[FOOD]In this cold season, there’s more… Grilled cheese curry with plenty of vegetables! Shibuya Jinnan KITAYA PARK, Natural Kitchen EN’S food truck. | NEWSCAST

Food trucks appear at KITAYA PARK in Jinnan, Shibuya during lunch time on weekdays.
I get tired of convenience store bento every day, and I’m worried about my health. I want to go to a nearby restaurant, but I don’t have time and I can’t get takeout.In such a case, if there is a food truck, I can’t help but stop by and look forward to lunch time ♪

Various genres! We will introduce food trucks in Chatan Park that you can enjoy on different days of the week!

“Natural Kitchen EN’S” who is particular about the material and pleases the body

This time I would like to introduce “Natural Kitchen EN’S”.
EN’S opens a store every Wednesday
Around 13:30, as soon as I entered Chatan Park, I saw two characters for “curry”, and moreover, “grilled cheese curry”? ! I have a passion for cheese, so it was a quick

Harigaya and his wife, who used to run a shop in Funabashi, Chiba, have been in business for seven years.
It seems that Chatan Park has been opening a store since April this year, after deciding to “start a kitchen car!”

After I asked for grilled cheese curry, customers came one after another.
Everyone seems to be a repeater, and they seem to be friendly, saying, “I ate a hamburger the other day and it was delicious.” Thinking that I want to eat a hamburger next time, I waited for a few minutes and got the grilled cheese curry.

Cute handwritten

Cute handwritten “Cheese curry”♪

Grilled cheese curry ¥900

Grilled cheese curry ¥900

The moment I opened it, “Ooh ///”
Filled with mozzarella cheese and 7 kinds of colorful vegetables, it’s sparkling!
The purple potatoes and pumpkins fried in olive oil are all fluffy and soft, and the inside feels like doria. It’s so delicious! !

“Grilled cheese curry” seems to have gone through trial and error many times to add “baked” after receiving an order and provide it in other conditions.

“I want you to wait a little while to warm it up, but I want you to eat it in the best condition.”
The thoughts of the Harigaya couple are packed.

Another curry menu, “EN’S Curry” contains 14 kinds of vegetables, and currently they use mainly organic and pesticide-free vegetables purchased from Hokkaido and Chiba. Now that vegetables are soaring, it is a great pleasure to be able to eat so much vegetables. What’s more, the price is “900 yen”! too cheap

It seems that there are also EN’S hamburgers and pork ginger besides curry!

Please see the schedule and business hours from Natural Kitchen EN’S’s Instagram.

Natural Kitchen EN’S is a service-minded place where you can warm your body and soul.
When you have lunch in Shibuya Jinnan, please come♪

Would you like to 〇〇 with SLOTH?

・Gallery・entrance・BAR area・library・meeting room・SLOTH with rooftop rooftop can be used in the following ways.

Exhibition by artist Ken Yashiki at SHIBUYA FASION WEEK

POP-UP of vintage items by Nao Koyabu at gallery

Exhibition @Entrance by SLOTH 1st Anniversary Makiko Yamamoto

“UN LEARN 2022 Study Group Report Exhibition” by DESINART TOKYO 2022 at Gallery

SLOTH 1st Anniversary Nature wine and original cocktails sold @BAR area

SLOTH 1st Anniversary Nature wine and original cocktails sold @BAR area

SLOTH 1st Anniversary Yoyogi Hachiman aux FOOD store @BAR area

SLOTH 1st Anniversary Yoyogi Hachiman aux FOOD store @BAR area

Various creators and artists hold POP-UPs and exhibitions at the gallery and entrance, as well as workshops and talk shows. Drink sales and FOOD exhibitions at events and social gatherings with a DJ booth in the BAR area, and the use of BBQ on the rooftop increases in the warm season, making it a place that can be used by people of various occupations for various purposes. We now have.

Of course, we also have conference rooms and web conference spaces for working people.

If you are even slightly interested, please come and visit us!

| Click here to make a reservation ↓↓↓
・ If you are looking for a space in Shibuya, Shibuspe

| Event status and announcements, rental space reservation status, etc. are posted on Instagram at any time. Please feel free to contact us from DM on Instagram.

| Until the end of December 2022, we are holding an experience drop-in for 1,500 yen per day.

” ⚫••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ◡
Wise Jinnan Building 2F, 1-7-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Customer service hours ★ 9:00-19:00

Inquiries from LINE @




Address | Y’s Jinnan Building 2F, 1-14-7 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

| Hours | 7:00 – 24:00
| Regular holiday | Irregular holiday

| Web |

| Facebook |

| Twitter |

| Youtube |

・ Business owner: Wise Co., Ltd.

・ Produced and supervised by design: Drummy Tokyo Co., Ltd.

・ Operation management: Shinka Co., Ltd.

・ Participating creators: R Design Works Co., Ltd., Akihiro Ito, Atsunori Ito (kidzfrmnowhere), inigo studio, Kamiyama Choukei Office Co., Ltd., Gen Kidani, Concricag Tokyo, Konichiha Tokyo Co., Ltd., Sano Minami Design Office, SNOW SHOVELING, Yoshikai Yuta (in alphabetical order)

Shinka Co., Ltd. Riho Asaeda

Haruka Nakachi

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