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It was revealed on the 20th that actor Mitsuo Osawa (53) has decided to run for Tokyo’s Kita Ward mayoral election scheduled for April next year. Former member of “Hikaru GENJI”, which once took the world by storm as a national idol. Osawa exaggerated his passion for the mayoral election.

“So far, not only the fans, but all kinds of people have supported me. Now, I want to use the rest of my life to repay the kindness. I was lucky enough to decide to run for the race.”

Osawa, who said this, was a former member of “Hikaru GENJI”, which was at its peak of popularity in the late 1980s and early 90s. When he was 25, he left Johnny & Associates. Since then, he has been active as an actor, a film director, and a businessman, and it was four years ago that he came into contact with Kita Ward. In the ring of the professional wrestling organization “Theater Pro-Wrestling Kacho Fugetsu” based in Kita Ward, he made his professional wrestling debut, which had been his dream since he was a child.

“The dojo was in Higashi Jujo (in Kita Ward), and I went there for training for three to four months. It’s an area full of downtown atmosphere, and I was born and raised in a downtown area, so I got along well. This summer. To revitalize Kita Ward, many people cooperated in the filming of the movie “Thumb Up!” I fell in love with the ward.’ I wanted to return the favor someday.”

Mikio Osawa taking a photo with Kajiwara Shopping Street in the background

Mikio Osawa taking a photo with Kajiwara Shopping Street in the background

Osawa starred in the movie “Thumb Up!” After filming, he traveled to various parts of Kita Ward for promotional activities, interacting with the locals, and was exposed directly to the concerns and problems that Kita Ward faced, which led him to decide on the path to become mayor of the ward.

“The ward mayor has a close relationship with the residents of the ward, and I want to cherish it. ”

Politicians from Johnny’s Office have produced two juniors and local councilors, but it is the first time for a top idol class political world change, and it is also the first time to challenge the chief. Fans are looking forward to the revival of “Hikaru GENJI” following the “Otokogumi” restarted in July this year, but Osawa said, “I want to devote the rest of my life to giving back.” Strong,” he said, and now wants to concentrate on preparations for the mayoral election in April next year.

Mikio Osawa stuffing his mouth with the streetcar monaka at the Kajiwara shopping arcade

Mikio Osawa stuffing his mouth with the streetcar monaka at the Kajiwara shopping arcade

The current mayor, Sota Hanakawa, 87, is in his fifth term since 2003 and is the oldest mayor in Tokyo. Despite the criticism of many elections, Shun Otokita of the current Japan Restoration Party challenged the mayoral election three years ago, but was defeated. He has been involved in the administration of the ward for more than 50 years since he was elected to the ward assembly in 1971, and it is said that he is willing to serve a sixth term in the mayoral election next April, even though he will be 88 years old.

Osawa said, “It’s not like I’m going to lose because I’m going to lose. I don’t want to lose because I have a name. I’m confident that I can win the hearts and minds of the residents.” It will be a challenge now.

Osawa speaks passionately

Osawa speaks passionately

In her teens, she rose to become the number one idol in Japan. She said, “Her life has taken a detour and she has had a lot of experiences. In that sense, I think she understands people’s pain.” Osawa, who has increased her maturity, challenges the stage of the first chief election in her life.

☆Mikio Osawa Born on April 20, 1969. Born in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo. She grew up in Koto Ward, passed an audition for Johnny’s office in 1982, and debuted as “Hikaru GENJI” in 1987. She left the group in 1994 and left the agency. Since then, he has been active as an actor, film director, president of an entertainment agency, and businessman. He challenged professional wrestling in 2018 and recently has a face as a kickboxer.

Motomitsu GENJI, Mikio Osawa “I want to give back to the city!” Questions and answers in Tokyo’s Kita Ward mayoral election |

On the 20th, it was announced that actor Mikio Osawa (53) has decided to run for the mayor of Tokyo’s Kita Ward scheduled for April next year.

Motomitsu GENJI, Mikio Osawa

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