“NIPPON FOOD SHIFT FES. Kyushu” to think about Japan from food! !

“Food” is an indispensable part of human life. Thinking about “food” is also thinking about the future and the way people live. “NIPPON FOOD SHIFT FES.”, sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, is an event that considers these issues and leads to a sustainable future for Japan. “NIPPON FOOD SHIFT FES. Kyushu” was held at “LaLaport Fukuoka Media Park” for two days on November 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun), 2022.

talk session

At the talk session held on the Media Park stage, a passionate dialogue was held between Generation Z, who will lead the future, and people involved in food and agriculture on various food-related themes.

talk session 1
opening stage

The opening stage was the opening speech by Mr. Shinya Fujiki, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Born in Kumamoto Prefecture, he is deeply connected to Kyushu, where he used to be a farmer himself. “I hope that this event will convey the thoughts of the producers to consumers and give them an opportunity to think about food. Please eat a lot and support the producers! Food security is an important issue. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will continue to make every effort to ensure that consumers do not have to worry.”

Mr. Shinya Fujiki, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Ryoko Kawase, who is active in the radio program TFM & JFN “Agrirhythm”, which supports Japanese agriculture, who will liven up this event, Yuki Maehara of JA Ibusuki Youth Club, Miyazaki of JA Shimabara Unzen Youth Club Eiichi and students from Fukuoka Canary Agricultural and Food Technology College also took the stage. I raised my hand and proclaimed the opening of the meeting.

talk session 2
Start! NIPPON FOOD SHIFT University Let’s learn agriculture in Kyushu!

Talk session 2 was a stage where Mr. Maehara and Mr. Miyazaki answered the questions of the students of the Fukuoka Canary College of Agriculture and Food Technology as “teachers”. There was a real question and answer session on the activities of the JA Youth Group, agricultural management, and how to deal with the recent increase in fertilizer costs. In response to the question, “What are the characteristics of agriculture in Kyushu?” Before this, the students who actually experienced farming in various parts of Kyushu nodded their heads.

From the left, Mr. Kawase, Mr. Maehara, Mr. Miyazaki, and students of Fukuoka Canary College of Agriculture and Food Technology

talk session 3
Only “Moedan” wins!
Colorful Sandwiches Made with Seasonal Ingredients from 7 Kyushu Prefectures ~Producer Experience~

The students from the Fukuoka Canary Agricultural and Food Technology College who participated are majoring in the Food and Health Technology Department, Baking & Bakery Course, so they are always learning how to make bread. This time, we were divided into teams from seven prefectures in Kyushu and experienced farming. We have developed two types of sandwiches using ingredients from the prefecture in charge. “Moedan” is a photogenic “moeru cross section”. Talk session 3 reports on experiences and bodily sensations in the agricultural experience. While learning about the hardships of the producers, it seems that many people realized that they should pay more attention to what they eat from the perspective of food self-sufficiency, and that the producers put a lot of love into their production. is.

talk session 4
Only “Moedan” wins!
Colorful Sandwiches Made with Seasonal Ingredients from 7 Kyushu Prefectures ~Recipe Development~

In talk session 4, two sandwiches that were developed were presented. The base bread is specially made using rice flour from Kyushu. They even think about how to cut and process vegetables so that they look beautiful. Of course, the taste is also delicious through trial and error.

1 / bulgogi sandwich
Ingredients include carrots and lettuce (Fukuoka Prefecture), purple cabbage (Saga Prefecture), long eggplant (Kumamoto Prefecture), and Bungo beef (Oita Prefecture). In order to use a lot of vegetables, the meat is made with a small amount of bulgogi that has a strong presence. It seems that each material was sandwiched with the image of a rounded shape.
2 / Tomato sukiyaki sandwich
Ingredients include okra (Kagoshima), tomatoes (Nagasaki), paprika, cucumber, and Miyazaki beef (Miyazaki). I asked a tomato farmer in Nagasaki about “tomato sukiyaki”.

