CCCMK Holdings and Panasonic Launch “Social Business Lab” to Empower Corporate Social Action | CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd. Press Release

In various companies, there are people who value the perspective of social issues and struggle while searching for intersections with their daily work. It is still an unexplored area to consider approaches to social issues that seem not to be directly linked to “profit” at first glance, in parallel with business. This is because the barriers to success are high, and even if you have the will and enthusiasm, the difficulties often prevail.
In the “Social Business Lab”, we focus on the “people” scattered about each company, and share the details of how the project was born, the current situation, the results, and the outlook for the future. By connecting with each other, we aim to become a hub for advancing society in our own place.

From November 2022 to March 2023, we will hold multiple workshops mainly for business people who are implementing or aiming for social action initiatives that make use of the characteristics of their own business, mainly based on personal issues. . At the workshop, we will analyze the behind-the-scenes aspects of a project that presents new ideas and values ​​to society, share specific initiatives from the people involved in the project, and provide perspectives and tips necessary for social action. We will explore and form a community where we can learn from each other.

  • “Social Business Lab” statement
  • keep asking. A new relationship between companies and society.
  • The company’s attitude is now being questioned. Gender, Wellbeing, Sustainability, Sexuality. Under the circumstances where we have to face various issues in order to create a society where everyone can live comfortably, the social structure and business of the past have begun to collapse little by little.
  • In the midst of this, what can we, as employees of a company, do?
  • How can we explore what the company can do from the inside and move the company and society?
  • Going beyond corporate boundaries, titles, and rules, we will explore future actions, culture, and business, and put them into practice. That is the Social Business Lab.
  • What we want to explore is the connection between social issues and business. A new relationship between companies and society. and bright future.

■ About the workshop

・Introduction (15 minutes): From the Social Business Lab management members
・Talk session (30 minutes): Talk by company panelists based on case studies
・Open discussion (15 minutes): Discussion based on questions and opinions from participants
・After talk (30 minutes): After talk/exchange meeting by applicants

Friday, November 25, 2022 – March 2023

・ Real event + online distribution (event report and archive will be released later in the official note)
*Social Business Lab official note:

1st November 2022: Relationship between “Social Activities” and “Corporate Activities”
What is necessary to address social issues in the business domain?
Social Action Case 1
・CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd.
Business Planning Division General Manager / School General Election Project Leader Daiki Ishii
School General Election Project Aya Naito
·Panasonic Corporation
Senior Designer Maiko Shiratori, Mayu Higashie
・Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Shihori Oyama General Manager, Sustainability & R&D Communication Office, Brand Value Development Institute
Date: Friday, November 25, 2022, 19:00-20:30
Details and application:

2nd December 2022: Significance of working in-house
How can you connect the “real voices” of consumers to initiatives unique to your company?

3rd January 2023: Responsibilities and Significance of Companies
What can companies do through advertising?

4th February 2023: Sociality and business feasibility
What do you need to do to keep working?

● 5th March 2023: Review & Summary
A new relationship between companies and society. Social Action Canvas for connecting social issues and business

* Details for the second and subsequent sessions will be announced in the CCCMK Holdings e-mail magazine and Social Business Lab official notes as soon as they are decided.
*Themes are subject to change in the future.


  • <Social Action Canvas>

We will visualize and publish the know-how and perspectives of social actions that contribute to business as a “Social Action Canvas”. We have set seven items that serve as action points for coexistence with business from the perspectives of society, companies, and individuals. By visualizing the tips and know-how of each item for each case and workshop, we aim to support those who are working on the coexistence of social action and business.

■ Operating team

This project is co-sponsored by Futsu Laboratory, Future Creation Laboratory, Panasonic Design Division, and CCCMK Holdings, School General Election Project, and Creative Studio koko participates as a collaborator for creative work and event management.

・CCCMK Holdings Co., Ltd. School General Election Project
The “School General Election Project” is based on CCC’s founding purpose of “providing young people with information on new lifestyles” as an identity. It is a “place” for co-creating new discoveries and ideas that will become. From junior and senior high school students to young people in their twenties, we will raise themes related to the future young generation from a wide range of fields such as politics and social issues, going on to higher education, and schools, and neutral information and the same generation about the issues raised. provides a forum for deepening dialogue. By actually “voting” on the website, we will create an opportunity for each junior and senior high school student to actively participate and express their intentions. In addition, we post report articles on voting results summarizing the “voices” of junior and senior high school students, interview articles with experts, etc. on note, and also provide opportunities for planning and dialogue with opinion leaders.

・Creative Studio koko
koko is a creative studio that uses the power of creativity to create projects and people who imagine a better future from here and now. We are building expressions and transmission methods based on the values ​​unique to each company and brand. At koko, we turn our attention to issues such as gender, sexuality, sustainability, mental health, and well-being that cannot be avoided by individuals living in society. In the process, it is important to bring in diverse perspectives and ideas. While re-questioning the existing “normal”, we will explore inclusive expressions in the areas of advertising, creative production, and content transmission.

・Futsu Laboratory, Future Creation Laboratory, Design Division, Panasonic Corporation
A design consultant team that researches and proposes various “ordinary”. By returning the DEI (Diversity, Equity, Equity/Inclusion, Inclusiveness) perspective to the company through internal and external communities, we are working on activities to update social touchpoints and expand options. increase.

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