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It is the service mindset of each and every employee that builds the service brand of American Express.

American Express has been operating in more than 130 countries around the world for over 150 years since its founding in New York in 1850. I’m sure you’ve seen the American Express credit card once, but did you know that in addition to the card business, they are also involved in travel agency business?

We support the realization of “exciting experiences” and “moving experiences that will remain in long-lasting memories” as envisioned by our members.

*In the 2021 edition of “Great Place to Work” announced by Great Place to Work (R) Institute Japan, it was ranked 1st in the young ranking, 2nd in the female ranking, and 6th in the overall ranking. It has been in the top 10 in the large scale category for more than 10 years in a row!
*Great Place to Work Institute Japan (GPTW Japan) Publication year: 2021

◆ Received the “Gold” rating index for LGBT initiatives in the workplace announced by LGBT work style support voluntary organization work with Pride.
Diversity culture is progressing, and in the “PRIDE index”, an initiative and evaluation index for LGBT in the workplace, announced by the LGBT work style support voluntary organization work with Pride,
Since 2019, it has been awarded a “Gold” rating out of 5 for three consecutive years. We are an LGBT-friendly company and create an environment where employees can work with a smile.

◆*JD Power Acquired No.1 in the credit card company category in the 2021 Contact Center Support Satisfaction Survey. Our customer service is highly rated by the outside world as well!
*JD Power Japan Co., Ltd. Publication year: 2021

/recruit/images/Would you like to support the realization of an exciting and memorable experience?

Would you like to support the realization of an exciting experience and a moving experience that will remain in your memory for a long time?

  • company name

    American Express Japan Co., Ltd.

  • Industry

    Travel industry

  • job summary

    Travel/Lifestyle Concierge

    To deliver the best travel and lifestyle experiences to card members that will remain in their hearts forever. That is the mission of Travel/Lifestyle Concierge.
    We are producing an “impressive experience” for our members by providing a luxurious experience and the best service by staying close to each member.
    We support the realization of the “exciting experience” envisioned by our members, and the moment we receive a “Thank you!”
    Such moments become the power to provide “unforgettable experiences” to our members.

    We have received a lot of inquiries about traveling and wanting to make your private time a special time, so we have decided to recruit more staff this time!
    If you want to improve your hospitality, if you want to make original travel/restaurant arrangements without being bound by manuals and plans, if you want to make use of your own travel experience in your work, Amex’s global Would you like to further advance your career in the environment?

  • Employment status

    full-time employee

  • Job Description

    ***””Thank you! This is the perfect job for those who want to do a job that is said to be “” and “want to make use of hospitality” ***

    We listen to the wishes of our members and make proposals and arrangements that will remain in our memory for a long time through counseling. By producing products related to daily lifestyles and domestic and international travel, it is a job that can provide our members with an “impressive experience” that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

    For American Express cardholders, we will handle travel destinations, restaurant reservations for daily use, hotel reservations, airline tickets, and other inquiries over the phone. We don’t handle fixed package tours, so it’s an environment where we can make custom-made plans while staying close to the needs of our members.

    for example···
    “I would like to arrange a restaurant for my proposal”, “I would like a proposal for a memorable anniversary trip”, “I would like to arrange a limited edition brand bag”, etc.
    We will carefully respond to each request from cardholders and deliver a unique and luxurious experience and the best service.

    ◆Travel/lifestyle service division provides advice and proposals specific to travel and lifestyles by drawing out the needs of each member who made an inquiry by phone.

    ◆Utilizing the network and premium privileges unique to American Express, we make a variety of lifestyle arrangements including domestic and international restaurants, hotels, airline tickets, gifts and flowers.

    * We will accept your request by phone (subsequent communication may be by e-mail)
    * We will not only make arrangements, but also propose and make arrangements for “personal plans that will remain in your memory for a long time.”

