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French fashion brand “agnes b.” continues to create chic and casual styles that are not bound by fashion. We offer a wide variety of items such as apparel, bags, wallets, shoes, watches and perfumes.

In this article, we will introduce recommended products from the “agnes b. tote bag”.

agnes b. VOYAGE tote bag SAS22-02

“agnes b. (agnes b) VOYAGE Tote Bag SAS22-02” is a tote bag with an eye-catching brand logo tape in a soft off-white color unique to canvas. It has a firm texture, so you can safely put even somewhat heavy items in it. In addition, the pockets around it are perfect for storing items that are frequently taken out. Great for both everyday use and active situations.

agnes b. VOYAGE logo tote bag QAS20-02

“agnes b. (agnes b) VOYAGE logo tote bag QAS20-02” is a tote bag featuring a sophisticated design that partially uses cotton canvas fabric and leather. The leather handles are arranged so that the mouth feels natural. The handle is long enough to be worn on the shoulder. The bag top does not use magnets or zips, giving it a fashionable impression. It is large enough to fit A4 size, so it is also recommended for men.

agnes b. VOYAGE check tote bag TAX04-01

“agnes b. (agnes b.) VOYAGE check tote bag TAX04-01” is a tote bag with a warm plaid pattern that is suitable for autumn and winter, selected by agnes b. The color of the logo embroidery has been changed to match the fabric, and the design is packed with attention to detail. It’s a nice size that fits A4 size comfortably, and it’s easy to put in and take out luggage.

agnes b. VOYAGE tote bag PAS23-05

“agnes b. VOYAGE Tote Bag PAS23-05” is a tote bag with a slightly larger b. plate as a charm. A feeling of size that contains the minimum items that can be used for work bags and daily use. The material is the standard nylon material that Agnès B. himself likes very much. It is characterized by a high-density finish with a higher number of threads than ordinary nylon twill. It has a removable strap and is a 2-way specification that can also be used as a shoulder bag.

To b. by agnes b. SAC Check Mini Tote WT46

“To b. by agnes b. SAC Check Mini Tote WT46” is a moderately sized mini tote bag with a tartan check pattern. It’s a compact size, but it has a zipper on the mouth and a solid bottom, so it’s a versatile item that you can easily carry around for any occasion. You can also add glamor to your autumn and winter styling by simply incorporating it into your coordination. The leather logo plate is also one of the points.

agnes b. VOYAGE logo tote bag GO03-02

“agnes b. (agnes b.) VOYAGE logo tote bag GO03-02” is a bag printed with the brand’s logo on a cotton fabric. With a zipper at the mouth, it is a size that is easy to use as a lunch bag. It’s simple, so it’s also recommended for short outings.

So far, we have introduced our recommendations for “agnes b. tote bags”. Rakuten Fashion “agnes b. tote bag” ranking TOP10 is posted on the next page!

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