Catalog gift “NIPPON LOCAL FOOD GIFT” that presents the food culture of various parts of Japan, releasing e-gifts in 5 regions as the first release | Kitchhike Co., Ltd. press release

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“NIPPON LOCAL FOOD GIFT” is a “gift of choice” designed and produced by Kitchhike to present a unique food culture that lives in various parts of Japan. Focusing on 1724 municipalities in 47 prefectures from a microscopic point of view, you can tell the story behind “delicious”.
The ingredients we deliver are carefully selected, including those grown in the region, those that are not available nationwide, and those that are in season. We have a selection of gifts that will make your loved one’s day a little more special.

A gift that edits and publishes unknown ingredients and how to eat them in daily life, taught by local people.A gift that edits and publishes unknown ingredients and how to eat them in daily life, taught by local people.

In the first installment, catalog gifts from 5 regions (Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, Hida area, Gifu Prefecture, Assabu Town, Hokkaido, Tosashimizu City, Kochi Prefecture, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture) will be sold as e-gifts. Depending on the region, you can choose from two types of lineups with different item contents. Purchases can be made on “giftee”, and those who purchase an e-gift will be issued a special URL for the WEB catalog, and can immediately send it to their family and friends via LINE or email.

・Price range: Kaze course (4,900 yen) / Sat course (9,800 yen)
・Number of products listed: 8 to 10 products
・ Validity period: 6 months

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  • Product Introduction 1: Minami Uonuma Gift

“Minami Uonuma” in Niigata Prefecture, a country where snowmelt from the Hakkai Mountains flows.

In one of Japan’s heaviest snowfall areas, a unique food culture, such as fermentation and preservation, has been preserved and inherited, centering on rice cultivation that takes advantage of the climate. You can give food ingredients filled with the wisdom of living unique to such a snow country.

Examples of listed products: Rice accompaniment set that allows you to enjoy the local cuisine “Kirizai”, new rice tasting set, eight-colored shiitake mushrooms

▼Also posted as a return gift for hometown tax

  • Product Introduction ②: Hida Gift

The Hida region in northern Gifu Prefecture overlooks the famous Hida Mountains, also known as the Northern Alps. Each of the three cities and one village, including the unspoiled scenery of satoyama, the history of castle towns and hot springs, coexists with each of the three towns and villages, facing and coexisting with the strongly preserved culture that they want to protect. You can give food that you can experience the preserved food and pickle culture that remains strongly in this area.

Examples of listed products: Hida breakfast set, Shirakawa-go Miyama tofu immersion set, Hida Gibier skewers set for the first time

  • Product introduction ③: Assabu gift

Assabu-cho, the land of southern Hokkaido rich in nourishment. Surrounded by forests and clear streams that stretch as far as the eye can see, this area is rich in nature, and agriculture, which takes advantage of the relatively mild climate of Hokkaido, is central to people’s lives. You can give rich ingredients grown in the earth with plenty of nutrients.

Examples of listed products: Ezo Maitake & Make-In Set, Assabu May Queen, Extreme Mushroom Assortment

  • Product Introduction ④: Tosashimizu Gift

Tosashimizu in Kochi Prefecture is the southernmost town in Shikoku, jutting out into the Pacific Ocean. At Cape Ashizuri, which faces the ocean, a dynamic scene created by untouched nature spreads out, and from the “fish town” with a rich fishing ground where the Kuroshio Current flows, you can give fishermen’s certified taste.

Examples of posted products: Seared bonito with sauce and condiments, Tosashimizu breakfast set, seasonal citrus fruits

  • Product introduction ⑤: Amakusa gift

“Amakusa” in Kumamoto Prefecture is an archipelago surrounded by three seas. Wild dolphins have lived in the clear waters of the sea since ancient times, and people have protected the fishing grounds and coexisted with living creatures while receiving abundant blessings. We can give you the delicious blessings that such a rich climate of Amakusa produces.

Examples of listed products: Local chicken “Amakusa Daio” Seasoned Meat Set, Jidockey Simmered in Sakura & Octopus Wasabi Set, Super Kuruma Shrimp

  • Guidance for corporations – For welfare programs and campaigns –

We will respond to all corporate gift needs, such as welfare programs, shareholder benefits, and sales promotion campaigns. We will propose a catalog gift customized according to your request, so please feel free to contact us even if it is just a quote. It can be introduced as part of CSR activities as a gift that leads to local support and producer support.

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  • Guidance for local governments – measures for relevant populations –

Would you like to give a gift of local food as a prize for measures to expand the population involved and deepen relationships? Gifts that deliver the food culture behind the ingredients and the story of the creators can be given as an opportunity to learn more about the region. You can use the number according to your budget, such as event participation and questionnaire collection incentives.