    In addition to personal travel arrangements that meet the needs of each individual, we provide detailed support so that you can spend your time at the destination with peace of mind. Produced so that members will have a memorable time from the time they depart to the site until they return. The secret of our work is to use our knowledge and useful information about hotspots and high-end shops in the area, and strive to ensure that our members receive VIP treatment during their travels.

    We firmly evaluate the attitude of being close to our members and efforts to improve skills, and have a reward (incentive) system based on customer satisfaction and efficiency! You can work with high motivation in an environment where customer evaluations are directly linked to your own achievements.

    ▼After joining the company
    After joining the company, through classroom training and OJT training, you will learn the basics of business from the beginning, such as basic manners and how to respond to regular inquiries, for about 5 months (maximum).

    ▼After training
    From the selection of lodgings to sightseeing tours, we create plans while discovering the latent needs of our members. As a professional, we go beyond mere customer service to realize the “impressive experience” that only American Express can provide. Good luck with your work.
    Even after completing the training, we regularly provide opportunities to constantly improve the spirit of hospitality, such as training to experience first-class hotels and restaurants, and interaction with suppliers from overseas.

    ▼Evaluation system
    We firmly evaluate the attitude of our members and their efforts to improve their skills, and provide rewards (incentives) based on customer satisfaction and efficiency. It is a work environment that is rewarding and motivating because your hard work and the satisfaction of the members are properly returned.

    ▼Career path
    Amex has introduced an in-house recruitment system, which opens up opportunities for employees to be transferred to other departments or teams. In the future, there will be a variety of career paths, such as a multi-concierge who will make both travel and lifestyle arrangements, and a senior concierge who will handle only a limited number of members exclusively!

    ▼Joining date
    Early to mid-February 2023

    ▼About the assigned department
    You will be assigned to the Travel & Lifestyle Services Division. It is a workplace where many staff in their late 20s to 30s are active. It is easy to get paid, and you can work with peace of mind for the long term!
    The atmosphere in the team is good and the relationship is very flat, and we don’t even call our superiors by their job titles. In order to accurately meet the needs of our members, we also offer special training and incentive trips that allow you to experience premium travel and meals! It is an environment where you can work while supporting each other as a team.

    In addition, we have introduced an in-house recruitment system, so it is possible to develop the career you want, and it has been well received by our employees!

  • Occupation

    Reservation / Arrangement / Reception / Customer service / Ticketing / Clerical work

  • Work location

    ◆ Tokyo head office: 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

    *There is no transfer due to the company’s letter of appointment.

    *The Tokyo office has just moved in 2021 and is within walking distance from each line. The workplace is in a good location with shopping malls, gyms, and clinics nearby. You can work comfortably in a new and clean office with the latest equipment. The location is directly connected to Kamiyacho Station, so commuting is easy even on rainy days.

    ****We have introduced a hybrid work style that combines[office work and telecommuting]****

    * During the training period, you will be working only on weekdays. In OJT training, we assume that you will attend face-to-face training, so in principle, 100% of employees will come to the office. During training other than OJT and after training, the work style will be a hybrid work that combines office work and telecommuting. (However, depending on the company and market conditions at that time, there is a possibility of change such as switching to 100% work or 100% work from home)

    *Applicants must be able to work both from home and at the office.

    ◎Directly connected to Kamiyacho Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
    ◎8-minute walk from Exit 2 of Toranomon Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
    ◎Tokyo Metro Namboku Line “Roppongi 1-chome Station” 9 minutes on foot from Izumi Garden Exit
    ◎7-minute walk from Exit 13 of Tameike-Sanno Station on each line
    ◎9 minute walk from Exit A5 of Onarimon Station on the Toei Mita Line

  • Working hours

    Actual work 7 hours 00 minutes to 7 hours 30 minutes (shift system between 8:00 to 21:30 / work about 37 hours a week)

    ・It will be a variable shift work for 5 days a week including weekends and holidays

    ・ During the training and OJT period, you will work on weekdays (Monday to Friday) instead of shift work. After completing the training, you will be transferred to shift work.