Mr. Kawase, Mr. Maehara, and Mr. Miyazaki, who tasted it, praised it highly, saying it was “beautiful” and “delicious.” Mr. Kenichi Hamanaka, vice principal of Fukuoka Canary Agricultural and Food Technology College, who was on stage with the students, also smiled. Recipes for two sandwiches were distributed at the “Kyushu 7 Prefecture Marche Booth” which was attached to the venue.

Through the farming experience and recipe development, the twinkling eyes of the students powerfully remarked, “I realized the importance of making delicious bread after knowing the thoughts of the producers that go into each and every ingredient.” was very impressive.

-Let’s get in touch with various things and things that support Japanese food and agriculture

In the venue, there was an exhibition / experience booth where you can actually see and touch agriculture and feel it.

● Seed planting experience
Seed planting experience supervised by agricultural professionals “Share Field”. The experience of putting soil in a pot and sowing salad lettuce and tomato seeds was very popular with children. Everyone was looking forward to the sprouts and the harvest, so everyone took the pots home.

●Workshop corner
Two programs, “Miso Ball Making” sponsored by “Kuhara Honpo” and “Wooden Chopsticks Making” sponsored by “Fukuoka Toy Museum”, will be held. “Miso ball making” is a combination of dashi and miso, toppings are placed on top and wrapped into a ball to complete your own miso ball. Everyone must have enjoyed making miso soup by pouring hot water at home.
“Wooden Chopstick Making” uses sandpaper to scrape the wood into a shape that is easy for you to use. By making things that you use every day with your own hands, you should have been able to feel the importance of food.

●Lara Library
Based on the concept of the event, “Kumazawa Bookstore” selected books on agriculture, vegetables, home gardens, food, and cooking, and I was able to touch on information for “growing” ingredients. Seeing the latest kitchen utensils proposed by “ZWILLING” founded in 1731 next to me makes me want to cook!!

● LaLa Market (agriculture goods)
With the theme of “If you want to start farming from LaLa Market Fukuoka!”, cool fashion and goods that would make you want to work in the field were on display. I worked with MUJI, Green Summit, LOGOS SHOP, and BAYFLOW, so it’s only natural that it’s fashionable!! ” was also sold.

LaLa Market (processed goods)
Inside the venue, there will also be a corner where you can find all the popular items at LaLaport Fukuoka, such as sweets and original beer, using various agricultural products from Kyushu.

●Ryukoku University booth
We sell Japanese black tea from Japanese black tea producers called Shitenno, which are procured by students of Ryukoku University. The theme is “Featuring Japanese black tea reveals the future of Japanese agriculture.” There was also a hands-on experience of hand-rolling tea leaves supervised by a master of Japanese black tea.

Sausage making experience
“Budo no Ki” sells original processed products using local non-standard vegetables. The sausage-making, which was very popular with families, is a full-fledged method of kneading the branded pork “Charmiton” and injecting it into sheep skin. Cheers were raised at the sausages that popped out of the special equipment.


On the day of the event, attractive things and things made by unique producers and food-related businesses were gathered.

●Kyushu 7 Prefecture Marche
We mainly sell vegetables from each prefecture in Kyushu that students of Fukuoka Canary Agricultural and Food Technology College experienced in farming. “This eggplant is really delicious!!”

● LaLa Marche MARKET351
The grocerant “MARKET351”, which is always open at “LaLaport Fukuoka”, will also open a store in the venue and sell vegetables from all over Kyushu. The special event “All-you-can-eat oranges for 100 yen” sold out quickly.

At the end···.

“Generation Z” is a hot topic these days. The students of Fukuoka Canary Agricultural and Food Technology College and everyone at Ryukoku University who made the event exciting are truly Generation Z. Through talk sessions, etc., I felt the earnest thoughts of everyone who will be responsible for the future. In addition, I was able to feel the future in the smiles of the children who participated. Touching and thinking about “food,” which is important regardless of generation, is something we must continue to do.

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