“Kyoto Tower Sand” in front of Kyoto Station this autumn too! “FOOD HALL BEER FESTA” held | Keihan Distribution Systems Co., Ltd. press release

Kyoto Tower Sand (Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto) operated by Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President: Yasushi Matsushita) will be open from November 22nd (Tuesday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022. “FOOD HALL BEER FESTA” will be held on B1F for 6 days. At “FOOD HALL BEER FESTA”, in addition to over 30 types of beer offered by each shop in FOOD HALL, 6 breweries born in Kyoto will appear in the special central booth. At the special central booth, you can enjoy a total of 20 types of autumn recommended beer during the period. In addition, as a fun unique to FOOD HALL, which has the theme of eating while walking to taste Kyoto, it is an event where you can enjoy alcohol even more by pairing beer with recommended food from each store. In addition, “FOOD HALL BEER FESTA Full Stamp Rally” will be held at the same time on the official LINE account of Kyoto Tower Sand. During the period, get 1 stamp for each use of each FOOD HALL store. If you collect 3 stamps, you will receive a glass of today’s recommended beer at the special central booth.

In addition, “TOWER MUSIC LOUNGE” will be held from November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday) during the period. At the FOOD HALL DJ booth, DJs will select music from different genres and enjoy floor music that is different from usual.

Details are below.


>> Date and time

November 22nd (Tuesday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022


*According to the opening hours of FOOD HALL.

*Business hours are subject to change.

*Last orders vary by store.

★Six breweries born in Kyoto are coming!

Special central booth

November 22nd (Tuesday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022

11:00-22:00 each day


November 25th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022

Every day from 18:00 to 22:00

>> place



・A special central booth where you can enjoy 6 breweries born in Kyoto

・Sales of domestic and foreign beer at each FOOD HALL store

・Sale of foods recommended by each FOOD HALL store

・Kyoto Tower Sand official LINE account

Holding of “FOOD HALL BEER FESTA Mankuri Stamp Rally”


|| Appearance of a special central booth where you can enjoy 6 breweries born in Kyoto

From the following SALE TAP, we will sell 9 types of beer extracted from each day. Details of the sale will be announced on Kyoto Tower Sand’s official Instagram (Stories) at 11:00 on the day.

★Kyoto Tower Sand Official Instagram:

※The photograph is an image.

*Provided products are subject to change without notice.

|| Sales of domestic and foreign beers at FOOD HALL stores

At 17 FOOD HALL stores, we will offer more than 30 types of domestic and foreign beer, including craft beer from Kyoto, Hawaii, Thailand, and Vietnam.

>>Recommended beer from each store (partial excerpt)

|| Selling foods recommended by each FOOD HALL shop

At each FOOD HALL store, we will sell recommended foods that go well with beer.

>>Recommended food from each store (partial excerpt)

|| KYOTO TOWER SANDO LINE Official Account “FOOD HALL BEER FESTA Enjoy Stamp Rally”

Friend the LINE official account of KYOTO TOWER SANDO, and you will receive one stamp for each store you visit in FOOD HALL. If you collect 3 stamps, you will receive a recommended beer of the day at the special central booth on the B1F.

[How to add LINE official account friends]

(1) Add from URL:

(2) Added by account name search: KYOTO TOWER SANDO

(3) Added by ID search: @143bvtjy

*Limited to one beer per person. Even if you accumulate stamps after the 4th stamp on the shop card screen, you cannot give additional gifts.

*Presents cannot be given to those who refrain from drinking alcohol, such as those who are underage, pregnant, or breastfeeding. Please note.

* The gift exchange period is from November 22nd (Tuesday) to 27th (Sunday).

* Stamps cannot be given after payment. Please be sure to read the QR at checkout.

* Collect stamps at 3 different FOOD HALL stores.

Efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections

Kyoto Tower Sand is taking measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.

In addition, all FOOD HALL stores have acquired Kyoto Prefecture new coronavirus infection prevention certification.

For details, please check the Kyoto Tower Sand website.

■Company profile

Trade name: Keihan Ryutsu Systems Co., Ltd.

Representative: Yasushi Matsushita, President and Representative Director

Head office: 1-1 Temmabashi Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0032

TEL: 06-6944-3087 FAX: 06-6944-3047

Established: August 8, 2002

Business description: Management of commercial facilities such as shopping centers, property management business

Capital: 100 million yen


■ Facility overview

Location: 721-1 Higashi-Shiokoji-cho, Karasuma-dori Nanajoshitaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8216

Opening hours: B1F 11:00-23:00 / 1F 10:30-20:30 / 2F 10:30-19:00

*Some stores have different business hours.

*Business hours are subject to change.

Please check the website for business status.

Access: JR/Subway/Kintetsu Train/City Bus “Kyoto” Station 3 minute walk

Station loop bus from Keihan Railway Shichijo Station

About 3 minutes on foot from “Kyoto Station (The Thousand Kyoto-mae)”

Operating area: about 2,620 square meters

Number of stores: Approximately 45 stores


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