Introduction example: Regional support campaign prizes for regional fan clubs
As part of measures taken by the Regional Policy Division of Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, the “Amakusa ‘Push’ Point Campaign” was implemented for registrants of the regional fan club “Amakusa Furusato Residents” with the aim of visualizing and promoting the behavior of the relevant population. We had you utilize Amakusa gift which published special product of Amakusa-shi for the participant privilege.

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  • Background of the alliance in this business and the roles of the three companies

Kitchenhike, a company that invents and implements food and lifestyles that connect the community and life, has launched a new catalog gift business that expands the content of local gifts and enriches the connections between people and the community. Utilizing the relationships Kitchhike has cultivated with local governments and local businesses, we plan, gather information, and produce catalog gifts, and So Experience takes charge of catalog OEM development and reservation management, making use of catalog gift generation and reservation management know-how. I’m here.
In addition, as part of the capital and business alliance signed by Kitchhike and gifty in July 2022, gifty will be in charge of sales and sales promotion through its own distribution channel for individuals and corporations. The two companies plan to continue joint development of local government solutions and regional expansion through the development of content that enhances regional value.

  • About future development

On December 15th (Thursday), we plan to offer it on giftee’s corporate e-gift service “giftee for Business”. Kitchhike will continue to promote the development of catalogs based on attractive regions and themes from all over Japan, and will work to strengthen the appeal of our products. We are also planning to jointly develop a catalog gift specializing in local food and experiences by two companies, Kitchhike and Sow Experience, and we are also looking forward to hearing from local governments who are interested in this.

  • Comments from representatives of each company

■ Kitchhike Co., Ltd. CEO Masaya Yamamoto

Based on the relationships with more than 60 regions that we have cultivated through our business so far, we have launched a new catalog gift business in cooperation with our strong partner, Sow Experience. It is said that about half of the 1,724 regions of the Japanese archipelago may disappear by 2040. We believe that by increasing the value and distribution of local products in the gift scene, local residents will become aware of their own value and take pride in it, and that this will become a hope for changing the future of the region, which is steadily declining.
In an era where people can easily connect with people who are far away via SNS, we hope that the delicious local food that is given as a gift will be a gateway to connect with the community for someone.

So Experience Co., Ltd. Representative Director Taku Nishimura
Meetings with everyone on the kitchenhike were sometimes set with a meal surrounded by delicious food from the partner municipality. All the stories about vegetables and seafood from each region that I was told during the meal were very attractive, but I would like to be able to gradually introduce the living creatures called food that have been carefully nurtured to the world through gifts. To be able to offer attractive selection-type gifts. And I am happy that SOW EXPERIENCE will be able to help you through our systems and know-how in composing this gift. We hope that this initiative will help foster a rich gift culture and rediscover the charm of the region.


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■ Company name: Kitchhike Co., Ltd.
Kitchhike Co., Ltd. is a company that invents and implements food and lifestyles that connect the community and life, with the mission of “expanding the value of the community and connecting it to the future of the earth.” Provide nationwide municipal solutions that create and expand related population economic zones. Operates “Hometown food experience”, “Nursery school study abroad ®️”, and “Connecting DX”. “Nursery school study abroad ®️” can create a super long-term relationship population with the whole family, so it was selected as one of the three excellent examples of the “Regional Revitalization SDGs Public-Private Partnership Platform” by the Cabinet Office, and is currently on the waiting list until March 2023. It’s becoming
Tokyo head office: ROUTE89 BLDG.4F, 4-13-9 Higashiueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Co-representatives: Masaya Yamamoto / Shomi Fujisaki
Established: December 2012 (service started May 2013)
Kitchhike Co., Ltd.:
1. Food experience that connects the community and consumers “Furusato food experience”:
(2) “Nursery Study Abroad®️”, a study abroad program that connects the community and child-raising families to create the future:
(3) Related population-specific SaaS “Connecting DX”:
Recruitment information and culture deck now available:


■ About So Experience Co., Ltd.
Company name: So Experience Co., Ltd.
Location: 3-60-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo O.R.D Harajuku Building B1F
Established: May 2005
Representative: Representative Director Taku Nishimura
Business description: Planning and sales of gift products centered on experience gifts

■Company name: giftee Inc.
Location: 12th floor, Higashi Gotanda Square, 2-10-2 Higashi-Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022
Established: August 10, 2010 Capital: 3,136 million yen (as of the end of September 2022)
Representatives: Representative Director Mutsumi Ota, Tatsuya Suzuki
Business description: Development of e-gift platform business (4 services below)
① Operation of casual gift service “giftee®”
(2) Development of the “eGift System” service, a gift sales system for corporations
(3) Development of “giftee for Business” service, a corporate solution that utilizes e-gifts
④ Development of digital platform “e-Town Platform®” service that solves issues of local governments and regions
giftee Inc.
giftee for Business
e-Town Platform®

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