Smile involuntarily!5 Exciting Stationery that Connoisseurs will be fascinated by[Stationery Grand Prix]|

In addition to the ability to write and cut and paste, stationery is something that is always at hand, so it is important to feel the excitement when using stationery. A connoisseur who loves stationery has carefully selected items that will make your heart flutter. The deep and maniac charm will tickle your girl’s heart.

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Smile involuntarily! 5 Exciting Stationery that Connoisseurs will be fascinated by[Stationery Grand Prix]

\Tokimeki Category Award/
Animal Hugs and Earphone Buddies

Pleasant animals that support desk work

Animal Hug: “A humorous cutter in which a cute animal hugs a mask tightly. I love it on my desk.” (Mr. Matsuoka)

2¥528 each (Sugai World)

Earphone Buddy: “A cute solution to the frustration of tangling earphone cables. The main unit is very light at 2g, so it won’t get in the way even if you hang it with the earphones attached. It’s a companion for remote meetings.” (Mr. Yamaguchi)

¥638 (Sugai World)

[RECOMMEND 01] Fountain Pen Procion

The fountain pen which I want to keep at hand with stylish white

“The pure white design is stylish, and just holding it makes your heart flutter. Of course, it’s also super easy to write with.” (Ms. Noca)

The slip-and-seal mechanism that allows you to write smoothly and the pen tip with excellent flexibility pursue a comfortable writing experience. The refreshing white is fashionable with a special coating that blends well with the skin.

¥5,000 (Platinum Fountain Pen Customer Service)

[RECOMMEND 02] Deep Lips Mini Box

Adult cute cat clip with chic colors

“The silhouette of a cat is expressed cutely with a single piece of wire. It’s simple, but it’s really cute.” (Mr. Fukushima)

A mature and cute gem clip with animal motifs that tend to be sweet and tightened in chic colors. When you stop it, the silhouette of the animal becomes clear. In addition to cats, there are various animals such as dogs, rabbits, and alpacas.

12¥396 each (Midori)

[RECOMMEND 03] local bread® stationery series

It’s so popular that it keeps running out of stock!Local bread turned into cute stationery

“I supervised the local bread series, which is very popular. The goodness of local bread from all over the country is not only the taste, but also the appearance of the package. The quality of the design is also high!” (Mr. Kai)

From right: mini letter set with PVC case Tommy’s Anshoku ¥660 each, A5 ring notebook Panya logo ¥770, transparent seal B ¥330, pouch set B ¥352 (all Frontier)

[RECOMMEND 04] this color stamp

Colorful stamps with your favorite colors

“You can use your favorite color of ink for stamps like never before. It’s exciting when you put the ink in and press it.” (Mr. Fukushima)

A stamp that can be used in various colors at once by injecting all 14 colors of separately sold ink (418 yen each) like a coloring book. You can also change the color, so you can enjoy it as many times as you like.

¥ 1,320 (Children’s face)

6 connoisseurs of stationery who taught me PROFILE

Minori Kai

Writes books and magazines on topics such as travel, walks, sweets, architecture, miscellaneous goods and lifestyles.

Hosted by Stationery no Tobira
Masayuki Takahata

He won the “TV Champion” three times and has the name of “Stationery King”.

stationery instagrammer
Mr. Noca

A college student who posts stationery information on Instagram. Over 70,000 followers.

stationery planner
Makiko Fukushima

Editor-in-chief of the web magazine “otegami”. He also does a lot of product development.

Representative of “Hi-moji-moji”
Mr. Atsushi Matsuoka

Involved in the planning and development of stationery. His most recent publication is “Stationery” (Genkosha).

stationery writer
Makiko Yamaguchi

Editor-in-chief of the stationery site “Fumufumu Hack”. Serialized in “NIKKEI STYLE”.

photograph: Yumi Furuya[SORANE]styling: Minami Nosaki text: Ema Tanaka, Nahoko Morimoto web edit: Mina Ota
From Linen November 2022 issue
*Please refrain from reprinting images and text without permission.

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