Dior will hold a limited-time event at Roppongi Hills Arena. FASHION

Parfum Christian Dior will hold a limited-time holiday pop-up event “Atelier of Dreams” at Roppongi Hills Arena from December 2nd to December 11th.

In the middle of Roppongi Hills, a fantastic venue with the image of La Colle Noire Castle, a mansion loved by Christian Dior, shimmering as if surrounded by the constellations of winter. In the delicate designs drawn by Italian artist Pietro Ruffo, flowers are in full bloom and mysterious constellations dance at the venue. This splendid mansion is reminiscent of the happy moments of the banquet that Monsieur Dior once invited his friends to, and is an expression of Dior’s hospitality.

A chandelier that shines in gold and an immersive room that looks like a sky full of stars. You can enjoy the world of Dior’s holiday together with exciting content such as augmented reality (AR) * 2 realized in collaboration with META Spark and a cafe that offers original hot drinks. There is also a boutique*1 that is perfect for gift selection, with fragrances such as Miss Dior and Sauvage, which symbolize Dior, and makeup products that will make you feel more excited about the holidays. In addition, the LINE mini app “Dior Official Boutique for LINE”, which is the first beauty brand to have an EC function, will open, and you can purchase the products displayed at the venue.

The star, which was also Monsieur Dior’s lucky charm, shines in the center of the venue, celebrating the arrival of the holiday season and days full of dreams and joy.

*1 Only products will be on display at this event.Products purchased at Dior Official Boutique for LINE will be delivered at a later date.
*2 Recommended models: iPhone 11 or later, iOS 16 or later

Atelier of Dreams
In the entrance hall, guests are greeted by a majestic gold chandelier with sparkling J’adore bottles. Fragrance of flowers, La he le cole He is like stepping into a castle noir, where you can enjoy a number of Dior’s signature fragrances. In the mansion’s dining room, he recreates his party, a splendid dinner from her holiday campaign movie. We will provide an AR * 1 experience where iconic items such as Miss Dior and holiday collections will shine brightly on the table and you can play as if you were playing with the stars.

As you go further into the venue, an immersive room will appear as if you were lost in the starry sky that you can see from the garden of La Corle Noire Castle. You will be enveloped in a star-filled night sky that recreates a magical world of twinkling dazzling stars.

Atelier of Dreams Boutique
In addition to the products you experienced at the event, limited edition holiday collections, and fragrances that symbolize Dior, such as Miss Dior and Sauvage, we have items you want to wear during the holiday season * 2. Until December 18th. All products purchased from Dior’s official boutique for LINE, which will be open for a limited time, will be delivered with free Christmas-only gift wrapping *3.

*1 Recommended model: iPhone 11 or later ⦆iOS 16 or later
* 2 Only online sales at Dior official boutique for LINE, not sold at the venue
*3 Gift wrapping will end as soon as it runs out

After enjoying the world view and immersive experience of Dior Holiday, you can enjoy the afterglow with a warm drink at DIOR Café. Have a heartwarming time with hot drinks perfect for the holiday season, including hot chocolate and rose orange tea.

Drink ticket *1
During the event period, a total of 500 people will win a drink of their choice from DIOR Café by lottery. You can participate by accessing the QR code or link and connecting with Dior on LINE.

Original tote bag *2
A special tote bag with a fantastic constellation and flower pattern drawn by artist Pietro Ruffo, which was also used as a motif for the holiday collection, will be available at the Dior official LINE boutique during the event period for 22,000 yen (tax included). I will give it to those who purchase more.

*1 Only once per person. There is no place to redeem the winning drink.Please line up in the same line as the person who purchased the ticket and redeem it.
*2 It will end as soon as it runs out.Please refrain from reselling

Period December 2, 2022 (Friday) to December 11, 2022 (Sunday) 11:00-20:00 (Last entry 19:30)
*Last entry at 19:00 and CLOSE at 19:30 only on December 5 (Monday)
Roppongi Hills Arena, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Free / No reservation required

* There is content that allows you to enjoy AR with your own smartphone in the venue. You may not be able to experience it depending on the device or software. note that.
Recommended model: iPhone 11 or later ⦆iOS 16 or later

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