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[Background and purpose]The ideal form of sports education in the future
Regardless of baseball, sports have traditionally been expected as educational media, and their educational significance stems from the two characteristics of sports: “play” and “competition.” Sport promotes independence because it is “play”, and gives opportunities for goal setting and feedback because it is “competition”. In other words, the educational significance of sports lies not simply in winning or losing, but in the growth achieved through the process of achieving goals based on the player’s independence.

Then, what kind of growth do you expect for the children who will live in the unknown society that is about to come? Will it be “to be patient”, “to have guts”, “not to fail”, and “to follow instructions”, like we did when we were children? The age of the 4th Industrial Revolution represented by robots and AI. It is said that it is necessary to have the ability to “proactively judge what is important from a huge amount of information, ask yourself questions, aim to solve them, and create new value while collaborating with others.” What kind of sports environment should we aim for when looking at sports from such an educational perspective? We would like to create an opportunity for athletes to experience “problems in the sports scene by asking themselves questions and creating new value while aiming to solve them”. At that time, I am convinced that sports will become a treasure trove of learning.
In that sense, there is great significance and expectations for STEAM education, in which students can work on their own initiative without depending on teachers and instructors. We planned an opportunity like this to make a foundation.

STEAM Sports Laboratory Co., Ltd. -Each person becomes the hero of life-

Representative Director and President Takafumi Yamaha

[Forum Overview]Theme:[How an ordinary high school student becomes a “Koshien baseball player”]-Three strategies that managers and coaches should know to strengthen the team-

Contents: The annual program “Koshien no Michi!”, which led many high schools to Koshien, has finally been lifted! We will support Meiho High School, Maebashi Ikuei High School, and Matsusho Gakuen to participate in Koshien, and we will release a program that will serve as the basis for coaching many teams such as Maebashi High School, Soyo High School, Shonan Gakuen, and Sapporo Minami High School! What is necessary to create a team and lead them to Koshien?

Date and time: Wednesday, November 16, 2022, 18:30-19:30

Place: Online ZOOM (URL will be sent to applicants)

Organizer: STEAM Sports Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Participation fee: Free

Application method: Please apply from

Remarks: If you are a member of the media who is considering interviewing, please contact .

■ Lecturer: Mr. Munefumi Katayama
Representative of Asobozu Co., Ltd. STEAM Sports Laboratory Co., Ltd.

With the strength of sports data analysis, which was rare at the time, the system was adopted by each professional baseball team, and played an active role in the professional world with Director Nomura and many famous coaches. After that, he founded Data Stadium Co., Ltd. Currently, in order to pass on this know-how to future generations, he is involved in the development of sports-specific systems, as well as the development of athletes, team strengthening, and human resource development projects that analyze and utilize data.

-Overview of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “Future Classroom” project-

STEAM, which is a common educational keyword in the world today, is science and mathematics education and creativity education targeting five areas: science, technology, engineering, humanities, arts, and design, and mathematics. It is an educational philosophy that adds It is a cross-disciplinary learning that creates a cycle of “knowing” and “creating”. It is a way of thinking that shifts to “interdisciplinary and creative learning” that cultivates the ability to create value in the century.

Amid this global trend, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) compiled a vision for the “Future Classroom” in June 2019, and set “STEAM learning” as one of the important pillars of future educational reform. Aiming to expand and popularize “STEAM learning”, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has created a “STEAM library ( )” and the “EdTech Library (” that contains past demonstration projects and introduction results.

-Future development of the STEAM Sports business-

In school physical education, club activities, and community sports, we will continue to develop content for STEAM Sports in order to promote the “STEAMization of learning” and will also conduct “STEAM Sports instructor training” for instructors as needed. increase. If you are interested in the “STEAM Sports Program” and “STEAM Sports Instructor Training” posted in the “STEAM Library” and “EdTech Library”, please click “STEAM Sports Support Member (Free)” (https: Please register at // We will contact you later.

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