Ambi, a startup from Hokkaido, signed a support contract with UDN SPORTS Co., Ltd., which focuses on athlete management business, to improve sleep activities


Ambi is a startup headquartered in Sapporo, Hokkaido. “To improve the sleep health of as many individuals as possible, and as a result, greatly enhancing the QOL of humanity” It was founded by members who sympathized with the vision of “contributing to the betterment of society”) and who have experience and knowledge of life in Japan and overseas.

UDN SPORTS aims to be a new type of sports management company that affects not only athletes’ competitive lives, but also society, with the vision that “Athletes change society. Change with you.” While we have contracts with many athletes, including top athletes, we not only maximize the value of the athletes themselves, but also contribute to society and realize a better future through their daily efforts and activities. I value that.

Under these circumstances, Ambi’s solution visualizes and analyzes the sleep activities of athletes belonging to UDN SPORTS and proposes daily behavior improvement to improve the athlete’s competitive performance, and by extension, to many people who support athletes as supporters. I thought that I could give motivation to change the way I deal with people and the behavior in my life, so I concluded this support contract.

Main initiatives based on support contracts
Ambi provides ring-type smart wearable devices to UDN SPORTS athletes, visualizes the sleep of the athletes using them, collects and analyzes data on their daily activities, and presents necessary improvement actions to improve the performance of UDN SPORTS contracted athletes. We aim to improve sleep activity and performance in competition.

Ambi Company Profile

Company name: Ambi Co., Ltd. (pronounced “Ambi”)
Headquarters: 50 9F Keiwa Odori Building, 1-14-2 Odori Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Activities: Ambi collaborates with startups that operate sleep tech businesses in Japan and overseas, as well as specialized institutions, universities, and educational institutions that are familiar with improving individual health and living behavior through the improvement of good sleep. We conduct research on solutions to improve sleep activity and provide advisory services to companies, professional sports teams, and other organizations.

UDN SPORTS Company Profile

Company name: UDN SPORTS Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: RoP 808, Holland Hills Mori Tower, 5-11-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Activities : UDN SPORTS will support their activities while respecting the experience and knowledge cultivated by athletes. We aim to realize a better future by developing social contribution activities and product development with the participation of athletes. We are looking for supporters to change society together with athletes.

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