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Ms. Maria Salyukova, a popular press who also serves as PR for the apparel brand “Jonburu” and direction of “мой store”. We asked Maria, who is stylish every day while balancing her child-rearing, work, and housework, about her “struggle” and “snack” in fashion and life.

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The rules of comfortable living and fashion surrounded by vintage items by popular press Saryukova Maria

Use old clothes as a spice in your daily coordination

A style that naturally incorporates tasteful old clothes in a beautifully arranged short cut is eye-catching. “I’m the type who always cherishes the mood of the day and wants to wear whatever clothes I like every day. I’m satisfied with even one outfit that I like, rather than wearing a variety of clothes.”

With that being said, the wardrobe is rich in pieces and second-hand clothes that can be used as the main item to spice up your outfit. She also loves visiting second-hand clothing stores in Tokyo. “A recent favorite is Mindbenders & Classics, a second-hand clothing store in Kyobashi. It has a wonderful collection of European antiques and old French vintage items!”

Theme: Going out on a cold day

Add a twist to your look with red sandals and a bag!

A layered style that allows you to go out warmly on cold days by wearing a “Plain People” knit dress and coat. The red purse and fur sandals from Charita, where you can order your own fabrics, add a soft spice to your outfit.

Theme: Children and Shopping

Don’t forget to be “pretty” even if you unify with vintage

Irish knits, floral pants and mohair coats are all vintage items. The secret to not looking old is that we choose clothes with beautiful colors and a clean silhouette. I am conscious of cleanliness somewhere.

Theme: Christmas party at a friend’s house

A glimpse of playfulness in adult dressing

When I was invited to a friend’s house, I chose the animal print “Plainless” set-up, which is likely to become a hot topic. If you choose a chic navy color, you can create a playful and mature look without being too pop.

Always keep your hair clean!

Since she usually wears no makeup, Maria always makes sure her hair looks beautiful. I always get my hair cut at Ebisu’s hair salon “Figue” once a month.

Make a limited space comfortable

Don’t put small miscellaneous goods that are difficult to clean, place large ones

Maria’s house, which has the same interior taste as her husband, is full of vintage furniture with a strong presence. One room of the 2LDK apartment is the master’s atelier, so the only space for the family to spend time is the LDK and the bedroom.

Since there is little storage space, we are trying to make it possible to live in a small space comfortably by competing with ideas. First of all, the interior is based on the principle of one-point luxury, so that small and small items are difficult to clean. Choose large vases and objects.

Tableware that children and adults can use all the time

There are no plastic utensils for children, and it is a rule that the whole family uses the same utensils. “Antique tableware and tea utensils can be used as part of the interior even if they are left on the table or in the kitchen.” Something that looks good even when the vessel is put out. Always lean the cutting board on the side of the kitchen and use it as a plate to serve at the table.

Maria doesn’t buy a lot of seasonings and uses only good quality olive oil to make various arrangements. It’s hard to cook elaborate meals on busy weekdays, so he often makes it through with soup with lots of ingredients. “I only buy the ingredients that will be used that day, so the refrigerator is always in good visibility, so I recommend it.”

Small daily necessities are IN in the trunk!

“Bonton” paper trunks store nail clippers, bandages, thermometers, and other daily necessities. By placing the same design in different sizes step by step, it gives a stylish impression that does not look like a storage box.

Place a storage case under the bed to create a space for storing shawls, stoles, and other cloth items. “I also put my seasonal clothes here so that I can take them out quickly.”

Making effective use of walls to create space for plants

I enjoy hanging planters by hanging them in baskets or tin cans because I don’t have space for plants on the floor. Maria’s idea for enjoying the green even in a small space.

Maria’s Nukidokoro List

☑︎ Choose a nice vessel or thing even if it is left out
☑︎ Simple cooking without spending time in the morning or at night
☑︎We only clean up roughly on weekdays, and clean up on weekends.
☑︎Sleep anyway
☑︎We do not stockpile or stockpile

I heard about you…
Maria Salyukova

Concurrently serves as the PR for the apparel brand “John Bull” and the direction of the “мой store”. She lives with her daughter in elementary school and her husband in a house surrounded by vintage furniture.

Instagram: @salyukovamaria

photograph: Keiko Ichihara text: Tokiko Nitta web edit: Riho Abe
Linen February 2018 issue
*Please refrain from reprinting images and text without permission.

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