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Autumn is finally deepening, and it’s the season where you can feel the cold. Let’s spend every day in good health by arranging the surroundings so as not to get sick. We asked Ms. Maki of the “Comfortable Living Research Group” about how to organize your mind and life.

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What Maki does to stay healthy during the transition from autumn to winter

Review your lifestyle little by little before it gets cold

Place autumn/winter items in the front, and off-season items in the back of the shelf or drawer. “It’s a small thing, but it will make cleaning up and serving meals easier.”

Maki is getting used to living in her new room after moving in the spring. Recently, a semi-order type open shelf has been newly introduced into the kitchen. “At first, I used the same shelves that were in my previous house, but I was worried that the size wouldn’t fit my current kitchen. I like that it fits and there is no wasted space.”

The number and position of cabinets and drawers can also be customized, making it easy to distinguish between “hidden storage” and “visible storage”. “Frequently used tableware is placed near the front for easy access according to the season. Part of the shelf is intentionally left as a free space, and is used as a place to temporarily store purchased items and fruits that you want to eat immediately. increase”

Now is the time when autumn gradually deepens and you start to feel the cold. To stay healthy during the changing seasons, Maki uses acupuncture to maintain her body. “Depending on the person, there are seasons when it is easy to get sick during this season. I feel like my body is transitioning well from autumn to autumn.In order to respond well to the change of season, it is important to find a method that suits you and take care of yourself before pain or discomfort occurs.”

replace the equipment

Place the utensils you use frequently in autumn and winter in an easy-to-reach position

More convenient with semi-order cupboards

The cupboard we recently installed is LIXIL’s “Canor”. “It’s a semi-order type, and it’s attractive to be able to adjust the width according to the size of the existing things such as microwave ovens and mixers.”

winterize pajamas

Coco Lab and tsukuru&Lin.’s room wear is a warm material that is perfect for preventing the cold. “The top has long ribs on the hem for a warmer look. The bottoms have long ribs on the ankles to keep you warm all the way down to your toes. Great ally on cold days.”

You can spend comfortably without feeling tight

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do a digital detox

Consciously create time away from your smartphone

When you go to sleep, don’t bring your smartphone into the bedroom and leave it in the dining room. “Before going to bed, I decided to stop the habit of staring at my smartphone in the futon. I was able to wake up quickly, and my self-esteem increased.”

Instead of looking at my smartphone at night, I decided to read. “I feel that I can get more stimulus and learn more by following people’s recommendations without being greedy. I read books recommended by friends or on the radio, regardless of genre. The good thing about the book is that it summarizes carefully researched information about it in an easy-to-understand manner.I actually feel that the cost performance is better than online articles that can be read for free.” I want children to like books by showing them reading books. “I intentionally put a bookshelf in the bedroom so that I can naturally pick up a book, and arrange it in an easy-to-reach place.”

A wide range of input, from novels to practical books!

Maki-san profile

Simple life researcher. A working mother raising two daughters. Her popular blog “Ekona Seikatsu”, where she writes about living without unnecessary things and doing unnecessary housework, is the author of many books, including “How to Polish Your Sense of Life” (Takarajimasha).

photograph: Keiko Ichihara text: Hanae Kudo web edit: Riho Abe
Linen December 2022 issue
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