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OURHOME Emi, who is supple and light, finds and communicates a way of life that suits us now. Emi’s daily life is full of hints that we can immediately adopt to “spend our days comfortably and with a smile.” We asked Emi about her tips for keeping her body and mind healthy.

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OURHOME Emi’s mental maintenance method. What is the secret to being happy all the time?

Savings passbook of the heart!Write down what moved you in your notebook

For me, “My Notes” is like a “savings passbook” for me, where I write down things that move me, such as daily realizations, worries, and happy words that my children say to me. You can get energy from past pages and discover ideas that lead to work. It is a habit that I want to continue even after I become a grandmother.

71 notebooks in 17 years!

Body maintenance is put together after work on weekdays

I want to use my days off for my personal time, so basically I do all my errands on weekdays. Hair and nail maintenance, dental clinics, etc. are also performed collectively after work on weekdays. The decisive factors in choosing a restaurant were “being able to commute within the flow line from the office to my house” and “being able to make reservations and changes on SNS”.

I only have one cup of coffee a day, so this time is special.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is make two cups of coffee for my husband and I. Grind your favorite beans and carefully drip. Enjoy in black. I used to drink several cups a day, but recently I only have one cup in the morning for my health. That’s why I think I need to put it in carefully to drink it deliciously, and I’m looking forward to waking up in the morning for this time.

An original blend of coffee ordered from Nishinomiya’s “Yuge roastery”, which is also a neighbor of OURHOME. Fruity and refreshing to drink. ¥1,800/Our Home

Hydrate with plenty of water and hot water

Drink hot water first thing in the morning to activate your stomach. Except for a cup of coffee in the morning and a drink in the evening, I drink room temperature water or plain hot water. Drink about 1.5 to 2 liters per day. Since I’ve been drinking a lot of it, I’ve been less worried about my skin and hair drying than before.

A diet that suits you, steadily and steadily

I started dieting a year ago and lost 7kg in half a year. I practiced breathing exercises, face yoga, and drinking plenty of water. I don’t have any dietary restrictions, but I was able to naturally save the amount by asking myself, “Do you really want to eat?” It was also a good stimulus for me to report my weight every day with a friend who started dieting at the same time.

My husband and I are going out drinking for an hour

Children are already in middle school. Since I’ve been away from work for a while, I’ve been able to make time to go out for drinks with my husband in the neighborhood during lessons.
By deciding to stay for just one hour, I ended up drinking too much…no worries (laughs). It is an important time for couples, as they can have deep conversations that are not possible at home.

I heard you
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Hosted by OURHOME. Under the theme of “Family’s ‘just right’ life”, we transmit information on the web and books, and plan and sell original products. He has 18 books.

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photograph: Yoshiko Watanabe text: Azusa Shimokawa web edit: Riho Abe
From Linen November 2022 issue
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