)
    Bonuses twice a year (June and December) ★ 2.4 months worth (last year’s results)
    Full payment of transportation expenses
    Various social insurances (employment, workmen’s accident, health, welfare pension)
    overtime allowance
    travel allowance
    Company trip
    free water stand
    Coffee machine (to be installed by the end of the fiscal year)
    Side job OK
    Plain clothes allowed (office casual)
    No smoking inside the company

    ★Enjoy your private life with benefits only JTB can provide!
    Various leisure price discount system
    Accommodation plan employee discount system

    ★Enhanced support for skill improvement!
    Qualification acquisition support system
    e-learning library
    Corporate dispatch to GLOBIS Business School
    Full subsidy for distance learning (only applicable courses)
    Overseas training

  • holiday

    2 days off per week (8th to 11th per month *shift system)
    paid holiday
    Congratulatory or condolence leave
    nursing care leave
    Maternity leave/childcare leave (acquired)

    [Annual holiday]125 days
    ☆ You can take more than 5 consecutive days off!

  • Application conditions

    ■Those who have work experience in the tourism/travel industry
    We especially welcome those who have operated accommodation and transportation reservation and arrangement systems in travel agencies and travel-related industries.

  • Application method

    ① Resume
    ② Job history
    (3) Available date and time for an interview
    please email

    [Recruitment window]

    [Recruitment selection process]Qualification diagnosis/first interview → executive interview → unofficial job offer

  • contact address

  • HR person name

    Rie Akita

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