    During the training period: 9:00-17:30
    During OJT: Mainly 10:00-18:30

    ・Acquisition of paid leave is, in principle, after the completion of the training period.

    ・ Overtime work is less than 20 hours a month

    [Regarding the training period]During the training period, you will work only on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 9:00 and 18:30. After the completion of the training period, the trainees will shift to shift work after the completion of the training.
    OJT training is expected to be attended face-to-face, so 100% of the training will be at the office.

    Training other than OJT and work styles after training are, in principle, a hybrid work of coming to the office and working from home. (Subject to change depending on the situation)

  • Salary

    Monthly salary 295,505 yen (overtime allowance paid separately) + incentive (4 times a year) + various shift allowances

    ・Overtime allowance and transportation expenses are paid separately
    ・Incentives are applied from the end of the training period
    ・ Possibility of salary increase based on previous year’s company performance and individual evaluation (once a year)
    ・Shift hours are subject to change due to business reasons
    ・Probationary period of 6 months (of which the maximum training period is 5 months). No change in salaries.

  • Treatment/Benefits

    ■ Incentive system
    ■ Late-night/shift allowance (3,000 yen/time for work on weekends and holidays, 1,000 yen/time when working from 20:00 to 22:00 is included)
    ■ Complete social insurance (employment, workers’ compensation, health, welfare pension)
    ■Transportation expenses paid
    ■ Retirement pension system
    ■ In-house/external training
    ■ Childcare and maternity leave system
    ■Childcare and nursing care leave (can be used when a child suddenly develops a fever, etc., and is well received by employees)
    ■ Join the Tourism Industry Health Insurance Association
    ■ Travel-related employee discount system
    ■ Free accommodation program for luxury hotels (special program for concierge only)
    ■ American Express Card (R) annual fee subsidy
    ■ Benefit One member price
    ■ Free soft drink supply
    Equipped with a break area

  • holiday

    About 120 days off per year

    * 100% recommended to use paid holidays!An environment that makes it easy to take long vacations
    *Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are about half the number of working days throughout the year. (the number of days varies from month to month)

    [休暇]Paid leave, congratulatory or condolence leave, special leave, maternity leave/childcare leave system (both men and women have taken it), childcare/nursing care leave (can be used when a child suddenly develops a fever, etc., and is well received by employees)

  • Application conditions

    High school graduate or above / Inexperienced, new graduates welcome
    Those who are interested in travel and restaurants, those who like to plan original plans, and those who want to pursue high-quality service are welcome!

    ▼Those who apply to any of the following are most welcome!
    ◎Those who have experience in dealing with customers in the travel industry and hospitality service industry
    ◎ Those who are interested in travel and restaurants
    ◎ Those who can get close to customers and understand latent needs well
    ◎ People who find it rewarding to please customers
    ◎Those who can tackle everything positively and brightly
    ◎ Those who can work independently while emphasizing teamwork

    ▼Experiences that can be used more effectively
    ◇ Travel arrangement experience
    ◇Customer support experience in the hospitality service industry such as travel and hotels
    ◇ Those who have English ability (conversation, email) are welcome

    The average age in the team is in the late 20s to early 30s, and many employees with various backgrounds such as hotels, travel, call centers, sales, sales, finance, apparel, clerical work, and food and beverage industries are active. We will carefully teach you industry-specific knowledge such as terminal operation in the training after joining the company, so even those who have no experience in the industry are encouraged to take on the challenge.

    Although a high level of service is required, we have a well-established education and training system through in-house training and individual guidance. We welcome those who are willing to improve their skills!

  • Application method

    Please send the data files (Excel/PDF/Word) of your resume and career history by e-mail to the following address.
    (*There are no data format regulations)

    When sending the data, please write “Travel Vision Application: (Full name)” in the email title.
    Regarding the results of document screening, the person in charge will contact you by e-mail separately within about a week, regardless of whether you pass or fail.

    Send data to: HR recruitment team

  • contact address

  • HR person name

    HR recruitment team

  • others

    The start date is scheduled for early February 2023.

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