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2022.11.13 NEW shopping

Manly and elegant bespoke boots are “2WAY”!

Recently, the sneaker boom has come to an end, and many people are now turning their attention to boots. It goes well with your feet in winter, and it’s a pair that makes it easy to show off your masculinity and class, so it’s useful to have it ready. Therefore, we recommend , which is a special order from the EC site “Safari Lounge”! What an excellent item that can be used in 2 ways by removing the zip parts. With these boots that are delicious twice in one pair, you should be able to enjoy wearing them even more in winter!

You can produce a modern foot!

[Bespoke/Limited Item]2WAY Suede Boots 51,700 Yen (R/Safari Lounge)

“Safari Lounge” bespoke model here is elegantly put together with a light crepe sole, making it easy to walk. The biggest attraction is 2WAY. The base is a lace-up boot, but if you attach detachable zip parts, it will quickly turn into a zip boot. This time, we will deliver it in two colors, a calm brown color and a marine blue with a strong presence!

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2WAY specifications that are worrisome here!

When you attach the zip parts through the shoelaces, the impression at a glance is completely different. It is also a great advantage that it is easy to put on and take off just by lowering the zip.

High-quality cow suede is used as the material

The material to be worried about is cowhide suede. The smooth short bristles create an elegant footwear. In addition, it has good color development, so you can firmly emphasize the color.

Click here for an image of wearing marine blue!

Checked pattern Nepsten collar coat 165,000 yen (Talia Tore / Safari Lounge), “Interval” sweatshirt 44,000 yen (John Elliott / Safari Lounge),[Limited product]”Level” corduroy pants 39,600 yen (Peaty Turin) / Safari Lounge), “Riley” sunglasses 36,740 yen (Oliver Peoples / Safari Lounge)

If you want to lighten up your winter outfit, we recommend blue. The bright coloring makes your outfit look gorgeous in an instant!I would like you to try incorporating it into elegant items such as this checkered coat.

Click here for an image of wearing brown!

Suede leather jacket 138,600 yen (Rag & Bone / Safari Lounge),[Bespoke/limited item]Mohair knit parka 30,800 yen (Sea green / Safari Lounge), “Rhythm Plus” denim pants 20,900 yen (Red Card) Tokyo/Safari Lounge),[Manufacturer direct delivery]”WO M2X-1″ electric assist bicycle 275,000 yen (Double O/Safari Lounge)

A calm brown pair can be matched with any outfit. It doesn’t matter how you wear it, so you can wear it every day. We recommend pairing it with slim denim to make your feet stand out and make your boots stand out. The color link with the leather worn at the top makes it easy to create a stylish look, so please try it!


●Safari Lounge

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